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10 Tips For Managing Remote Teams

Remote teams are not just cost effective but also highly productive. Given a range of tools that the cloud ecosystem provides in today’s dynamic business environment, they are all the more important. Managing a remote team is not a difficult proposition at all. One has to just ensure that the strategies and tools are the right ones. Here some valuable tips to manage virtual teams more effectively.

Communicate Regularly
Keeping in touch with your remote team helps you know what they are doing. It also helps them feel that they are an integral part of the team. If you are the business owner and cannot spare the time to interact with the team, then you must ensure that there is a single point of contact who stays in touch with them.

Chat Online
Staying in touch with remote teams with the help of online chat tools helps in having a quick word about the latest updates. One can even do an audio or a video chat to brief them more clearly about the goals and objectives pertaining to the current project. This is a cost effective method for staying touch with your remote team.

Collaboration Tools
There are various free tools out there, that help in easily sharing and storing documents on the cloud. Screen sharing tools are helpful in having a specific project discussion with a remote employee.

Project Management Tools
Managing the productivity of your remote team is crucial for the success of your project. Using the right online tool for time tracking and project management  would help you optimise the time spent on tasks and the overall team productivity.

Create a Process
Having a process oriented approach to managing a remote team is extremely crucial for your project. Making sure that there is a single point of contact for managing the team and solving their queries, really helps improve productivity.   

Providing flexibility to your remote employees ensures that they get a happy work environment. The approach should be goal oriented rather than task oriented. Work timings should not be restrictive and should help your remote teams have the necessary freedom to be more productive.

Daily Reports
Reports are an essential ingredient for any project. Creating the right reporting format and getting the team to send in the reports everyday ensures you know the project work-in-progress on a daily basis.

Take a Trial
Hiring remote employees can be risky at times. Ensuring that you are selecting the appropriate remote ream, is essential for your project. IT outsourcing companies like ValueCoders give you a free trial before you hire remote development teams with them.

Have an Induction Process
An initial induction process helps remote employees to know the company and the project better. Briefing them well would ensure they have a thorough understanding of the project. This would ensure they are on track with whatever all is expected out of them.

Performance Review
Treating remote teams like in-house teams helps you get long term project success. Reviewing their performance on a quarterly basis helps you give them a constructive feedback. Giving appreciation to high performing employees would motivate them to do even better.

hire skilled remote developerAs a business or a project owner, it may seem difficult to hire a team that’s out of the country and visible to you only virtually. But, when managed well, a remote team can do wonders for your project and its return on investment.



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