Are you planning to launch a new product or service? Do you have a great idea, a well-defined positioning, prospects, and a great budget? You only need the right talent to turn your thoughts into reality. You can also hire dedicated development team to source the talent you are looking for.

According to a survey published by ManpowerGroup, the pandemic has affected the global labor market. Countries like the US, France, and Italy need help to find staff with the necessary skills. As a result, organizations are looking for cost-saving alternatives like Hiring Developers on Contract.

Thanks to technological advancements, companies can hire developers from various cultural backgrounds who are experts in their work field without increasing costs.

A dedicated development team has become one of the best cost-reduction and quality maintenance approaches. You can hire a dedicated development team and get the best skill set in the market. According to surveys, many companies prefer to hire software developers from countries like India that offer the best quality and services at a meager cost. You can also Hire Software Developers from India to save on quality and cut costs.

What is A Dedicated Development Team?

What if your company or in-house experts lack the skills or talent to work on a project? Will you be able to handle the project single-handedly by looking after every aspect of the project? It surely seems impossible.

This is where the hiring of dedicated development teams comes in. There are other systems or establishments hired by a different company to work for you.

They are a group of skilled developers who work only on one project at a time. They are completely dedicated to their work and have a long-term understanding of the app they are developing. This includes a thorough knowledge of the project, its goals, and the design strategy.

By choosing a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals for development, you save costs by using a full-time team.

A dedicated development team is committed to the job and more connected to the person commissioning it. The team can contact the person commissioning the project for updates and will continue to do so. You can monitor the project’s progress from any location.

Advancements in cloud-based technology have resulted in various working models. One example is the dedicated development team, which became prominent using these technologies.

The Structure of A Dedicated Development Team

The composition of a dedicated development team depends on a project’s requirements. However, an idle structure of a dedicated development team is mentioned here:

Product Manager

Product managers define the needs of your target market and the company’s business objectives that the product will address. They implement and launch the product.

Project Manager

The project manager’s responsibility is communicating with the client and managing expectations to deliver the project on schedule, on budget, and on time.

Business Analyst

The role of a business analyst is to define requirements for a future solution. Typically, these are textual specifications that detail the logic and basic user experience.

UX/UI Designer

A UI/UX designer collects, researches, and evaluates technical requirements before creating a visual design that represents the platform’s technical and business requirements.

Tech Lead

A tech lead heads the frontend and backend development teams, defines the technologies stack, and troubleshoots technical issues faced by the teams.

Backend Developer

The backend developer uses technologies that facilitate user interaction with an app. They create the necessities, and the frontend developer has the vision for what the user should see.

Frontend Developer

The frontend developer implements the UX/UI designer’s design and ensures that users can properly interact with the platform.

Mobile Developer

Mobile developers make the interface work properly and interact with the database backend.

Quality Assurance Tester

QA testers review the application’s performance as required and suggest improvements to the code, business logic, or user interface.

DevOps Engineer

A software engineer that performs a wide range of tasks, including building, testing, and maintaining the infrastructure and tools needed for a fast and efficient software development lifecycle.

Required Skills For A Dedicated Development Team

Before hiring a software development team, ensure they have the skills you are looking for. Some key skills are a must-have, such as

  1. The team should be experienced in developing web and mobile applications. 
  2. A strong understanding of both front-end and back-end development and experience with different programming languages and frameworks.
  3. The team should be able to work independently, be self-motivated, and take ownership of their projects. 
  4. They should also be able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with other team members. 
  5. Finally, the team should be reliable, trustworthy, and able to meet deadlines consistently.
  6. The most important skill a development team should have is coding proficiency. This means that the team should be able to write code in the language that your app or website is built in.
  7. Another important skill to look for is experience with different devices. 
  8. The development team should know how apps work across different platforms and devices. They should also be familiar with screen sizes and resolutions on different devices.
  9. Finally, look for a development team with a good understanding of design principles. 

Hiring software developers in India can be your best bet if you want to fulfill all these requirements. The country is well-known for its skilled & professional web developers; thus, considering them for your business is a right decision. 

Why Hire A Dedicated Development Team?

Hiring a dedicated team is not the first resolution if you have the developers in your in-house team with the required skill set. However, it is a great way to explore talent within other companies or countries. It instantly makes your team talented by adding some of the best hand-picked talents to your team.

Below are a few reasons to consider hiring a dedicated development team for your project.

Reason #1: By having a team of developers who are solely dedicated to your company, you can save money on overhead costs, such as salaries, benefits, and office space.

Reason #2: A dedicated team will be far more focused on your company’s specific goals and needs than a team of developers working on multiple projects simultaneously. This increased focus leads to increased productivity and higher-quality results.

Reason #3: A dedicated development team will have greater specialization in skill sets and technologies, leading to faster turnaround times.

Reason #4: For software development, it can help to have a team of people who possess specialized skill sets and work together cohesively to create high-quality software. This is especially true if your business relies heavily on technology or is looking to develop innovative new products. 

