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Importance of dedicated resource for Android application development

Importance of dedicated resource for Android application development

Android application development has become one of the most high profile and much needed professional all around the globe. So the selection of the developers has surfaced in the industry in the recent times. Android is an open source platform which provides them an edge to compete their competitors. With the other social networking websites some apps are gaining popularity. This is also posing the developers to be more creative which will motivate to do something new. This all are the ultimate solution of earning money and profit and making an impact of business in the world of internet connectivity.

Roles played by the successful developers

  1. Android applications are developed using Android software development kit or SDK which is coded in Java programming language. This kit is equipped with software libraries, sample code, debuggers which plays an important role in the development. These all make use of the Eclipse Integrated development environment (IDE) which in turn uses a plugin named Android development tools. During the development process the OS version, language and screen resolution are considered. Previous versions like KitKat, IceCream Sandwich, Froyo, Jelly Bean and Ginger Bread are used for the development.
  2. Android open source project allows the developers to modify the operating system. This is mainly supported for making technical modifications which changes the device settings and configurations. Developers can also get some updates and new features from different communities.
  3. After the success of web based apps, HTML5 is fully used to develop web based apps and native code by the developers. It provides excellent support across different platforms.
  4. Android teams have a updates, games, tips, apps, advice which developers use together for collaborating with the manufacturers in developing the apps. Working as a team ensures the use of latest software and hardware matches the capability of the device.
  5. Developers perform a requirement analysis by the Android market research. It gives them proper information about the requirement of the users from an Android App. Satisfying their needs ensures that users get the values for their money. There are more than a billion Android customers all around the globe. This increases the responsibility of Android developers for giving their best.
  6. Checking for the bugs and errors is one of the important task in the testing part. Then they are fixed with the conjunction of Android security team where most of the vulnerabilities and security issues are reported.
  7. Unit tests are conducted for checking all the modules of application. Unit testing is done for checking the interaction of app components. But mainly they are used for developing a less complex user interface events for interaction.
  8. Must have the knowledge of publishing apps once completed the development process. This includes the task for making it available for users when it is searched online and to respond to users feedback.

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