Top 7 Machine Learning App Development Companies Supporting SME & Enterprises ML Adoption In 2020

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Machine learning global investment is expected to grow at a rate of 44.1% CAGR from 2016 to 2022 and increased up to 8.81 billion. Altogether, Machine learning has become a vital tactic for organizations in order to drive customer engagement, increase ROI, and gain competitive advantages. 

Currently, ML has received adoption worldwide and is thriving as a major technological advancement in data generation & analysis. The major driving factors are improved customer data insight, trend analysis & forecasting, and enhanced business operations. 

In the endeavor to infuse this technology, machine learning companies are supporting both large and small enterprises. That is boosting its significance in the current marketplace.

Top machine learning development companies

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Netflix, Upwork, Google, YouTube, and many other giant brands are using AI and machine learning algorithms. If you are thinking about infusing machine learning and AI algorithms within your business platforms, then it is essential to go along an innovative and value-driven approach. 

Hire An Innovative Machine Learning Development Company

 Finding an innovation-driven company is hard when almost each of them is promising the best services. However, not all of them have the potential to provide the required solutions specific to business needs. To help you, I have prepared the list of top machine learning development companies in 2020. 

I have picked these companies by collecting data from several trusted forums and websites. Besides, I have considered the projects they have delivered in the past and feedback from their clients. Moreover, I have considered the following parameters as well. 

  • Experience (more than 8 years)
  • Expertise in IT development services 
  • Previous clients 
  • Recognition gained in the market
  • Excellency and offered support

And much more, I hope this list will help you hire machine learning developers deft in crafting business-oriented solutions that can drive revenue generation and sales for your business. 


Top Machine Learning App Development Companies In 2020 To Plan Your Next Project 

1)ValueCoders-(Best Machine Learning App Development cOMPANY,india) 

Being a known IT outsourcing and machine learning company, it is taking ML enables application development at the top with impressive innovation in this space. With its team of ML application developers, it is one of the best ML and AI innovation providing companies that cater world class solutions. 

Top machine learning development companies


From years, ValueCoders is engaged in delivering solutions and has delivered 4500+ projects successfully with its team of innovation-driven developers trained in different programming languages and technologies. With 99% customer retention, it has won various recognition and awards from Global leaders like Deloitte, NASSCOM, ASIA RED HERRING, and more.

In the field of machine learning, the company is engaged in crafting incredible solutions that can help businesses to provide quality customer support, data storage and analysis, forecasting and much more. Solutions developed by the company are able to interpret complex data, detect patterns and trends in data, and develop & integrate machine engines.

If you are striving to create a ML-enabled application software, you must hire a machine learning company and developers that can understand your customer needs and be able to bring your dream project into reality. 

Founded  2004
Price Starting from $13/hour 
Expertise Web application development, Blockchain application development, SharePoint services, Mobile application development, AI & ML integration, and more.
Why to choose?
  • Highly quality and creative team 
  • Quality and security adherence 
  • Result-driven approach 
  • Guaranteed innovation 
  • First time right process 

Major Clients:

Capgemini, Estel, SelectSpecs, Candor,  Grundfos, Novea, ZenQ, , Dubai Police, RiskLogic, EventDo Track Opinion, Rina, Trekon, Tekion. 


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2)Neoteric(Leading Machine Learning App Development cOMPANY,poland)

Being one of the known machine learning development firms to support businesses that are striving to innovate their workspace. it provides top software engineers to create successful projects. The company mainly focuses on aspects such as AI and machine learning application development. 

 Top machine learning development companies

It is working on 50+ projects infused with machine learning and AI algorithms. Its aim is to introduce AI within businesses to help them leverage this technology. Being an innovative AI and ML startup, it has grown into a full-fledged IT outsourcing  and machine learning company that helps clients to brainstorm their ideas and test products to ensure required feature inclusion. 

They help their clients outlining metrics and success criteria and analyze them from the beginning. It allows companies to achieve decided goals. Having headquarter in Gdańsk, Poland, Neoteric focuses on small, mid and large enterprises across several industries including business services, IT, telecommunication, supply chain, and more. 


Founded  2005
Price Starting from $50/hour 
Expertise Web App Development, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS Development, Product Design, Robotics Processes Automation
Why to choose ? 
  • Timely project delivery 
  • Higher development standard 
  • Agile development approach 
  • Innovative & skilled team 
  • Responsive and focused approach  

Major Clients:

Siemens, Nestle, 4com, The World Bank, Vectra,, LunchBadger, Jeppesen, RapidSOS,, Qoreboard. 


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3) ICREON(Good Machine Learning Solution providers, ney york)

With a team of more than 100 employees, this machine learning company has specialized in custom software and web application development. It is engaged in delivering high-grade software programs infused with modern technologies, including machine learning that enable its clients to improve business value. 


Its headquarters is located in New York. Moreover, it is an ideal choice among mid-market and enterprise software creations, as it keeps quality at the priority and streamlines development with precise strategies. It began with the development of fitness applications, and now it is known for catering different types of applications infused with AI and ML technologies




Founded  2000
Price Starting from $50/hour 
Expertise Digital strategy, custom software development,  Mobile app development, Data Analytics 
Why to choose?
  • Bring new ideas into reality 
  • Hire a creative team with market understanding 
  • Deft in using data for business innovation 
  • Timely development project
  • Precisely crafted development strategies

Major Clients:

IMG Models, FOX Movies, National Geographic Channel, New York Road Runners, TOTO USA, AXA XL,  XPO Logistics,  Skyworks, SmileTrain.


