Online donation platform

This website is a donation Platform, so with the help of this platform, different companies or organizations can upload their donation projects that are already published or will be published in the future for most needed so end-user or donors can easily access this platform and search the donation project as per their per priority like as per now COVID-19 pandemic related donations projects are going and go for donating an amount as they want. Also, it has the feature of subscription for those who want to subscribe to any donation project every month. Also, this platform has a process to check the reality of all of the organizations and their projects accordingly approved or not.

Technology Used:
  • HTML5
  • Nodejs
  • Nuxt js
  • Vue js

Key Challenges

  • The integration GG Apis and sync their data with Hasanah data.
  • The integration of Stripe payment gateway with subscription feature.
  • Customisation of Ckeditor features like files upload for Nuxt js live build.
  • SSR/Universal mode for SEO support.

Our Solutions

  • Proper R & D of GG apis and made the seeder for cron jobs on a monthly basis.
  • Proper R & D of Stripe and check stripe documentation and follow the best practices.
  • Follow the ckeditor documentation and develop own functions and integrate with nuxt build.
  • Follow the guideline of SEO and developer each and every page accordingly use proper page url and titles.

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