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This e-commerce web solution fulfil the needs of startups, small businesses & existing merchants worldwide. They are much experienced and understands the constantly changing online world marketplace. Therefore, they deliver industry leading solutions to their clients.

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  • Case Study
  • HTML5 & Bootstrap
  • Java

Technologies Used

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Jquery
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Key Challenges

For a company that is dedicated to the design, supply and sale of fashion accessories, the production process must keep pace with consumer demand. In addition, with a number of consumers exploring e-commerce stores online to make purchases, the existence of a well established e-commerce store is of paramount importance. However, this becomes important given the company’s target customer base, which is fanatics of sports and high-school students.

Our client has already given the guarantee to adopt SYSPRO as the backend, that’s why some dedicated software developers needed to integrate the e-commerce site with the back end SYSPRO ERP with a process management system software. After this, ValueCoders hired the services of a senior software developer with mastery of all technologies so that he can work on those projects and help building a middleware work order system that would communicate synchronously between SYSPRO ERP and the e-commerce site in the front of.

When they contacted ValueCoders, we had to address the following listed tasks:

  • Online e-commerce store of yours.
  • Perfect integration between the front-end e-commerce website and the SYSPRO ERP backend.
  • The right interaction to understand the customer’s requirements.

During development, we face several challenges, including the following:

  • Develop an online e-commerce store from scratch.
  • Creation of a middleware solution for interaction with SYSPRO ERP.
  • Recover the data from the database and then manipulate them in the user interface and then pass them to the SYSPRO database.

Our web application developers at ValueCoders had overcome these challenges with their innovative ideas for projects and technical expertise in their domain.

Our Solutions

Our web developers created attractive landing pages for the client’s eCommerce website in order to bring more and more traffic to their site and fulfil their requirements.

  • The e-commerce application designed and developed by ValueCoders which takes in input from the SQL server database and manipulates it into the User interface. This data is then received by the SYSPRO Application server which helps integrating the ecommerce application with SYSPRO.
  • The SYSPRO ERP at the backend consists of a number of Business objects and commands and several methods for playing with the Business object. We use various Business objects to Query or Retrieve or Build Sales, Purchase or Product in the application. A business object only understands XML. It receives its requests via XML and returns the results in the same way. So we use Xml serialization for passing the data to the SYSPRO.
  • The e.net solution interface contained within the SYSPRO application server enables the ecommerce application for accessing the stored data in SYSPRO database without having to compromise the data security and integrity. The modified data as received from the ecommerce application is again stored in the SQL Server database.

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