Business Analytics Solution For LMS Platform

The client wanted to enhance their learning management system for their education network. The primary goal was to modify the LMS that could analyze solutions like classroom management, content management, attendance systems, grade books, parent communications, and more.

Technology Used:
  • Microsoft Power BI

Key Challenges

  • In the LMS platform, we have to provide the services like management systems, analytics, social networking, and data aggregation for educational setups. This technology aims to provide K-12 students with the best learning experience with the help of services like classroom management, content management, attendance systems, grade books, classroom interactions, parent communication, active learning, etc. Nearly 5K schools were using LMS by approximately 1 million users. Those users were students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Generally, its use was to manage, assess and report student’s learning arcs to teachers. It was made for all kinds of student’s right from Kindergarten to 12th standard.
  • We need a system through which we can improve the advanced analytic system and support. The company believed that having an advanced analytics system that works closely with the existing student and learning management systems will prove helpful. It will tell them about the efficiencies and loopholes of the system’s functioning and customer behavior.

Our Solutions

  • The integration of Power BI for advanced analytics is cost-efficient and easily affordable for end-users. The developers can easily connect to multiple data sources, create dashboards and reporting layers, save the content to use them later in Power BI for analysis.
  • Using Microsoft Power BI Embedded for advanced analytics into a web portal, this advanced analytics software is to help the Learning Management System (LMS) system with data analysis and data visualization capabilities. Using Power BI Embedded for advanced analytics and the Learning Management Systems (LMS), new possibilities are opened for a better student learning experience and helping them shape a future they deserve. Using Power BI, the company benefited as it opened new revenue streams, new business opportunities, and improved student learning experience, giving better results.

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