Reason #5: If you hire dedicated development teams, developing products or services can be much more manageable with them. They allow for better communication and coordination and align all the work with the company’s overall goals and vision.

Reason #6: It gives access to a large pool of talent. This can be helpful when you need to find someone with specific skills or experience to meet your project deadlines. And since the team is focused on development, they will likely have the expertise you need to get the job done right.

Hiring a dedicated development team is the perfect solution if you are dealing with these situations and looking for a solution. Now, let’s check the factors for hiring a dedicated development team.

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Factors to Consider Before Hiring Dedicated Development Team

There are a few important factors to consider before hiring a dedicated development team for your project.

A few points to ask before hiring a dedicated team include:

  1. Your project requirements
  2. Experience and expertise of the company
  3. Infrastructure and technological advancements, and 
  4. Flexibility

1) Your Project Requirements

Pay close attention to the targeted customer for analyzing and evaluating your project’s requirements. Cost and project completion time will vary depending on the requirements. ​Calculate the cost, and project completion time and, ‌ hire a dedicated development team.

2) Company’s Experience & Expertise 

A dedicated development company’s experience and expertise are also important considerations. Contacting past clients helps better understand the firm and evaluate the team’s capabilities if it can meet the deadline without sacrificing quality.

An experienced team of developers helps you launch the ultimate product that meets the market’s requirements and is loved by the customers.

3) Infrastructure & Technological Advancements

When you hire a dedicated software development team, check how the team is adapting to technological advancements in the industry. Ensure they incorporate the latest technologies into their workflow, resources, and high-end infrastructure.

4) Flexibility

The project may require changes in scope and requirements, and the development team must be able to adapt to those changes.

A flexible team can take up unique challenges and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

You are now aware of the factors for hiring a dedicated development team. Let’s look at the ways to hire web application developers.

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How to Hire A Dedicated Development Team

It might take time hire a good, dedicated development team. However, you need to follow the process. We divide this process into two stages. Let’s look at what comes in these two stages:

First Stage

The first stage is understanding your project’s requirements and finding the right company to fulfill your requirements. A few steps under the first stage are:

  1. Establish priorities for your project’s needs before hiring web app developers. Analyze your project’s requirements thoroughly.
  2. Figure out your budget.
  3. Check out the top-rated dedicated development teams on the internet. Know their past clients to learn more about how they handle projects and analyze the ones you have shortlisted.
  4. Check the cost of the different dedicated development teams.
  5. Consider factors such as using the latest technology and infrastructure, an expert team of developers, an uninterrupted power supply, and high-speed internet while hiring a dedicated team of programmers.
  6. Prioritize dedicated development teams with awards and recognition, which are flexible in their requirements and make the most of their staff’s skills.
  7. Employ dedicated development teams that can respond quickly to sudden changes in requirements and are focused on delivering on time and within budget.

Second Stage

After short-listing a dedicated development team, a few points need to be considered to ensure a good workflow.

  1. Analyze the size of the team and see what types of skills they possess.
  2. A team member should be able to design content that engages users.
  3. You will want to be mindful of teammates who are on task, committed to meeting deadlines, and have worked in the industry for a while.
  4. When possible, ask the chosen members to show examples of past work and whether they’re the right fit by asking specific questions related to the project’s implementation.
  5. One of the factors to keep in mind when hiring a dedicated development team is their communication skills. A team with many members with such skills will likely do an excellent job.

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Common Hiring Models For Dedicated Development Team 

Here are some of the most common hiring models for dedicated development teams to help you make an informed decision for your next project.

1. Dedicated Team Model (DTM): In the DTM, you hire an entire team of software developers, designers, QA engineers and other specialists who work exclusively on your project.
The team becomes an extension of your in-house workforce, collaborating with your internal teams seamlessly. Additionally, it offers flexibility, scalability, and complete control over the development process.

2. Time and Material (T&M): This model involves paying for the actual time and resources invested in your project. T&M model provides transparency, and you are billed for the hours worked and the materials used. It suits projects with evolving requirements and scope changes, as you can easily adjust the team size and workload

3. Fixed-Price Model: In a fixed-price model, you and the development company agree on a fixed budget for the entire project. Suitable for well-defined projects with stable requirements, as changes might lead to additional costs. This model provides predictability in costs, making it easier to plan budgets.

4. Retainer Model: In a retainer model, you pay a recurring fee to reserve a certain number of hours per month from the development team. It works well for ongoing maintenance, support, or periodic updates to existing projects.You maintain flexibility while having a dedicated team at your disposal whenever you need them.

5. Project-Based Model: With the project-based model, you hire a dedicated team to work on a specific project with a defined scope and timeline. Once the project is completed, the team is disbanded or moved to other tasks. This model is suitable for short-term projects with clear objectives.

6. Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT): The BOT model involves outsourcing the development initially, and later, transferring the team to your company’s ownership. It’s a strategic choice when you plan to establish your development center in the long run.This model provides an opportunity to evaluate the team’s capabilities before committing to permanent employment.

