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Covid-19 Update: Our entire team is working remotely. We expect no disruptions in our services.

Covid-19 Update: We expect no disruptions in our services.

CRM Application

A custom-built CRM solution to manage sales process & Client interaction. This CRM application has many modular features, such as voice calling, chat, report generation, etc. Users can chat real-time either one-on-one or in a group conference.

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Technologies Used

  • Angularjs
  • MySQL

Key Challenges

  • Graphical representation of reports was the biggest challenge during the development of CRM applications.
  • Another challenge was the implementation of VOIP Calling & Group Chat.

Our Solutions

  • The solution was to implement custom reports & to integrate VOIP calling API & chat API for VOIP Calling & Group Chat.
  • We built a CRM application in which sales executives can access their personalized accounts using a login system.
  • We made a reports section that generated various types of charts (area chart, bar graph, timelines, etc.) to represent data.

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