10 Essential Website Development Tools

Web development is a perfect synergy between creativity and technology. It is a constantly evolving field where different techniques and tools are used to make the websites visually attractive, interactive and informative. Here, we will take a look at 10 essential website development tools that are being used by web developers around the world.

1. Adobe Photoshop –

This is one of the most commonly used designing tool by the developers, thanks to the limitless opportunities it offers. Entire websites can be designed from scratch by using this tool. Once designed, the developers convert the Photoshop files to web compatible HTML and CSS to upload these on the website.

2. Firebug –

This is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows the developers to inspect and modify your elements in real-time. This allows them to monitor JavaScript, AJAX requests, errors and the DOM. Each and every line of HTML and CSS code can be inspected and modified using this tool.

3. HTML Editor –

This tool is very useful as it helps in editing the HTML codes as well as the Meta data in the website, which is of great importance in search engine optimization process. A standard HTML Editor helps in having a complete control of the website.

4. Text Editor –

Writing code keeps the developer busy and thus, a good text editor is one of the most important tools in web development. Notepad++ and Emacs are some of the text editors that are being increasingly used these days.

5. Video Player –

Videos have become a standard component in most websites and you need to have the right video player installed. It should not only play videos from your server, but should also stream videos from third-party websites.

6. FTP Tool –

Websites need to have this tool to transfer files over to a computer network. It is also very useful when it comes to downloading or uploading your files from the web server or to it. It takes care of all the files on the server and helps you shield the website against the virus attacks.

7. Google Analytics –

It is important for a developer to have in-depth knowledge of the traffic coming to a website. Google Analytics gives data on page view, bounce rates, keywords used, demography of the visitors, etc. that helps you work on your strengths and weaknesses.


It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing to Tell Computers and Humans Apart and prevents automated computer applications from accessing your application. It is used mostly in contact or registration forms to ensure that only humans can send messages eliminating application generated registration and automated junk messages.

9. Markup Validator –

It is important that any website passes through W3C validation and this can be done using the Markup validator tool. It checks for the errors in HTML/XHTML coding and allows the developers to immediately take corrective measures to enhance the performance of the website.

10. Browser Tester –

A good website needs to be compatible with all the major browsers in the world namely Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Thus, you need a browser tester to check the browser compatibility of your website.

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