Benefits of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

There are many advantages to hiring a dedicated development team, including:

1. Increased Efficiency: A dedicated development team will work more efficiently because they solely focus on your project and will be familiar with your company’s specific needs and requirements. This can cause faster turnaround times and fewer errors.

2. Increased Flexibility: You can quickly scale up or down a dedicated development team depending on your project’s needs, saving you money in the long run.

3. More Expertise: A dedicated development team will have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their field, which can help you achieve your project goals more effectively.

4. Infrastructure: With a dedicated development team, there is no need to invest time in infrastructure, as it is a matter for the dedicated development team to deal with.

5. Less Management: You don’t need to spend time or deal with day-to-day management issues often present in on-site staffing.

6. Qualified Hand-Picked Developers: It gets you a team of highly trained professionals that has undergone various evaluations and interviews to show that they are qualified.

7. Cost-cutting Techniques: You can use strategies for cost-cutting, like changing the number of team members at any point in the development process.

8. Complete Control of Development: The entire developmental process is directly in your hands, so you can modify the existing process or invent something new at any stage of development.

9. No Risk of Data Breach: Hiring a dedicated development team minimizes the risk of a data breach since most of them guarantee intellectual property protection and data security and sign any related agreements legally.

Cons of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

The cons of hiring a dedicated development team are:

1. It’s Time-Consuming to Find and Screen Candidates

You’ll need to find the right team, interview candidates, and check references.

2. Inefficient for Short-term Projects

The team model is inefficient for short-term projects since members need to adapt to the project requirements, which consumes time and reduces efficiency.

3. Difficult Cost Estimation

It is difficult to do the right cost estimation because of variations in the number of team members and project requirements.

4. Lack of in-person Communication

When teams are in the same physical space, it’s much easier for them to communicate and collaborate. Without this in-person interaction, it can be difficult for team members to build trust and rapport with one another, which can hinder their ability to work effectively together. 

Miscommunication can easily occur when team members cannot physically talk to each other. This can lead to team members’ frustration and cause project timelines delays.

Even after knowing the pros and cons of hiring a dedicated web development team, it becomes difficult to decide when to hire and when not to hire dedicated software developers.

So, let’s understand when you should or should not hire a team of dedicated developers.

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When You Should Hire A Dedicated Team

Hiring a team of dedicated developers is idle for complex and lengthy projects that might expand in the future.

  • Lack of expertise: When there is a lack of expertise in-house, it might be more efficient to outsource development work to a dedicated team. For example, if your company does not have experience developing mobile apps, hiring a team specializing in mobile app development would be more cost-effective.
  • Lack of resources– It might make sense to hire a dedicated team when there are insufficient resources or the budget for internal development. For instance, if your company does not have the manpower or the financial resources to develop an e-commerce platform in-house, it would be more practical to outsource the project to a team of experts.
  • Limited Development Budget – if your development budget is limited, then hiring a dedicated team may be more affordable than contracting out work individually.

When Should You Not Hire A Dedicated Development Team?

There are a few conditions when you should not hire a dedicated development team. Some of those conditions are:

  • Lack of development or marketing budget – You should not hire a dedicated team if you do not have a development or marketing budget. A dedicated team requires both human and financial resources to be successful, and without these resources, it is unlikely that the team will achieve its goals.
  • Lack of tools and support – You should not hire a dedicated team if you cannot provide them with the tools and support they need to do their job. A good example of this would be if your company does not have an email system or if you do not have an adequate IT infrastructure in place. Without these basic tools, it would be difficult for the team to function properly.

After knowing the conditions of hiring or not hiring a dedicated development team, let’s now check the cost of hiring a dedicated development team.

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How To Determine The Cost Of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

Several factors determine the cost of hiring a dedicated development team. We have mentioned a few here:

1. Price of Hiring a Team 

Price always makes an important factor in determining whether to hire a dedicated development team. The rates charged by dedicated development teams vary.

2. The number of Team Members

A dedicated development team’s cost is determined by the number of members, which can be adjusted at any time based on your agreement.

3. The Hiring Model you Select

You can Hire Dedicated Development Teams on a weekly, hourly, or monthly basis. The cost of hiring depends on the method. Your requirements and financial estimate will determine the most appropriate method for your project.

4. Team’s Involvement in Different Stages

Product cost also varies depending on the level of involvement from the team. Product development goes through different levels like product conceptualization, design, development, QA, product deployment and testing, etc. The more the team gets involved in different stages, the more it will charge for the service.

5. Salaries & Benefits for Developers

Check out the range of salaries and benefits for developers in your area. You can also calculate how much it would cost to outsource development work to a company based on the hours you need to complete.

6. The Geolocation for Hiring Developers

You can hire developers from different locations worldwide, either from Latin America, Europe, or Asia. However, the geolocation you choose greatly affects the price of hiring the team. Asia offers better prices, and you can get your work done in high quality at half the price. 

Have a Look at the Global Software Outsourcing Rates

Worldwide Software Outsourcing Rates

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