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A developer who often appreciates to work on a latest and trending development platform will certainly love the great innovative features of Node js. There are many other benefits of Node js and you could find it a practical program to give freedom to your  goals of developing feature-rich web applications. Because of its several outstanding features, the platform is creating buzz among modern-day programmers. Here are the top 10 advantages of Node js that lead to the growing popularity of this feature-rich development framework.

 1) It uses Rich Client Side Framework: Today, developers are using rich client side frameworks and  implement them on server side APIs. With the use of Node.js, you can easily integrate a program like JavaScript throughout an  entire web application, without any requirement to translate the JavaScript for the server side framework every time.

 2) Fastest Framework: With Google’s V8 engine, it speeds up the execution of the JavaScript and allows building faster and scalable web applications with a multiple number of connections available simultaneously.

 3) Productivity Tools: One of the major benefits of Node.js is it allows using various productivity tools for enhancing several types of functional advantage of JavaScript and ensuring that its robust and does provide consistent file streaming.

 4) Integrating database to the server: With the Node.js, you are not required to make extra efforts for integrating client data to the server data. It allows to use the same language to the persistence layers for both the client and the server.

 5) Real-time Developments: One of the major benefits of Node.js is you can find the development of real-time applications, like chats and gaming applications, more appropriate and feasible. It can allow you to build multi-user applications with multiple concurrent connections for an enhanced experience.

 6) Faster Data Streaming: Node.js allows you to stream audio and video files at  lightning speed. It’s possible to transcode these files while uploading and it reduces the processing time in a significant manner.

 7) Synchronization of Data between Client & Server is done Automatically: One of the big benefits of Node.js is with a single codebase, you can write a JavaScript using Node.js, which can allows you to synchronize data between the client and the server automatically.

 8) Corporate Support: Unlike other open-source web development frameworks, Node.js enjoys the support of several corporate houses, like Microsoft, PayPal, Walmart and Yahoo. Moreover, it is sponsored by Joyent, and hence it enjoys the support of some real companies that indicates the consistent growth of the Node projects in future. On the other hand, Node.js has a huge community of developers that contribute to the enhancement of this development platform.

 9) Deployment & Hosting: Due to its beneficial features, Node.js is witnessing a rapid adoption and this is creating a demand for hosting of new web applications created using Node.js. There are Paas providers like Modulus that can facilitate even a single command deployment.

 10) JavaScript Enabled Web Platform: One of the main benefits of node.js is that it uses the JavaScript language. Today, the majority of the developers love to write and create codes in JavaScript. Therefore, a developer can easily adopt the capabilities of Node.js and can excel in the platform.


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