Personalized Shopping Portal For Black Communities

It is a website where users can find, rent, and buy stuff like Novels, Movies, Podcasts, and Restaurants related to black entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. Users will create an account, select their interest and start exploring. They can also add reviews and give ratings to the products. The admin is supposed to add products and give awards according to the ranking of the restaurant. According to the previous search, the system will manage interest and accordingly show recommendations. All recommendations will be based on the user’s location.

Technology Used:
  • React
  • React Bootstrap
  • Redux

Key challenges

  • To develop an application through which users can buy and sell instruments without any hassle.
  • To develop an application that is secure and user-friendly.
  • Using third-party APIs with DNS configurations.
  • Manage interest according to the user’s last search and then auto recommendations according to the interest
  • Understanding the previous coding.

Solution Implementation

  • To understand the business objectives and ensure that the overall design, platform, and development are aligned with them.
  • Did a thorough study of user stories’ documents to understand the need for the product and the key challenges faced by the customers.
  • Understand the old coding and fix the bugs accordingly.
  • Managed all cookies policies for third party APIs
  • Managed DNS configuration for third party APIs.



Personalized Shopping Portal For Black Communities
Personalized Shopping Portal For Black Communities
Personalized Shopping Portal For Black Communities