Ecommerce solutions have turned out to be a major online store for improved sales and customer outreach. By 2040, 95% of purchases are anticipated over eCommerce platforms. Altogether, these solutions have become a boon for small businesses & startups that struggle to make profits. 


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The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has also boosted the usage of eCommerce solutions among people. Worldwide customers are tempted to use reliable online stores to procure services & products. 

Thus, it makes sense for businesses to leverage a solution that can reach out to a worldwide customer base & boost their sales. Thus, we created an eCommerce web solution in 3 days for our clients. 

Why Do You Need A Swift Ecommerce Solution Development Strategy? 

Be it Startups, SMEs, Retail Stores, or market leaders; businesses are striving to make a profit from these solutions. Don’t you want to create an eCommerce solution to kick start your business? 

Indeed, it is the best strategy to have an online sales platform in this changing marketplace of purchase and sales to thrive. However, this playfield is full of competitions and challenges.  

Leaders like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart are already ruling the market place and continuously improving their services. Altogether, startups are entering the field with unique plans and ideas.  

If you want to function an eCommerce business, you must have to make haste and finish development and start processing now. To accomplish the development before the time, you need to consult a company that provides an eCommerce development solution. Thus, we help our client secure an eCommerce application in a time of less than a week. Let’s see how we did this. 

How Do We Create An Ecommerce Website Solution In 3 Days?

As I mentioned above, you need to be swift and decisive to gain recognition in the market, and development time to eCommerce solutions for small businesses can be a significant barrier. 


Our team has come up with a frequent and trustworthy approach that enables us to customize the application in just 3-4 days. Let’s see how we created an eCommerce solution in 3 days for our client. 

Here is our comprehensive plan & development algorithm for eCommerce web & mobile application development.

1) Preliminary research

Our first step is dedicated to doing research into worthwhile ideas and setting up initial pointers. 

To set up every business, whether it is eCommerce, you need to examine the niche and target audience closely. Thus, our team analyzes customer interest and trends using trending products like TrendHunters, Amazon, & Google trends to figure out what issues modern customers are facing, and their needs. 

We perform in-depth research into buying trends, features that are boosting sales, the pain of customers, and strategy that allows brands to make more profit.

In our preliminary research, we analyze all of these aspects and craft a roadmap for development that delineate all elements that require attention during the development.

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2) Gathering Client Requirement

If you are striving to kick start a business, you would have already conducted initial research. This analysis would have helped you find out what products, services, and convenience you want to cater to your users. 

Meanwhile, you also come across some functionalities and ideas that you want your eCommerce solution to have. Hence, In the development of each eCommerce web solution, we understand our clients’ needs and expectations. 

In this development as well, we heard from our clients, whose needs majorly include the features like shopping cart, easy product search option, and efficient payment option. 

It was a simple eCommerce solution for small businesses; thus, it didn’t include any new technology integration, while some businesses required AR/VR and AI integration for more personalized user experience. For such requests, we ensure best-in-class support & development. 

3) Listing Required Features 

IT wise, several features need to be considered depending on the type of application. If you are creating an eCommerce web application, you will need a domain, web hosting, a payment service. Or! If you are creating an eCommerce mobile app solution, then you will have to decide on the payment gateway, ASO strategy, and platform (iOS and Android).

Our team outlines these features and the best payment gateway services to adopt for seamless user-experience. Altogether, this process is also dedicated to listing all the features that clients expect to be infused in applications such as login options, security features, and reward systems.


After outlining the required features, it becomes clear what new and contemporary features need to be infused in your eCommerce solution. 

So, what is next? After this, begins the actual application development process.

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4) Optimizing Ready-made Ecommerce Solution Per Need

Aren’t you curious to know how we created a complete eCommerce application in just 3 days? Here is our secret – we optimized a ready-made eCommerce solution per our clients’ requirements. 

Ready-made eCommerce solutions are software programs that we developed earlier and now constitute our inventory of ready-made software. It is inspired by a white-label software service, where you rent the software service from the company that created the solution. 

Over these years, the ValueCoders team has crafted several best eCommerce software solutions that include a wide range of features. We optimize these solutions and tweak their UI/UX, and codebase to deliver a completely new application in minimum time. 

