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Best Places In The City

This app allows its users to check the best places in the city online and get their food, goods delivered to their doorstep and book tickets online. It considers all your hunger and hangout needs if you are new to the city. It helps people order their food online anytime and search exciting places from anywhere in the city. You will have your favorite food at home with just one click only and can choose places where to go.

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  • Android
  • Application Development
  • iOS

Technologies Used

  • Categorised data
  • CocoaPods
  • Code Optimization
  • Code Security
  • Google Map
  • MAC OS
  • NPM
  • Payment Gateway
  • UIKit

Key Challenges

The client needs to develop an iOS app which can benefit users by providing relevant service and product information inside the city. Their minds were to develop an app which can help the Client to get good leads and helps customers to get the orders in an easy-going manner.

It is a comprehensive solution for your regular/daily needs that cover the requirements in the most economical way possible with ratings. Users can take a plan up to 30 days in advance. Users can also opt for Premium subscriptions directly from nearby places.

Therefore, it is the best way to settle down in a new city and avail their services in the most economic way. When they hired ValueCoders, we had to address to the following tasks:

  • To develop an app which can help its users to search for the best places in the city and even order goods from them.
  • Client-side should be focussing on various challenges and demands faced by such location based apps.
  • The client needed to reach its customer base with a fine mix of features that could manage online payments orders easily and builds a brand value across the city.

While developing, we faced various challenges including the following ones:

  • Our client sought to reach the mobile audience at peak times to increase the intention and consideration in the various services options of the brands.
  • The application was the first of its kind and provided accurate travel time duration based on the requested items, the customer’s location and the location of the service provider was the first challenge we faced in development.
  • The client needed to reach his customer base with an excellent combination of functions that could easily manage orders, manage payment online and build his brand big. All this needed a detailed understanding of an online system that included all the elements that such an application should clearly have ahead of it.

ValueCoders was approached by the client to develop this app. The company worked closely with the client-consultant to come up with a unique concept  using iOS technology. This is an interesting app for those users who wants to access every services in the city at their doorstep They can even opt for premium meals directly from nearby Home Chefs.

Our Solutions

ValueCoders team accepts the challenge of the complexity of work and started their effort on the application. Few discussion were held among the iOS developers and as a result, planned to build an location based application for its users. The application works well in the following way:

  • The application is developed with the interactive user interface, taking into account easy to use navigation with the latest industry practices.
  • The iOS team developed an efficient order management system so that orders can be delivered to the desired location at any given time.

As a result, it came out as the robust and efficient app which grabs the attention of maximum users and their interest. In fact, access to the iOS app increased leaving behind the flash-based web-application.

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