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Covid-19 Update: Our entire team is working remotely. We expect no disruptions in our services.

Covid-19 Update: We expect no disruptions in our services.

The Job Finder

The solution has been serving customers in the advertising, retail, media, financial services, aviation, defense, space, and humanitarian sectors. We have extensive experience working with numerous organizations to architect, develop and support a range of applications, websites and integration capabilities.

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Technologies Used

  • Angular 5
  • Appsyc
  • AWS
  • aws aurora
  • Cloud-api
  • cloud9
  • cognito
  • dynamodb
  • lambda function
  • Mobile hub
  • Nodejs

Key Challenges

  • Synchronisation with the ongoing development seemed to be a tough task developers.
  • Our client sought to approach web application users which probably are the part of data entry and management team.
  • Cloud integration of large amount of data has been challenging.

Our Solutions

Our expert team of web app developers understood the technicalities of the project by reviewing other websites and have started working on the necessary areas of this project at first. This web application provides the following solutions to the clients:

  • As dedicated resource allotment was proposed, Development and Deployment were done as per client’s requirements and proposals. Daily status calls helped us to maintain accuracy and transparency in the project.
  • During the product development stage, we have helped our clients by providing consultation which is fruitful for the product.

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