Ready-made eCommerce solutions for small businesses are the most effective strategy to make money, as it allows them to secure all major features in the least possible time. Here I am enlisting features you can secure by using a ready-made custom eCommerce solution. 

  • Features You Can Cherish While Securing Ready-made E-commerce Solution

ecommerce solution

When you adopt custom made eCommerce web app solutions, you get features pertaining to three major categories, namely: Inclusive, Security, and Scalability. For a clear understanding, here I am enlisting some features.  

  ♦ SignUp Options: It infuses several account creation options to both web and mobile applications, such as Google Account Login, FB Sign Up, mobile number, and email.  

  ♦ Shopping & Home Delivery store: It allows users to browse the products in the store and add them to the shopping cart to make purchases.  

  ♦ Wish List: It enables people to create a list of products they want to buy in the future. It provides them with easy access to products they like.  

  ♦ Payment Gateway: The system includes payment methods such as debit card/credit card/ P2P transfer systems to make the electronic purchase seamless.  

  ♦ Two-tier Authentication: For every payment, eCommerce solutions have two-way authentication to implement high-grade security into the solution. 

  ♦ Anti-fraud Agent For credit card info security: E-commerce web and mobile app solutions are incorporated with encrypted security layers that avert credit card frauds. 

  ♦ Personalized User Experience: Our custom eCommerce solutions allow users to edit shopping carts, search products, and browse related recommendations.


♦ Admin Module: The eCommerce solution we customize provides an admin module that enables you to add new products into the store and maintain data.

  ♦ Social Media Support: It enables users to connect with social media channels right from the app to share. 

  ♦ Automatic BackUp & Reporting: The solutions include a system for automatic backup and cater inventory, sale/purchase reports to admins. 

  ♦ Order Management: The feature allows you to manage orders, collect order data, and send alerts for order delivery.

  ♦ Shipping Awareness: It enables users to know the status of delivery, while admin can to maintain/update the delivery status for each order. 

These are the basic features our ready-made customized eCommerce web, and mobile app solutions entail that minimize development time.

5) Integrating Desired Features 

After optimizing our custom ready-made eCommerce web solution as per our clients’ needs, we work on integrating desired features per our client needs. Here are the features our team integrates into the said eCommerce solutions: ecommerce web solutions for small business

  • Cloud Integration: Integrating cloud in the eCommerce system allows you to acquire enhanced readability, security and reduces cost. To create a highly secure and scalable platform, we integrated cloud in customized solutions on the request of our client. 
  • Chatbot Integration: Chatbot improves customer service by infusing an agent for reporting and assistance. Our team built an AI chatbot in the application that sends responses to users’ queries and provides initial support to customers. 
  • Trade Portal: To provide B2B eCommerce features on the request of our client, we integrated a trade portal that tracks inventory, sales, and profit to ease business processes. 

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6) Test Features And Performance 

Once the integration of major features gets accomplished, here comes the most critical phase. Testing features and performance of the application. This includes both automation and manual test cases that enable bug detection and bug fixing. ecommerce-website-testing

The process is dedicated to improve app performance and fix the bugs to ensure a seamless user experience. During the process, we ensure that each module is offering the expected results and the solution is safe and faster. 

7) Deploying E-Commerce Solution 

Once the testing completes, and the app functions eloquently. Developers deploy the solution according to the platforms. Web solutions carefully get deployed on web hosting and begin to function. 

While mobile eCommerce applications upload on App stores and undergo ASO, once successfully deployed, your solution is ready to function & market to create a frenzy among users. 

So, are you ready to deploy an eCommerce solution to kickstart your business?

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Final Words 

Procuring a ready-made custom eCommerce application is a billion-dollar strategy for small businesses and fledgling startups, who want to cater to undulated and enriching shopping experiences to online customers. 

If you are striving to develop a b2b eCommerce solution to excel your business over different digital channels, you must adopt a white-label or ready-made eCommerce solution. 

At Valuecoders, we provide ready-made custom eCommerce solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprises who want to make a fresh start and invest in this profitable market vertical. 

So, want to develop an eCommerce solution for your business in the shortest time? Get in touch with a trusted eCommerce development company deft in modern tech stack and practice to create the best solution even in the eleventh hour. 

How Did We Create An eCommerce Web Solution In Just 3 Days?

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