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ValueCoders is pleased to announce the launch of our new product Workstatus- An Employee Monitoring software.

WorkStatus is a productivity management software curated for businesses of all niches. The employee monitoring software aids in tracking time and productivity throughout the day for organizations and freelancers.

WorkStatus is a brainchild of ValueCoders, developed by the team after understanding the utmost need for time management and productivity. The consciously created software just does not stick to time tracking but scales up to managing the entire workflow and workforce needs.

We aim at automating monitoring and management activities for both employees and employers for better productivity.

An average employer spends almost 3 hours of his workday trying to put his team together and get the jobs done. These 3 hours combine deploying projects, checking activities, enabling coordination, tracking productivity, explaining feedback, calls, meetings, and more. We aim to take all of it out of your daily work life and help your day become more productive.

Thus, time tracking software with GPS tracking for employees on the field, Geofencing for employees at job sites, employee monitoring, project budgeting for setting up tight budgets for projects, task scheduling, and employee shift scheduling let you oversee every coordination task while sitting at your desk. Along with this Workstatus offers online timesheets, robust reporting, project budgeting, scheduling and management from a centralized location.

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WorkStatus has a product customized for businesses of all types like software developers, engineers, contractors, consultants, real estate, cleaning, landscaping, manufacturing, accountants, health care, agencies, remote workers, individual freelancers, and even enterprises.

It is a completely free-of-cost time tracking and employee monitoring software available on the web, iOS, Android, and Mac devices. One-step login lets you enter the world of automation. Download and run the tracker in the backend of your device. WorkStatus app is a lightweight app and does not take too much space on the devices.

Please find more details below:

  • What is employee monitoring software?
    Employee monitoring software is a means to monitor employees and allow administrators to supervise their activities from a centralized location. This tracking can be later used to optimize productivity in the organization.
  • How does Workstatus work?
    Workstatus, when tarted, captures screenshots, records routes, and tracks punches of employees to know about their overall activities. Workstatus can be browsed from the web, downloaded on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices to initiate tracking. One can track activities from the web-based dashboard through a quick login.
  • What is Workstatus priced at?
    Workstatus is currently offering access to all its services, features, and dashboard at 0 costs. You just need to signup to quickly access all the features from the app.

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We’re Launching Workstatus- An Employee Monitoring Software

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