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Our Full Stack Java Developers Expertise

We ensure offering ground-up bespoke software development services that allow clients to enhance the functionalities of their applications

Custom Java Web Development

Hire expert Java developers from ValueCoders specialize in creating impressive Java apps and platforms for startups, SMEs, and enterprises to solve their complex business problems.

Java Software Products (SaaS Applications)

High-end Java software products are developed by our team of full-stack, backend, and frontend developers. We have expertise in creating secure payment gateways.

Upgradation & Migration

We help companies upgrade their software applications or migrate them from one platform to another. We are adept in Java and ensure that our client's business runs smoothly after the up-gradation & migration of their existing projects.

Develop Enterprise Java Applications

Hire a team of Java developers from ValueCoders to create flexible and scalable enterprise-level software. Our experts have hands-on experience developing highly scalable and user-friendly web applications.

Java Consulting

A Java consultant from ValueCoders will help you define your complete technology strategy and implement it by providing customized solutions for various business requirements.

AWS Cloud Offerings with Java

Hire our top Java developers proficient in S3, SQS, EC2, Cloudwatch, ElastiCache, Redshift, DynamoDB, and other AWS services. We are capable of handling all your web development needs.

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Why Choose Java For Building Your Web Solution?


High Performing High Performing

High Performing

Java is a powerful programming language that enables developers to create robust, high-performance applications.

Cross-platform Facility Cross-platform Facility

Cross-platform Facility

Java is platform-independent, which means applications can run on any operating system.

Reliable Reliable


Java has a large user base and a comprehensive developer community, making it a reliable platform for finding support and solutions for problems.

Scalable And Secure Scalable And Secure

Scalable And Secure

Java is well-suited for creating web applications due to its scalability and security features.

Stable Stable


Java offers impressive performance and stability, making it an attractive choice for high-traffic websites or web applications businesses.

Cost-effective Cost-effective


Because Java is open source, businesses can download and use it at no cost, making it a cost-effective platform.

Why Hire Java Developers From ValueCoders?

Our Java developers are innovative and technically sound. Check out the reasons to hire dedicated Java developers from ValueCoders:

Java developers
Maintain oversight
& control
IP rights
Flexible engagement
No contract lock-ins
100% in-house staff
vetted talent
18+ Years in
650+ In-house Software
2000+ Man Years
2500+ Satisfied
Valuecoders Valuecoders

Top Companies WorldWide Trust ValueCoders For Hiring Java Developers

We have helped companies of all sizes and industries set up offshore Java development teams. From startups, software companies, digital transformation agencies – you name it! Here, you can get a glimpse of some of our satisfied clients. The qualities that make us the best in the business are:

  • Complementary development manager
  • Ongoing learning & development programs
  • Quick team scaling
  • Best-in-class project management
  • Global quality standards
  • Time-zone compatibility

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We align engineer(s) and initiate the development process.

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Based on the trial phase, you add the engineer(s) to your team.

Collaborate With The Top 1% Java Developers In India

We have a team of expert Java developers who deliver top-notch web development solutions to clients globally

Junior Java Web Developer

$1750 - $2500

1-3 Years Experienced

Mid Level Java Web Developer

$2500 - $3500

3-5 Years Experienced

Senior Level Java Web Developer

$3500 onwards

5+ Years Experienced

Ultimate User Guide To Hire Java Developers


Why is Java still used?

Java is still used for several reasons. It’s a prevalent, powerful, and versatile language that offers numerous advantages.

First and foremost, Java is known for its reliability. The language has been around since 1995 and has stood the test of time as one of the most reliable languages available. This leads to great stability in development and production environments, with fewer errors than in other languages.

Second, Java is highly secure and trusted by many organizations due to its platform independence – code written on one platform can run on another without needing modifications or recompilation, allowing it to easily scale across different platforms ranging from desktops to mobile phones. With this security comes more features like creating sandboxed applications that provide users extra protection when running untrusted content such as viruses, worms, or malicious applets.

