Frontend Developer Vs Backend Developer : Who Is Best For Your Business?

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Backend vs frontend developer is a fight of last many years and both Frontend Developer and Backend Developers are essential for project development. But by knowing a few things related to Frontend developer and Backend Developers, you will be able to recognize the difference between the same and will also be able to identify the working process of the developers.

On the basis of the developers working process, you will be able to choose best between backend vs frontend developer.

Do you know?

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics stated; employment of Web developers in the US is projected to grow 27% from 2014 to 2024.
  • As per the stack overflow 2020 survey, 55.5%, 54.9% and 37.1% respondents recognized as backend, full-stack and frontend developer, respectively.
backend vs frontend developer-

backend vs frontend developer

Source: Stackoverflow

How Frontend Developer and Backend Developer Start Working On a Project?

Before working on any of the projects, developers make a proper plan, and then after that, they start working on it. Let’s view how Frontend developer and Backend Developer Start Working on a Project:

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what is frontend developer work?

Communicate with UX/Designer: In designing the Frontend of the website or app design process is involved that’s why the very step of a frontend developer is to talk with UX/Designer.

Focuses on Architecture: In order to work with any of the frontend projects, it is mandatory to build Architecture first, and this includes whether you are going to use the SPA with Angular or other Architecture.

CSS Process: Developers also decide the CSS process it includes file organization, structuring and naming classes. For managing CSS process developers generally utilize BEM, Atomic, OOCSS, SMACSS, CSS-in-JS.

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File Structure And Organization: After arranging CSS Process developers organize files based on features.

Setup build tool: In order to build the external module, usually developers use Webpack, Browserify, Rollup tools.

Web Front: Once after setting-up, the tool developers focus on building the web front.

Icon System: After working on the web front frontend developers built the icon.

Basic scaffolding: After creating the icon developers work on Basic scaffolding, and this is done by using reset.css or normalize.css. In this step, developers focus on setting up the font size, line height, colours, sizes.

Once after creating basic Basic scaffolding, developers create components, Env variables, and other additional things.

what is backend developer work?

Server-side code: Backend developer start by writing the Server-side code.

Database Code: After writing the server-side code developer write code to interact with a database.

Security: Once after working on database codes, developers ensure that weather server-side code is secure or not. 

Code Optimization: Once after examining server security developers optimize the code, and this manages the large traffic volume.

frontend developer vs backend developer

In this section, I have covered a few points; this will help you in identifying the result of Frontend Developer Vs. Backend Developer war. 

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  • How Frontend developers build websites looks like?
  • How do Backend developer develop websites look like?
  • Programming Language
  • Popular Frameworks used by Frontend Developer and Backend Developer

What is the front end of a website?

If the frontend developer is building the business website on WordPress, then they will focus on creating images, style, and presentation.


Source: Google

What is backend in web development?

The backend developer mainly focus on managing the database, security, site performance and so on.


Source: Google

frontend developer vs backend developer: Programming Language


Source: Google

Frontend developers generally make use of three languages that are  CSS, HTML, Javascript. The developers have a vast knowledge of these languages; that’s why they have the capability of handling intermediate to advanced projects. Frontend developers also use different frameworks like React. By using frameworks, developers enhance the performance of the website.

Backend developer utilize the PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Java programming languages to create the server-side of a website. The developers also work on databases, and for this, they make use of MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Top Frameworks used by Frontend and Backend Developer in 2020

Numerous frameworks and tools are used to build Frontend and Backend of the website, but among all only few provide highly responsive results.

Which is the best front end framework 2020?

Few top tools are generally used by Frontend Developers that are:

  • React: It is an open-source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces. Facebook and a developers community manage this framework. Wanna know more about our React Developers?
  • Angular: It is a TypeScript-based open-source web app framework maintained by the Angular Team at Google and the developers community. You can Hire Angular developers on a monthly, hourly, or full-time basis from us.
  • Vuejs: It is an open-source ViewModel JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications.
  • jQuery: It is an open-source JavaScript library developed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal. It also handles CSS animation and Ajax.
  • Ember.js: It is an open-source JavaScript web framework. It allows developers to develop scalable single-page web apps. 
  • Ember.js: It is an open-source JavaScript web framework. It allows developers to develop scalable single-page web apps. 
  • Backbone.js: It is a JavaScript library based on the model–view–presenter app design model. 
  • Semantic-UI: It is one of the most advanced frontend development frameworks,  powered by LESS and jQuery
  • Svelte: It is a free and open-source JavaScript framework. This framework does not include app framework references.

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Front-end Frameworks Usage

React, Vue.js and Angular are the top three Front-end Frameworks. Frontend developers highly recommend these frameworks.



What are the best backend frameworks?

Few top tools are generally used by Backend Developer that are:


Source: Google

  • Laravel: It is an open-source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell and is mainly created to develop web applications.
  • CakePHP: It is a famous web framework that follows the model–view–controller approach and is written in PHP.
  • Django:  It is a Python-based open-source, free web framework that follows a model-template-view architectural pattern. 
  • Flask: It is a free micro web framework written in Python. This framework does not require particular tools or libraries to develop apps. 
  • Phoenix: It is a web development framework; it uses a server-side model-view-controller pattern and is based on Plug library. 
  • Express: is a free and open-source web application framework for Node.js and is designed for developing web apps and APIs.
  • Spring Boot: It is an open-source Java-based framework mainly used to build a micro Service. Pivotal Team created this framework
  • Ruby on Rails:  It is a server-side web app framework written in Ruby. It offers default structures for a database, a web service, and a web page. 

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Difference Between Frontend and Backend Development

From below view the Frontend Vs Backend comparison table. This will help you in knowing which will be the best among the two. 

Frontend Vs Backend Development
Frontend Backend
It includes website visual and user input part It consists of a web server which is related to the database.
It includes the client-side of the website It includes the server-side of the website
It gathers user input It processes the user input
It holds a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and it increases the user experience. It supports websites and runs the same efficiently. 
Responsible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Responsible for security backup
HTML, CSS, Javascript, and so on web languages used in Frontend development Python, Ruby, Perl. PHP, and so on are scripting languages used in Backend development


Here we have discussed various points related to Frontend Vs Backend Developer. The use of Frontend and backend development is essential for website development, and that’s why it is really hard to say which will be the winner of Frontend Vs. Backend Developer war and even I can say that this is never-ending war.

Nowadays, numerous startups, SMEs, and big enterprises simply Hire developers for websites or Application Development. Still, they exactly don’t know the use and difference between Frontend and backend, and in order to develop the leading site, one should know the same as this will only help you to meet the business goals. To build an attractive website interface, you need to Hire Frontend developers and to build server-side websites you need to Hire Backend developer.


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