App Ideas Using React Native Technology

Before starting any new business, your core job is to come up with awesome app ideas. A great app idea can take your business to new heights of success in a short period of time. An unsuccessful app idea could be the biggest reason for your business or startup failure. Hence, you first need to start with a great app idea. 

The next step is to amalgamate your business app idea with the right technology in order to gain fruitful results. Next, you should have a good marketing plan to promote your developed business app. 

Do You Know?

React Native is utilized by 27000 apps and is downloaded by 30 Billion people. Additionally, THIS FRAMEWORK got 89.8k starS at GitHub.

App Ideas - React Native Stats

Source: AppBrain

Why Should You Opt React Native for Your Business Apps?

There are many options available in the market when it comes to mobile app development. But mostly have shortcomings of different types and bother you to contact mobile app development experts for a good understanding of your business requirements.

The one which can focus on your business needs and fulfill the purpose of developing a business application is the right solution. React native is such an ideal business solution that provides modern as well as traditional approaches for hybrid mobile app development.

According to Statista 2020 developer survey, 42% of software developers used React Native for developing the applications and software.

React Native - stats

Source: Statista

React Native is used in world-famous applications viz. Baidu Mobile, Walmart, SoundCloud Pulse, Skype, Instagram, Tesla, UberEats etc. 

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Business Benefits of using React Native

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Benefits

  • Provides cross-platform app development 
  • Develops fast and thus costs less
  • Leading framework among mobile app development
  • Increases efficiency of native app development
  • Offers great performance
  • Great focus on UI & access to native API out of the box
  • Easy transition between native to react and react to native code
  • Provides single codebase for both Android & iOS platform
  • The easy transformation from the web to mobile projects

Let’s jump to unique react-native app ideas to give your business a new life

1)  Recipes app

App Ideas Using React Native Technology -Food App Idea

With this application, you can let your design imagination flow to surprise users with a beautiful visual interface. You can publish your React Native Recipes application on the App Store and Google Play, which will allow you to learn the vital steps to publish your application in the market.

Remember, the application development process only ends when it is in the hands of users. Everything else is useless unless It is published effectively. You Must hire expert application developer for an app that is full of user-friendly features and can help you in business growth.

react native development


  • Option for Navigation such as Menu or Tabs
  • Should have categories lists based on different cuisines
  • Should possess recipes list screen along with a photo & a short description
  • Add recipe details screen including ingredients, workflow, measurements
  • Enable filtering mechanism based on categories or ingredients
  • Embed a search feature by time to cook, tags, ingredients, etc.
  • Integrate videos like youtube videos


2) Expense Tracker

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Expense Application Idea

The application can be your own expense tracker for your daily expenses. It can allow users to track their daily transactions, which may also be available monthly and annually. They can integrate their credit/debit cards, bank accounts through which they can pay directly to the authorities concerned and track. 

Another idea of the application around budget monitoring is that you can visually implement expense data using chart/chart components. You can also provide users to track expenses according to the categories in which they spend their money.


  • Monthly expenses screen listing the monthly expenses.
  • Navigation (Menu or Tabs)
  • Spending Categories Lists such as food, health, clothing, transportation, etc.
  • Expense Details screen (including expense amount, description, category icon, date and time, etc)
  • Filtering overall expenses based on categories.
  • Payment gateways integration plugins.

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3) Music App

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Music Application Idea

Music app development using React Native technology can be one

of the best ideas for startups or new businesses. You will be able to develop an app embedded with fancy UI elements along with audio & radio streams integration in React Native. 

For a perfect idea, you can in fact take inspiration from some existing successful music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, etc. that are built on react native platform.

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Features/ Ideas to implement using React Native:-

  • Radio streaming
  • Music streaming
  • Support for multiple channels
  • Inducing light & dark modes
  • Option for songs sharing to social channels
  • Navigation option
  • Custom stream URLs to add  


4)  Fashion/Shopping App

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Fashion App Idea

Fashion App is the most demanding app these days. The idea to implement a shopping app with react native can bring you many business benefits. This e-commerce idea is worthy and every new business must go with this. You can take ideas from already existing apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Ali Express, and come out with unique ones. 

Some common and obvious features include product details, categories, product lists, shopping cart, payments, checkout flow, etc. However, you can embed some advanced features like coupons, order tracking, AR/VR shopping, and discounts. 

Features to embed using React native:

  • Embed props and states of UI components 
  • Provide navigation between various screens
  • Enable push notifications
  • Offline shopping assistance
  • AR/ VR experience
  • Use all React native components viz. Image, text, scrollview 
  • Should store products in the backend firebase datastore
  • Integrate payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree
  • Use Firebase Auth for better user management


5) Friends near me app

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Find New Friends Ideas

People today always look for compatible partners and good friends near them with whom they can share things, have fun and make a strong relationship to cherish moments forever. The app implemented using React native requires social network integrations, social plugin integrations, app navigation, user location management, map integrations to be induced in the React Native platform. 

