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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

Every business is keen to build mobile apps these days, both natively and for the web.  This ranges from something like a to-do list app, whose value-proposition is its ability to remember things for a user, to cases like mobile games, which may want to store  high-scores for the user. Whatsoever the purpose is, with growing expectations of users, you face numerous challenges while developing an app.

Key challenges:

Users expect to access their data easily across all their devices. Furthermore, when they have multi-device access, they  want the app should be able to store data locally  in the absence of internet connectivity. Afterwards, when connected to internet, synchronize with the cloud automatically.

Also users want real-time update on a mobile or web app interface so that they do not need to refresh to see the changes (like facebook comments).

Keeping all that in mind, platforms like Firebase and Meteor have emerged. These platforms not only meet the needs of a user but also help developers to build applications writing strong codes in less lines.

Let’s compare their features and then discuss the detailed advantages of Firebase and Meteor  to help you decide the perfect platform as per your user requirements:

Firebase vs Meteor

Here is the  summary of the key differences between Firebase and Meteor

Firebase vs MeteorHence, these are the basic differences that both the platforms have. Now, lets discuss about Firebase and Meteor in detail.

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Firebase is a Google owned platform that revolutionizes the way web applications are developed. Specifically helpful to build business applications, Firebase comes with some unique and impressive features.

Firebase vs meteor

Developing apps with Firebase is extremely simple and quick. Cloud computing has really simplified the way apps are built in today’s time. While building apps on the cloud, one does not have to worry about the infrastructure, platform(iOS, Android and web) or the scalability of the apps.

Similar to google drive, the data storage and transfer is the same, in the case of Firebase. Whatever client data gets stored in the application, is present in a central repository. All the data transfer happens automatically, once the data has been referred correctly by the user.

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Firebase is most appropriate for building real time applications like music sharing apps, chat apps and others such as collaboration tools. It is a simple cloud platform that helps you create apps in a few hours, just dropping the code into the platform.  Here are some of the examples of Firebase apps:

Firebase vs Meteor

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Meteor JS is an open source web development platform written using Node.JS. With Meteor JS, one gets stuff from previous frameworks and libraries to build a prototype app first and then move on to develop a full fledged application.Firebase vs meteor

Web applications are now being preferred to work in real time. Meteor helps in building real time applications as this feature is there in its core. You just have to build a normal web application with Meteor and it is automatically real time.

The database in the template of the application is updated, as soon as the updation is done from user end.

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Meteor helps you work on just one language and that is Javascript. So, with Meteor, you can create a frontend, backend and a database, all in Javascript that too with a cross platform advantage (iOS, Android and web) With Meteor, one can build a collaborative task management app (to-do) by writing less than 600 lines of codes. Here are some of the examples of Meteor apps:

Firebase vs Meteor

Wrapping it up:

We would recommend you to go for Firebase if you wish to kickstart your project in a jiffy and well, it must be a real time application with a lot of users and database to be exchanged. Meteor too is a fairly good choice for easier development of web applications.

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Firebase vs. Meteor: A Comprehensive Comparison

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