eCommerce Re-platforming – Why, How and What

Online business has seen a massive expansion over the past few years. This has led to the growing need for stability and assurance of business. Updates and regular developments in software, apps, interfaces and technologies have made internet be recommended as an unstable platform. Internet growth has also led to new age business techniques. e-commerce has taken new turns. Times have changed when e-commerce was involved in a single business website. In the recent times pace has led to drastic changes. e-commerce platforms are currently in need of third-party systems and other partner platforms. Online shopping has become a rage. This has led to business houses racking their brains as to whether it is time to re-platform their ecommerce website or not.

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How to Handle Responsive Images in Drupal 7

Drupal is a publishing platform shaped by our energetic community and now bursting with potential. It can be used for thousands of free designs and plug-ins for swift site assembly. The drupal developers like its well-documented APIs. The designers like the flexibility. And the site administrators like the limitless scalability.

Drupal 7 is a better idea if your site uses contributed modules because there’s where all the development is, the new generation of work is happening in D7 only and isn’t getting back ported.

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WordPress 3.6 vs WordPress 3.5

With WordPress 3.6 slated for an end of April release in 2013 there are already speculations doing the rounds as who would win it when the talk is about WordPress 3.6 vs WordPress 3.5 . With an ever increasing patron base WordPress will surely increase in excellence, flexibility and user bases. New features will be added to make Wordress reach higher standards. However what we should not forget is that we had experienced a beautiful user interface with WordPress 3.5 along with responsive designs Retina-Ready (HiDPI) Admin, faster wordpress short codes.

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jQuery 2.0 : What is New?

If you are planning to develop a dynamic website jQuery can be one of the best tools for your needs. The team behind jQuery recently launched version 2.0 that is expected to aid developers and make their job easy. Also there are some chances that might put the developers in a tight spot. This is perhaps many developers aren’t jumping into jQuery 2.0 immediately. We shall take a peek at some of these changes in our short write-up.

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Privacy Policies : Is It necessary for Mobile Apps?

With the increasing use of mobile phones, new applications are developed for numerous purposes. However, these applications other than fulfilling the customer’s demands also collect a lot of valuable data from the mobile. This data may include the user’s personal information, pages visited on the Internet and geographical location. As sharing such type of data is very sensitive case for almost all the users, privacy policies have special importance for many people.

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Popularity of Drupal Boxes over Drupal Blocks

If you are planning to add Drupal blocks to your website you can try boxes instead. Boxes module is a reimplementation of the custom blocks that the core block module provides. This makes it do things that cannot be achieved with the blocks. This module offers a much more powerful alternative to the default block system. In simple words, a box is simply a block, but with extra features that help you incorporate advanced functionalities to your website. The boxes module provides an in-line interface for editing blocks. This feature allows you to change the contents of blocks without going to an admin page.

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Best WordPress Development Strategies

Website development using WordPress is both exciting and challenging. The free and open source content management system is so dynamic that you can design and develop almost anything. While WordPress has a host of advantages, it is not bereft of its own set of disadvantages which, if not tackled at the development phase, can cause continuous problems for the WordPress developer.

In many ways, the fact that you can do almost anything with WordPress works as a disadvantage. Since WordPress is an open source platform, many languages work on it simultaneously. While working with multiple languages simultaneously is the preferred short-cut taken by developers, the after-effects of this isn’t always pleasant. Codes are often left in a haphazard manner causing problems when one wants to debug the site. Thus, it is very important that things are properly planned at the very beginning so that not only is the website attractive and robust, but the path itself is clean and re-traceable when required.

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How to Create, Examine and Distribute Your Android App

If you want to generate revenue out of an app which sells all over the world, then you cannot afford to focus only on iOS apps. Android has come up to be one of the best and highly grossing market for apps and concentrating on making sure that your app looks and feels good on this platform is highly important. Though Android platform is a complex one, it has been seen that it is highly flexible and has incorporated a few of the best apps without any problem. However, if you do not know the tricks of generating a good Android app it can turn out to be a big problem and this is the reason why there must be an understanding of how to build the app properly keeping certain key points in mind, how to test the app and measures which should be taken while distributing the app. Here is a brief explanation on all the three factors.

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Bulletproof Your Joomla Website

According to a recent post by Royal Pingdom that compiles some intriguing Internet stats, there are roughly 634M websites in the world and around 51M are taking birth every passing year. But let’s face it: When it comes to the Web, we’re often careless. We don’t update our website regularly, skip taking its backup and rely blindly on poor hosting and third-party plugins, too. Then there are other cases as well when in spite of taking care of the basic precautions, our website gets compromised. Enough is enough: We all need to care more, give more attention to our website and make things way too difficult for hackers or automated scripts, so that neither our data nor our server gets misused in any manner.

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User experience is at the bottom of it all

If an optimal user experience can help you grow by leaps and bounds, a bad one can cause that facepalm moment time and again. It’s the same story everywhere: be it an ecommerce store or a B2B site, or a mobile app. So, how go about it? Well, first you should understand that there’s no holy grail here, no silver bullet, no panacea, no elixir and no ideal way that can guarantee you sure-shot success. But there certainly are some UX-related things that you don’t want to do, no matter what.

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Twitter Bootstrap : The Best Front-end Framework Ever?

Twitter’s venture in the world of apps and websites, Bootstrap has been around for a while now. This awesome toolkit works as an all-in-one resource which incorporates the best of browser techniques, and what adds to the happiness is the fact that it is completely free of cost. For those who do not know much about Bootstrap, it is a collection of CSS and HTML conventions which helps in creating better and more engaging websites and web apps. With the help of this front-end framework, you can reduce the time that is used and speedup the development process to optimal levels. Twitter Bootstrap is gaining grounds with its ultimate quality of helping designers and developers all around the world in refining their result and is being called the best framework ever. Let us see what it has in store for us and if it is justified in being called the best.

Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap

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Being Finger-Friendly is the New Way Forward for Websites

All around the world, more and more people are investing in devices which help them stay connected while they are on the go, and the number of new touch-powered devices is exploding each passing day, a few of which include ebooks, smartphones, tablets and touch-powered desktops with a functional keyboard. It has been predicted that the number of touch device users is just going to increase as not only are portable devices easy to handle but also empowers you to access the Web regardless of the place you are at. Now that you know the importance of catering to the touch device users, it is clear that you need a website for your business which focuses on the growing demand of this new niche of customers and works in making their experience better. All this leads to one conclusion: though it is possible to develop different interfaces for touch and non-touch gadgets, but the better way to do it is by creating every site touch friendly.

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