[Infographic] Reasons of High Website Bounce Rates and How to Fix it

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Are you noticing high bounce rates on your website? If yes then you might be in danger.

The Bounce Rate, as explained by Google Analytics, is the number of users entering a page and exiting from that page quickly. High bounce rates are not a good thing from both Search Engine Analytics and business. If users are abandoning your website just like a sinking ship, then it is clear that it’s the need of the hour to make some changes to your site.

With the increasing attention about web analytics and businesses considering their web presence more seriously individuals are now interested to look into more than simply the unique visitors and pageviews and I can affirm for the fact that this would contribute extremely towards the overall improvement in aspect of WWW.

Before you build a website that no one wants to stick to, you may want to understand about how bad navigation, too many ads, and other functionality and usability issues drive your site visitors away. This infographic shows the top main reasons why people leave your website and also tells you that how to fix them.

high bounce rate reason and solution

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