Thirdly, Java’s wide adoption makes it easy for developers to find support online and collaborate within communities should they need assistance developing their projects – this ability accelerates innovation within teams and allows them to access a wealth of resources from experts around the world, making problem-solving much easier than ever before.

Finally, being a high-level language means less manual coding effort, resulting in higher efficiency gains over other solutions available today, like C++, which require long lines of code (or even assembly).


What are the 3 types of Java?

Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. There are three main types of Java: Standard Edition (SE), Enterprise Edition (EE), and Micro Edition (ME).

  1. Standard Edition (SE): SE contains all Java’s core, basic functionality. It can create stand-alone applications, applets, or programs written in other languages, such as C++, COBOL, and assembly. SE has been around since 1995 and is still being maintained by Oracle Corporation as a part of their Java Platform Standard Edition product group.

2. Enterprise Edition (EE): EE consists of additional libraries, APIs, and services for distributed computing environments like servers or web applications. It adds more enterprise capabilities to the base version, such as scalability enhancements, and provides tools for developing highly available systems using clustering technology, among many other features. EE was first released in 1998 and is often referred to as J2EE or “Java 2” Enterprise Edition because it preceded its successor, which came out later with similar features but was named differently – J2EE 5/6 or “Java 5/6” Enterprise edition, respectively.

3. Micro Edition (ME): ME is used for smaller embedded devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and TV set-top boxes where memory requirements are minimal compared to other devices like PCs or Servers. ME includes fewer packages than either SE or EE because only components necessary to the particular appliance need to be included on these smaller embedded systems. ME was initially released in 1999, but its API library underwent significant changes beginning with J2ME 2/3, which introduced support for XML parsing & streaming media capabilities coupled with better performance handling threads & real-time processing tasks over networks & more efficient memory management techniques!

What does a Java developer do?

A Java developer is a professional software developer specializing in coding applications using the Java programming language. Since its inception in 1995, Java has been one of the most popular programming languages used to create user-friendly applications and web content.

Java developers are responsible for writing code and creating program logic flow, building high-performance application modules, maintaining code quality, optimizing data access performance, integrating with back-end systems, and writing unit tests. They may also be required to design database structures or develop advanced algorithms for projects requiring sophisticated solutions.

Generally speaking, their main goal is to ensure that their programs function properly by troubleshooting any errors during development or implementation phases; this often entails collaborating closely with other software engineers such as front-end developers or data scientists. To do so, they must be highly skilled at debugging code, which requires intense problem-solving skills and an understanding of best practices regarding object-oriented design approaches and compliance with coding standards.

To become successful at what they do, i.e., develop complex projects in less amount of time while also achieving superior performance results; java developers must possess technical knowledge related to different computer concepts such as basic algorithms & complex structure analysis methods; advanced object-orientated principles like Abstraction & Polymorphism and core language elements like Generics & Concurrency frameworks – all these components together form the basis for success within this field.

What are the top features of Java?

The Java platform is a powerful and beloved tool among developers. It has a wide range of features, making it a great choice for creating applications across many industries.

1. Object-Oriented Programming: Java is an object-oriented language, meaning that everything in the program is represented as an object with its own fields and methods. This makes code more organized and easier to maintain, debug, and enhance over time. Objects also enable the encapsulation of data within classes so that their internal state can be hidden from outside code entities – making programs less prone to unexpected errors due to manipulation by outside objects or programming processes.

2. Platform Independent: One of the main reasons Java became popular was its ability to provide “write once, run anywhere” feature (WORA). This means that you can write your java code on any OS without worrying about compatibility issues or different versions needed for different platforms — all you need is the JRE installed on your computer before running the code you wrote on any other device/computer!

