40+ Best Website Ideas For Your Startup

In the early days of the internet, building a website or a web app with simple website ideas was enough to make an online presence. But now the story has changed!

Many websites are available in the digital space, and things seem too cluttered and competitive to get the user’s attention. Hence, it would help if you had awesome web app ideas to materialize to win the race.

Being a startup, SME, or product company, you need to offer something unique to build your brand. Whether working with the latest technologies like Blockchain Development, MERN Stack, or more, making a ravishing design, or coming up with a distinguished business model or unique web app project ideas, it has to entice maximum users.

That being said, let us help you formulate the success formula by giving a kick-start. At the initial stage, you need to bring in a few simple web app ideas and then shortlist your final business model.

Seems not so easy… right? That’s true; many questions start bothering, be it:

  • Will it work?
  • Have I done enough research?
  • Are there any major competitors?
  • What about the budget?
  • Who will build it?

Well, stop thinking so much here; take a look at the best website ideas and pick anyone of your choice to make a unique presence in the market!


40+ Amazing Website Ideas to Boost your Startup

We’ve compiled the list of the 40+ best website ideas for your startup in 2022. These are some of the most popular and effective website designs that can help you create an out-of-the-box web app for your business. Looking to design & develop your web app? You should hire the best Website Application Development Companies to work on your project.

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Youtube Radio

These can be the best web app project ideas to make money at a very low investment. Youtube is a sensation. A search-based video platform that everybody follows. How about an app that picks the best content on youtube and plays them for the audience. No need to search or take the pain to make a playlist. Play the radio, and the party is on.

Custom Application Development is the best choice for developing Youtube Web Apps?

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Machine Learning-Based Astrology

fantasy astral wallpaper composition 1

Many people in Asian countries believe in Astrology. A Machine learning-based Astrological advisor website can tell real-time predictions to the users and advise the remedies as well without visiting a real astrologer.

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AI-Based Browser Cookies

How about building a web app that adds to your browser and tracks everything intelligently. Your browser caches all your activities and suggests showing options as per your behavior. Hence, it can be one of the excellent web app project ideas for you to offer users personalization on the browser.

Chatbot Hosting

Chatbots are replacing chat support to a great extent. If you can Build AI Chatbots and sell chatbot hosting services to clients who need a bot for their customer’s regular questions, then it can be a good idea. You can build a Chabot with rich machine learning code using the Tensorflow framework.


Many people in the cities cannot continue their hobbies due to a lack of partners. It will be a great web project idea if there is a platform that connects movie lovers, chess players, joggers, and bowlers and gives them an opportunity to meet in person to do their thing.


Making children sleep is sometimes not easy for parents. They need something of their interest. If there is a web platform that plays Youtube videos dimming the lights and changing the sound waves, it will help them sleep faster. This app also comes with an advanced feature of parent monitoring.

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Business Advisor

A platform like Quora, which is specifically built for business issues, can be considered one of the simple web app ideas. Be it accounting, finance, HR, team management, or anything else, people can share their issues and get them resolved by other professionals. This can be one of the top web simple app ideas for those who are well aware of corporates and starting a new business by hiring a web design company.

Blockchain-Based Medical Support Platform

18707003 TaeAugust11There are many rare diseases that are left untreated only for lack of awareness. A web portal that connects those patients and helps them to fight such tragedies in a better way.

If you Hire Blockchain Developers for this medical web app, then this would ensure safe medical records storage of your patient’s data. Nowadays, the government has made this move and approaching Top Blockchain development companies to maintain records of all their citizens.

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Local Dating Portal

Online dating is one of the most emerging web simple app ideas. Apps like Tinder mixes up cultures. Hence, there can be a dating website that focuses on connecting people from the same cultures. These are some awesome web application ideas for the project in 2022.

Browser Tracker

A browser plugin that tracks the current activity of employees, and in case any suspicious website is opened, it sends a notification to the admin. Moreover, it can also set a timer if there is a time limit for certain websites. In fact, Blockchain technology has introduced an encryption digital identities app that provides security to confidential data. Hence, simple web app ideas like this can benefit a lot.

Reminder App

Sometimes when working on different things, people miss out on important facts. One of the best web app ideas can be a web-based reminder app that sends notifications so that you do not miss important things.

Image Editor

Everyone likes to edit their images before uploading them on social media platforms. If there is a website that offers image editing, collage making, and direct uploading options, then it can be great.

Startup Club

A Social network web app where people submit things they’ve created like articles they’ve written, products they’ve released, or YouTube videos. You view a list of them and promote the ones you like on your social media accounts. More promotions of other people’s stuff buy your own posts a higher position on the site.

Bloggers Arena

A blogging platform(one of the best web app ideas) that automatically links between users’ posts. It matches words and phrases common in posts, preferring longer matches. For example, if this project description were a post on the platform, the words “blogging platform” might automatically be linked to another user’s post on the Top Blogging Platforms in 2018. Links may change over time.

Medicine Review

It is always good to crosscheck before you take medicine if there is any website that provides real-time information about compositions and customer reviews of the medicine.

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Website Builder

Startups and bloggers generally opt for readymade DYI websites. If there is a platform where users can build their own website without much technical knowledge, then it would be really helpful. So, it is one of the best and most simple web app ideas.

Online Storage Space

There are many microblogging and personal websites that require online storage space. If there is a website that can provide online storage space at an affordable price, then it can be one of the best web simple app ideas.

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Memes And Gifs

Memes and Gifs are all over the internet. If you can build a website where people can find amazing memes and gifs and also others can share their self-made pictures, then it can be one of the best web app ideas. HBook Review Platform

There are millions of people who love to read books and need suggestions for future reading. A common platform that is open for book reviews from every user can be a great help in making purchasing decisions.

