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Renting Solution

It is an online portal to buy appliances for companies on a contract basis. With this, you get the technology that your business needs to grow further. It is a renting platform provide more than online rental services as this help in exploring a world of possibilities. With their assured quality and prompt services, you can say goodbye to all the hassles that come with buying and say hello to convenience.

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  • Angular
  • Case Study
  • ISVs & Software Product Companies

Technologies Used

  • Angular 4
  • Angularjs
  • HTML5
  • Jasmine framework
  • Karma framework
  • Salesforce
  • SASS

Key Challenges

  • Client-side should be focussing on various challenges and demands faced by such businesses today.
  • We suggested some advanced features to enhance the quality of this platform in terms of services it provides to the users.
  • The client was not having so much technical knowledge so we had a detailed discussion and helped the client to build his business logic.

Our Solutions

Our expert team of web developers understood the technical details of this project, reviewed other websites and started working on the necessary areas of this project at first. This system provides the following solutions:

  • Pay Refundable Deposit: With tenures starting at just 3 months, enjoy the freedom to choose for any duration.
  • Verify Profile: Share a few essential details with them to be a part of their community and enjoy faster delivery of your orders.
  • Track your delivery: It is transparent which help you see real-time updates of your order.
  • Pay Rentals: It makes your journey more hassle-free as it provides a wide range of payment options.
  • Return scheme: Just log on to your dashboard and place a request to own or return the product as per your wish.

As a result, it came out as the robust and efficient purchasing solution which contributes to the happiness of many companies.

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