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Their company is a direct supplier of credit brokerage companies. Their anti-fraud system is indicated as a mandatory process by the most active banking groups in the sector. So, the client was looking for a web application that will integrate with the existing system of the client and will provide a seamless experience of payments to their customers. Customers can enter their order ID and make payments on the application.

The primary goal was to create a payment platform with the client's existing system by using simple order id and get the invoice for the same. 

Technology Used:
  • Angular
  • django
  • Python

Key Challenges

  • To develop a great platform to make payments easily which offers a seamless experience to the customers for their orders.
  • To develop a channel with a client existing system.
  • Secure management of the customer’s assets.

Our Solutions

  • To understand the business objectives and ensure that the overall design and of the platform was aligned with them, we conducted several stakeholder interviews to get an in-depth understanding of the need for the product and the key challenges faced by the customer.
  • Integration with Nexi Payment Gateway helped improve the overall customer experience by providing enhanced visibility of the customer’s concerns hence ensuring a faster response rate with the payments.
  • Comprehensive algorithms were implemented. Several payment-gateway APIs were integrated to allow users to make payments through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and so on with different payment gateways.
  • We ensured all the vulnerabilities and key security protocols were taken into account while developing the web application.

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