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Social Platform Alert

Just like Truecaller, this is a website and plugin which helps to understand if you should talk to a person or not. It is especially beneficial for women who face difficulties with strangers on social platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook and turned out to be one of the best and most simple web app ideas.

Payments Via UPI

Nowadays, almost every shopkeeper accepts UPI payments, and apps like Paytm, Phone Pay, and Google Pay are making full use of it. Developing an app that can do the same work, for example, accepting and sending money, linking the app with the account number/ IFSC, PAN number, Aadhaar number, and phone number or QR code for transferring money.

Finding Parking space

This app can help you find parking space by using webcams and GPS locations in a specific area. Finding parking space web app idea is unique as there are not numerous apps matching this app idea.

Scan & Shop

Usually, when we all search for any product, we have to type the name of the product or any other related product. This app can help you in a way that you don’t need to type the name of the product, just scan the product, and you will get all details about that product and all other related products.

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Reservation In Restaurants

This app can allow you to see the graphical layout of the restaurants, and according to your desired seat/table, you can make the booking.

Home Security

This app will let you see all the security devices at your home, like cameras or alarms. You can also check every activity through video footage at your office space whenever you want.

Housekeeper Finding

Finding a Housekeeper was a tough task before, but now, it can be done easily with this app. You can search for a housekeeper according to your needs (like cooking, washing, dusting, and dog-walking).

Subscription Alert

Nowadays, every other app, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Hotstar, asks for subscriptions, and this app can help remind you to pay payments when the deadline comes.

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Railway Tracking

This app can help people who travel via train on most occasions. A railway tracking app can help you by giving the train’s exact location so that you can decide whether to take the train or choose an alternative option. It also comes with an advanced Request Approval feature, which takes passengers’ requests to fabricate airplane seats.

Language Translation

A Voice translation app can help you to translate spoken words in real-time. It will reduce the gap between the people who do not know the same language.

GST Return Filing

This type of app can keep all the records of income, business supplies, expenses, and tax transactions. Additionally, using this sort of app, you can automatically find the taxpaying liability for that period and can help everyone who is a taxpayer.

Writer’s Solitude

Creating this app will help writers as it can block all the distractions on the system except the one needed for the writers. It can help give full concentration at work.

grocerry app

Grocery Delivery

You can make this app, as this can help many individuals looking for the right service or agents who can do grocery shopping on their behalf and according to their list.

Traveling Web App Ideas

This app can suggest the best places to travel. Moreover, using it, you can also book tickets, hotels, etc.

Finding song

Sometimes, it is hard to find a song when you heard it but don’t remember the lyrics. This app can help you find the song based on the tone or few words provided by you. It can also give you the link to the song to download, or you can listen online.

Freelancing Web App Ideas

This skill assessment and the freelancing app will let people assess their skills through automated tests or problems. Based on these tests, the employee can also get in touch with several companies for freelancing work.

Investment Web App

This app is an AI-based investment web application. This app will invest automatically based on market research and analysis and will ask you how much you want to spend and how frequently you want to credit the amount.

Help/ Safety Alert website ideas

This app will be very beneficial for women, girls, or anyone who is in need of help. It will allow sending notifications to people who live nearby so that they can come and help the needy person.

Health Monitoring

This app will not only keep track of or monitor your health but also notify/recommend regular health checkups after every specific time.


Many people travel long-distance, which costs them a lot of money; this app(Ride-Sharing) can help as it will give them an option for sharing the ride with someone who is also going to the same destination.

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Interior Designing

Through this application, you can design your room or home by adding several options like a sofa, T.V, table, carpet, wall pictures, curtains, etc. It will also recommend places from where you can buy interior design kind of stuff.             

Taxi Booking App

You can also go with Taxi Booking App ideas. It is one of the most popular web apps at this point in time and has been a great hit across many countries. But, to make it successful, you need to have some simple website ideas like Uber or Ola, which are already ruling the market. So start by finding a niche and building a taxi booking app for your business.

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Banking Software App

This is one of the leading web app ideas that will be very beneficial for business growth. It has been one of the best-selling web apps in recent years. If you have an investor or startup capital, then Banking software is a great opportunity to invest and grow your venture fast on the internet frontiers.

Fintech App

The world is running in the digital mode now, and this app idea will be a great chance to tap into that. Fintech Industry is one of the most profitable web apps in recent times, with popular names like Paytm, M-Pesa & Transferwise. So if you are looking for new business ideas, then Fintech App Development might be a great idea for you. Well, in order to develop impactful banking applications or banking software, you can get in touch with a Fintech app development company.

food delivery

Food Delivery App

In the past, Restaurants delivered their dishes by themselves, but now there’s a third party that comes into play – Food Delivery Apps like Zomato, UberEats & FoodPanda. Food delivery apps are excellent web app ideas to start with. This industry has trended in the past few years, and people are always looking for new food delivery services. Similarly, you can also focus on building a leading online food delivery software, so you can boost your business growth.

Online Donation Platform

This platform lets companies upload their donation projects for donors who want to help needy people in tough situations like COVID-19 or any type of unexpected situation. Using this online donation platform, you can subscribe to any donation project to get the latest updates on any newly added feature.

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Helpful Resource: Donation Management Software


So there you have it – over 40 website ideas popular in 2022. Some of these are based on current trends, while others are more futuristic and experimental. Remember that many of these will require significant investment in time and money to get off the ground, so pick the one that matches your business needs.

These 40 Best simple website ideas will help you fuel your startup venture. If you want to fulfill your business dream get in touch with ValueCoders ranks as one of the Top Web Application Development Companies for Startups and includes some of the best Web app developers who are delivering the best web app development solutions to their clients.

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