Pest Control Business Management Software

It is a cloud-based Pest Control application that includes multiple features such as customer management, scheduling, routing applications, and more. This application's main motto is to help field workers create contracts, take payments on their mobile devices and fill out work orders. Moreover, using this app, you can generate reports to monitor the entire company's progress. You also have access to a customer database, where you can build customer profiles that include location, service history, and billing information.

Technology Used:
  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • Reactjs
  • Symfony

Key challenges

  • Switching from Symfony 2.8 to 5.8 – difficult to upgrade software because components are connected with each other (old version components); moreover, a newer version
    includes new features and improvements.
  • No Proper documentation to understand the functionality.

Solution Implementation

  • Reading the Symfony upgraded version documentation helped in finding the suitable approach and assisted in resolving the difficulty of upgrading software.
  • Done in-depth research and read about similar functionality and technologies used in that.


Pest control software developed by our developers specifically focuses on business management. This app is developed on the desires and demands of the individual company, and finally, we meet corporation expectations.

Pest Control Business Management Software
Pest Control Business Management Software
Pest Control Business Management Software