eCommerce platform for e-bikes

It is Germany's platform for e-micro mobility, where you can easily buy the right vehicle.  The entire e-bike portfolio is available here, including e-cargo bikes as well as e-scooters and e-city scooters. You can buy your vehicle, contact dealers and manufacturers, find out about financing, compare financing offers and monthly rates, look at manufacturer portraits and get a lot more information about sustainable mobility. Here you will find your sustainable mobility - and that without technical filters, configurations, and endless research.  Our intelligent algorithm will find the right, sustainable vehicle for you in a few minutes. Neutral and transparent.

Technology Used:
  • Angular
  • JAVA

Key Challenges

  • To develop an intuitive and scalable platform that is fault tolerant and offers a seamless experience to the customers/investors.
  • Maintain all user on single platform is another challenge that we faced.

Our Solutions

  • To understand the business objectives and ensure that the overall design and of the platform was aligned with them, I maintain a very high standard of code throughout the code that provides a better response to end-user.
  • Maintains all users on a single platform was another platform, but we write high-security algorithm to provide separate space on a single platform we managed this so well.

Work speaks louder than words

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