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Top machine learning development companies

4) Beyond Analysis (AI/ML App Developer Providers, sydney)

Headquartered in Wimbledon and Sydney, Beyond Analysis is a known marketing, advertising  and  AI/machine learning development firm, offering market research services to its worldwide clientele. 


Its small team of 20 people has experience of more than a decade in big data consulting and development. Several projects are notable in the market for providing businesses required data analysis services. Its project for a holiday company has been known throughout the world. 


It leveraged data mining tactics and worked with researched strategies for the target audience. It successfully develops program models matching clients’ needs.   

Founded  2007
Price Starting from $100/hour 
Expertise Data & Strategy Consulting, Data Science & Analytics, Analytics Applications, Data Visualisation, Data Operations, Application Development
Why to choose?
  • Craft Customer Strategy
  • Ensure Descriptive Analytics
  • Design Led Thinking
  • Do Capability Assessment
  • Agile Development Approach 

Major Clients:

DFS Travelport, McDonalds, Fleetcor, Allstar Superdry, Bunnings, Yorkshire Virgin Holidays, First Data, PwC New West End Company, and more. 


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5) Iflexion(Dedicated AI/ML APP DEVELOPER PROVIDERS, austin)

Iflexion is a well -know IT service providing company based in Austin, TX. From mobile app development to Big data analytics, it offers a wide range of IT services and assistance. The team has expanded to its London office, and engaged in offering high-grade omni-channel solutions by infusing modern technologies. 


Being one of the most appreciated machine learning app development firms, it has gained a great name by enabling its client smart solutions packed with ML algorithms. It is helping its clients to shift toward big data and enterprise portals that allow access to customer insights. 

During its tenure, it has developed online payment solutions, payroll systems, supporting CRM, mobile and standalone applications for its fintech clients. The support and assistance offered by the company are much more appreciated.


Founded  1999
Price Starting from $25/hour 
Expertise Web & Enterprise Portals, Content & Document Management, Social Networking Solutions, Omnichannel Ecommerce, Big Data & Business Intelligence, Media Content Distribution, Business Process Automation, Elearning & Online Training, Consumer & Enterprise Mobility
Why to choose?
  • One-stop vendor 
  • Exceptional Quality 
  • Complete Transparency 
  • Personal Approach 
  • Do thorough examination of clients’ case

Major Clients:

Google,  Phillips, Pepsi, Adidas, Toyota, Yandex, Ebay, Paypal, Cisco, Expedia,  World Health Organization, Kaspersky Lab Canon, and more 


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6) Fayrix(Leading AI/ML App Development cOMPANY, israel)

Fayrix is a top-notch machine learning company based in Herzliya, Israel. With an employee strength over 1500 experienced developers and designers, it is engaged in creating solutions for mobile & web platforms.


Moreover, it is dedicated BI & Big Data consulting services offer clients support to leverage customer data insights. Its clientele includes a variety of industries that acquire support for subsidiary maintenance, repair and more. 

If you are thinking about leveraging your organization’s data to drive value generation, you must hire machine learning developers that can give your data a direction toward higher processing for better forecasting and customer insight. 



Founded  2005
Price Starting from $15/hour 
Expertise Dedicated software development, Custom software development, BI & Big Data consulting, Services for startups 
Why to choose?
  • World-class engineers
  • An outstanding cost-quality ratio
  • Express team building
  • Transparency & quality assurance

Major Clients:

Biosense Webster, SCR Diary, Bio-Nexus, SkyGuru, and more.


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7) STX Next(Skillful AI/ML App Developer outsourcing cOMPANY, Poland)

STX Next is notable for developing custom software through complex technology stacks like Python, AI, and ML. Its team of experts include more than 200 full-stack Python developers that make its notable driver of innovation in the market.

With a team of 300+ professionals, the company is leaving its marks on the plane of web development, application testing, and software development. Being Europe’s biggest Python software house, it ensures to supercharge projects with incredible codes and logics through agility. 

Basically, the company is Poland-based and known for delivering solutions integrated with AI and ML algorithms, including Manual QA and QA Automation, Data Engineering, DevOps, Business Communication, and more. Due to top notch assistance, it has become one of the most admired machine learning companies in the world. 

Founded  2005
Price Starting from $55/hour 
Expertise Python Development, JavaScript Development, Software Testing & QA, End-to-End Product Development, Product Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, DevOps.
Why to choose?
  • Onboard an exclusive team for your project
  • Get the tech stack you need
  • Scale up and down easily 
  • Ridiculously easy cooperation

Major Clients:

Tiqets, Seerene, Verve, Unity Technologies, Blocktrade, Hogarth WW, Pixomondo, IMD Optimad, Wunderman, Vyze, Coras,  KNMP, Paze, Realface, BetBright, and more.


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Wrapping UP 

These machine learning development companies are engaged in crafting one-of-a-kind solutions to replace the traditional data analysis and insight gathering approach. In current scenarios, it is very essential for organizations to leverage the potential of machine learning algorithms for driving revenue generation. 

If you have already thought about investing in machine learning development, hire ML developers experienced in data analysis and AI algorithm infusion. Moreover, here are some most frequently asked questions that will solve all your queries.


Top machine learning development companies


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