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Covid-19 Update: Our entire team is working remotely. We expect no disruptions in our services.

Covid-19 Update: We expect no disruptions in our services.

Virtual ATM Mobile Application

It’s a Swiss company that converts every shop into a “virtual ATM”. This reduces the cost of cash distribution for banks and eases up in-store cash management for merchants via a location-based on-demand service. Users of the platform can withdraw cash from any of the participating shops using a smartphone. It builds a community around local businesses and helps them generate physical leads while banks save up to 50% in running their ATM operations and optimize their presence. The app also allows banks to expand their services into new regions and increase financial inclusion without any significant capital investment.

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Technologies Used

  • Android(Java)
  • Angular 6.0
  • iOS (Swift) Native Platforms
  • Nodejs

Key Challenges

  • We were using the Segment & Airship tool to capture the events and trigger the notifications. As per earlier discussion, it was supposed to work in a manner where our system will share/pass the details to segment and then segment would analyze and differentiate between events & notifications and would share the information with Airship.
  • Map Clustering was another challenge. On the map, if there are multiple shops at the same place or nearby another one, then they are overriding the shop’s icons.

Our Solutions

  • We were facing a lot of issues related to events and multiple notifications through the above workflow. So we decided to share the information directly to Airship and validate the details. We faced problems in the initial stage, but after a lot of research and minor changes in the code, we were able to fetch accurate results.
  • The solution of map clustering was to display those shops in a single cluster & when users tap on the cluster, then it displays the list of all shops given in that cluster.

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