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Advantages of Outsourcing Software Testing Services

Finding errors in the functioning of a software is a continuous process. This can be a regular error or a bug in the tool or a client brief misunderstood. Once the development work is done, expert software testers are deployed for checking for any errors at every step. There are different methods and tools used for testing a software and the bugs found are, then resolved by the development team. Once the resolution is done, it is retested and then made live. Should a company hire in-house software testing resources, or should it outsource the work to remote testers. Here are some key advantages of hiring remote QA professionals:

More Efficient
Hiring experts from a dedicated agency helps in creating a highly efficient process for testing services. These agencies provide dedicated testers who are able to provide testing services that are much faster and accurate.

Cost Effective
Hiring dedicated remote software testers is definitely more cost effective. One does not necessarily have to buy tools required for testing purposes. The space and equipment cost of these resources is also saved.

No Fixed Costs
Outsourcing software testing services definitely does away with fixed costs of hiring in-house resources. Outsourcing provides a the much needed flexibility of employment, which saves huge fixed costs for the company.  

Focus On The Core Business
If you are a product company, then it is extremely crucial to focus on the development side of things, so the product can grow at a faster pace. Outsourcing testing services can help you focus more on the product and its marketing. In a highly competitive market, one has to provide very high quality of service to the users. Outsourcing the testing services to experts would help the business in providing the desired quality.

Saves Time
Since you have a bunch of experts doing software testing only, you know it’s not going to take that much time. Besides that, you can easily rely on these set of experts for the testing service and know they will be far more precise.

Detailed Reports
With an outsourcing partner, gets detailed reports of the work done both in terms of quantity and quality, You can monitor these on a regular basis to get the best out of your remote team.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner is crucial to the success of outsourced software testing services. ValueCoders is an experienced provider of dedicated software testing professionals. The company provides fully trained professionals on monthly rolling contracts. As a ValueCoders client one gets a free trial before finalizing a professional to come on-board.  Our testers have deep knowledge and experience of testing services provided to a range of business verticals. We study the software in great detail and provide inputs and suggestions that would meet customer requirements in the long run. The company uses latest tools and practices in holistically managing testing services for your project. We ensure that each tester sends out daily reports to clients, so the output is nothing less than perfect.


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