Hiring Remote Developers vs Hiring Freelancers

Businesses have now started preferring remote teams for their businesses and projects, as they not only prove to be more cost effective but also offer convenience of hiring.  Another useful option of hiring for a project, is to look for freelancers. Although freelancers too, are cost effective, they do not offer the kind of stability that remote workers do, specially in case of development projects. Here is a detailed analyses of the pros and cons of choosing from the 2 feasible options.

1. Fixed Cost Savings Both, freelancers and remote developers, offer fixed cost savings as one does not have to invest in office space, computers and other equipment for these resources.

2. Improved Productivity Remote workers definitely show a higher productivity rate as they are comparatively free of stress and can provide a better output for the work they are doing. Freelancers on the other hand are productive too, but they lack the dedication to work on a single project and so they score lesser than remote workers, on this front.

3. Saves Meeting Time Both freelancers and remote developers save a lot of time that is otherwise spent on meetings. It is usually seen that full time employees organise meetings on a regular basis and this provides lesser output in terms of work.  Remote developers score more than freelancers on this front as well. Since they work regularly on a project, there is no need to brief them all the time. This saves time and effort both.

4. Flexibility Remote developers and freelancers, both provide flexible hiring benefits. They can be hired on project basis or on hourly basis. Remote developers ensure that the flexibility is balanced with project completion according to client requirements. Freelancers on the other hand may not be able to give the desired output as they are usually working on multiple projects at a time.

5. Professional Work Hiring expert and professional remote teams ensure that your project is in safe hands. They make sure that they understand the brief and adhere to guidelines. Since they are with a company for a certain duration of time, they have a certain degree of job security that is very important to achieve the desired level of productivity.  Since there are pre-decided terms and conditions, one can easily rely on the team for the project being undertaken. Freelancers on the other hand may not be able to provide a similar level of assistance and reliability for medium to long term projects. They may be really useful when it comes to short term and simpler tasks which need to be completed in lesser time.

6. Secure Project Hiring remote developers on contractual basis ensures that the details of the project remain secure and undisclosed to people who are not involved with the project. Freelancers on the other hand do-not provide such security as they are not associated with the business for a longer term and their loyalty is not constant.

hire skilled remote developerHiring professional freelancers from an experienced IT outsourcing company like ValueCoders helps in getting the desired results for the project. Expert developers not only provide the apt solutions but also keep the project details secure. The company provides developers in a range of technologies and also offers a free trial, so the final on-boarding is done only after the client is completely satisfied.







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