3. High Performance & Security: Another critical feature in Java’s success story is its high performance which results from compile-time binding between objects and programs are verified at runtime for security for security reducing potential malicious attacks upon software execution effectively – making sure your program runs as expected every single time with no surprises! Furthermore, garbage collection helps manage memory allocation across multiple platforms, platforms, automatically freeing up resources when not being used anymore, anymore, improving overall system performance even further!

4. Multithreading Support: Multithreading provides scalability allowing applications designed around such architecture to become accommodating towards managing additional requests without crashing or slowing down – perfect use case example would be gaming servers able to scale up depending on how many concurrent users they have playing at once while remaining responsive to low latency times during gameplay sessions!

5. Rich Libraries & Third-Party Tools: The huge library provided by JDK simplifies the development process substantially, providing readymade methods/classes needed most often when coding – plus tons of third-party libraries available out there drastically reduce development times required building software as well giving us massive amount options pick choose from enabling us to meet our project requirements without too much hassle!

All these features combined make Java an incredibly powerful tool capable of taking complex tasks easily certified help developers boost productivity both individually well corporations needing larger projects done quickly and efficiently one of the most widely used languages today – if you need reliable solutions deploying something fast, then look no further than Java.

Where is Java mostly used?

Java is a general-purpose programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, which is used in many different ways and can be found almost everywhere, including web applications, mobile development, corporate software solutions, video game consoles, enterprise applications, embedded systems, and more.

Java is widely used to create dynamic websites and web applications because it allows users to manage content on their sites easily. Java also supports multi-threading for performing multiple tasks at once efficiently. In addition to this, it provides secure network connectivity, which makes it ideal for creating banking and financial systems where security is critical.

It’s also trendy in mobile development as Android and Apple iPhones use Java ME (Micro Edition) as the default system language for their respective app stores. Any application written with Java will run on any device regardless of its platform or OS version, provided the device supports Java ME.

Furthermore, many large companies rely heavily on Java when creating complex enterprise software solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems and business intelligence platforms, because of its scalability and robustness. Finally, embedded systems increasingly rely on Java due to its ability to interact with external hardware, such as sensors and cameras, while still being easy to maintain over time compared with traditional coding methods like C++ or Assembly Language Programming (ALP).

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FAQs On Hiring Java Programmers

Learn more about our processes, how our Indian Java programmers work, and how you can hire Java developers with the help of the following FAQs

Why hire Java developers from ValueCoders?

There are many reasons to hire Java developers from ValueCoders, but here are some of the most important ones:

  • Our developers are highly skilled and experienced in Java programming. They have a deep understanding of the language and its features, and they know how to use it to create powerful applications.
  • We only hire the top developers, so you can be confident that you’re getting a talented and efficient Java web development team.
  • We offer a wide range of services that cater to all your business needs for Java web development.

Do you have certified Java developers?

Yes, ValueCoders has certified Java developers. We have a team of experienced and skilled Java developers capable of handling any project requirements. Their vast knowledge and experience in the field can provide high-quality services to their clients. ValueCoders is also one of the few companies offering a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

What is the estimated cost of hiring a Java developer?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of hiring a Java developer can vary depending on several factors. For instance, the exact skills and experience required for the job, the size and location of the company, and the current market conditions can all impact cost.

However, enterprises can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$250 per hour for an experienced Java developer. Startups and small businesses may be able to find cheaper rates, while larger companies may need to pay more to attract top talent. Of course, these are only estimates – actual prices will vary depending on the specific circumstances.

Can I test the skills of your Java developers before hiring them?

Yes, you can test the skills of our Java developers by opting for a free 2 week no-obligation trial to try the engineer(s) and ensure mutual fitment before adding to your team. If you like the services, you can pay for the time and continue.

We  understand your requirements and evaluate mutual fitment

Align engineer(s)
We align engineer(s) and initiate the development process

Trial phase
The engineer(s) work on your project and we seek ongoing feedback

Add engineer(s) to your team
Based on the trial phase, you add the engineer(s) to your team

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