Hence, it is one of the best social app ideas which you can start with. 

Features to embed in React Native:

  • React Native Maps integration along with the list of friends nearby.
  • Tracking a friend’s location along a map route
  • Chat screen to chat with friends (hint: use Firestore)
  • Recommendations to make new friends.
  • Login and Registration screens.
  • Google & Facebook Login
  • Navigation (Menu or Tabs).
  • Location Fetching & Tracking
  • Geofencing


Popular Apps developed with react native

1) Instagram

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Famous React Native Applications

After Facebook acquired this social media platform to share photos in 2014, it was only a matter of time before its development team began rewriting the application. And when they developed React Native in 2015, it was quite obvious which framework they would choose.

custom app development

React Native allowed the Instagram development team to send functions faster to the iOS and Android versions of the application. The percentage of codeshare is extremely high: from 85% in the comment moderation view to 99% (!) In the post-promotion view.

2) Walmart

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Famous React Native Applications

This retail giant is one of the largest corporations in the world. With more than 500 million revenue last year, it is currently at the top of the Fortune 500 list.

The Walmart application has many different features. It allows you to shop online, find products and check prices in the store, as well as use the Walmart Pay mobile wallet system. Developing such a complex application was a challenge for the Walmart development team. React Native was helpful.

95% of the Walmart code base is shared between iOS and Android applications; the cross platforms worked incredibly well for the company. Working on applications was working simultaneously for both platforms and allowed to reduce labor costs by half.

3) Uber Eats

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Famous React Native Applications

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Ubereats is another Uber service. The idea is to facilitate the restaurant food delivery process for users and provide delivery partners with a flexible way to earn money. The difficult part was to connect three parts without problems: restaurants, drivers, and customers.

The Uber development team faced the challenge of translating the existing restaurant board from the web to mobile, for both iOS and Android. They decided to go with React Native.

Although React Native is only part of the mobile application, the Uber development team was very positive about the change. Chris Levis, a Uber software engineer, said they are very optimistic about the ability of the framework to expand and expand the service.

4) Wix

App Ideas Using React Native Technology - Famous React Native Applications

Wix is an online tool that allows you to create websites for free without knowing any coding. It is also a web hosting service with web analysis functions.

Wix made a bet by choosing React Native as a mobile application framework for its 80 million users. The production of this scale came with a series of challenges. Thanks to React Native, the Wix development team managed to move from zero to stores in six months, and the development process took 3 times less than usual.

As Tal Kol, head of mobile engineering at Wix said, React Native was a real game-changer for Wix.

5) Myntra

React Native Applications

Myntra is an e-commerce platform in India. It is the largest online retail store of fashion and lifestyle products in this country that reached sales of more than 2 billion last year. They provide their customers with a wide variety of products and a deep personalization of the shopping experience. Intuitiveness, impeccable purchase process, and deep customization of the offer: that is the application of Myntra in a few words.

As for the technology stack, currently, more than half of the iOS application and critical screens of the Android application use React Native. They keep adding new screens without the need for user updates. This framework allowed a massive escalation and supported the rapid growth of the product.

6) Pinterest

Famous React Native Applications

Pinterest is a social media platform concept focused in a very specific way. Everything is based on collaboration, exchange, and sharing of ideas, usually in the form of some type of images or videos. Users constantly pass the content, even more, when sharing it and adding it to their personal categories or folders.

The mobile application can be opened for a minute or two everywhere, whether in bed, office or bathroom, and will give you the inspiration boost you need with a handful of motivational images, a short GIF, or a video. This type of experience should come with a stable and easy-to-use application.

In the case of Pinterest, the change to React Native took some time. The React Native spin brought fantastic results to this platform.

app development

7) Discovery VR

Application Ideas - Famous React Native Applications

Discovery is another brand that doesn’t need more presentations. Its mission is to bring the world closer to people and show them things that were beyond their reach. High budgets, original programs, and excellent scripts, that’s Discovery in a nutshell.

Its application is something equally valuable. With the simple virtual reality game, users can travel to the farthest and most beautiful parts of our planet. The application offers you a wide variety of environments and activities, such as hiking, skiing, or base jumping.

The entire user interface was developed in React Native and offers users a perfect virtual reality experience. All you need to have is a mobile device and a virtual reality set.


Above, we have discussed some unique react-native app ideas along with popular react native apps in the market. By picking up these ideas, you can implement the best app solution for your next app development project. In case, you require any help, or want to know more about react native app ideas, then consult with the react native developers.

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