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5 Tips to Enhance an E-commerce Website for Smart-Phones

The number of smart-phone users have grown in leaps and bounds. If industry experts are to be believed that there are more than one billion smart-phone users in the world and the number is increasing every single day. The increasing smart-phone market has compelled many to look into the Internet market, especially into how the e-commerce websites function. Initially websites were built only for the desktop and web developers only had to worry about browser compatibility. Then came a phase when the .mobi version of websites became popular. Finally the current trend became popular wherein websites became responsive and now one website design can be comfortably viewed in multiple devices. This happens because websites are responsive in nature and while all the grids, the columns and the layouts remain the same, the size of the website reduces considerably thus allowing faster browsing on multiple devices.

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Top 10 Free Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

Web developers are having a crazy time with the increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is a crazy time because there are so many kinds of demands from the users and the industry. Demands for increasing the speed, demands for improving the interface of apps, demands for bringing in newer apps and much more. The need for responsive jQuery slider plugins is one such demand. Responsive sliders give the apps/websites the advantages of putting in a lot of content in less space and yet not compromise with the look of the page. Let us look at the 10 free responsive jQuery slider plugins available in the market currently:

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Top WordPress Photoshop Plugins For Web Designers

If there has been a singular software that has swept the floor from any developer, photography enthusiast or web designer’s floor it has to be Photoshop. Photoshop has completely changed the definition of image editing, template designing etc. today developers and designers alike rely on Photoshop for all their creative needs. One of the most sought-after services in the web development world is PSD to WordPress conversion. While the can be done manually, there are several easy-to-use, handy plugins that are fast becoming any WordPress developers first choice. In the following paragraphs, we list some of the top WordPress Photoshop plugins for web designers.

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HTML5 – Important Features of Responsive Web Design

The demand for responsive websites has only increased in the recent past. With more and more smartphones, tablets and phablets getting launched every month, the demand for easy website navigation on the hand-held devices is increasing. It goes without saying that with the increasing demands of the customers, the mobile and hand-held device manufacturers are putting their bucks on responsive web design. Thankfully, HTML5 got launched at this opportune time when the web developers and designers were struggling with getting their designs right. HTML5 made it possible for designers to integrate multimedia as well as responsive codes in the base codes, reducing their work to a large extent.

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5 Powerful Apps For Android Security

Android is rightly regarded as the world’s most popular mobile operating systems today. Its versatility, its robustness and above all the fact that it is made by the trusted Google gives it an edge over several mobile platforms. However the increasing popularity of the mobile platform has its side-effects – the biggest being the continuous threat to security. To counter this rising problem, there are several apps for improving security on Android. These apps are designed to work against malicious malware, threat to data and injection of viruses and malware to a system. Since Internet usage is one of the main activities on Android phones, the need to open websites on secured connections and security URLs is essential. Let us take a look at 5 powerful apps that enhance Android security.

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5 Best Tools for iPhone Application Development

iPhone from one of the largest mobile manufacturing companies in the world Apple doesn’t need any introduction. Each version release always has a promise of innovation and creativity. And the iPhone developers have never let down the industry and the consumers regarding this. Mobile applications enable users to perform multitude of tasks on a single device. There are several iPhone mobile apps that have become extremely popular. Businesses have realized the importance of app development and have fast jumped into the bandwagon to offer a slew of services that range from arranging the grocery list to help make market predictions. Developing iPhone apps are not very difficult if the right tools are used. In this article, we will highlight the 5 best tools for iPhone application development.


Tools for ANdroid application development

Tools for Android application development

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