5 Excellent WordPress Tools To Elevate Your Productivity

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WordPress that started as a small Blogging tool has turned out to be a successful content management system (CMS) now days. WordPress provides the ability to an individual to create wonderful websites on his own, without any technical knowledge about HTML, CSS, web designing and other complicated languages. WordPress provides an Average joe or Plain jane with numerous themes and plug-ins to create custom websites and has made their life easier.

Following is the list of most popular plugins of the best content management system – WordPress, to simplify your own website development and to boost its productivity:

1. Mobilize Your WordPress Website with WPTouch

It’s a fact that you will miss a lot of readers and visitors, if you don’t have a mobile version of your website. With introduction of 3G and Smartphones, around 9% of the pages of numerous websites are visited through mobile devices or palmtops, which is expected to increase at a stupendous rate in the upcoming years.

WP Touch is the right plugin to create a fabulous mobile WordPress website. Just install it and edit a few settings, use stock icons, reformat some pages(if you want), and you are all set to enchant your visitors with a beautiful website. Now, your customers don’t have to zoom in and zoom out all the time to navigate through your page content. With the help of WPTouch, you can create a customized website where your visitors can share, comment and interpret your content very easily.

If you want some more premium features, switch on to WPTouch Pro as it is the right plugin to increase the traffic of Smartphones and tablet users.

2. All-In-One SEO PACK To Boost Your Page Traffic

It is a must-have plugin to increase your search engine traffic. All-in-one SEO pack is plug and play, it is effective as soon as it is activated. This plugin has several features like automatic optimization of your titles and meta tags for search engines.

It can be used both by beginners and advanced users. The difference is that the advanced users can modify the settings according to their needs like the ability to set any meta description and meta keywords. This is going to increase your web presence drastically, which will definitely help you increase your site’s traffic. This plugin really makes your posts accessible through search engines very easily.

3. Index Your Website Updated Pages Through Google XML Sitemap

To index your page faster, there are various ways such as Tweeting your page or post, but Google XML Sitemap makes this process easier. If you want that your site’s pages can be easily found in Google, they need to be indexed/stored in Google’s massive database. This plugin will update your site’s XML sitemap automatically, each time you create a new post or page, and let the search engines know about the update.

4. Make Your URL Short Using Pretty Links

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can shrink, track, share any URL on the internet and can create short links using your own domain? Pretty Links made all these services possible for your WordPress websites. Pretty links can also monitor performance of your website by tracking the total number of clicks and number of unique clicks. It provides a detailed report showing where the hit came from and displays the report in the plugins options. Pretty Links is one of the ‘must have’ tools for your WordPress website as it makes easy for you to remember all your affiliate links.

5. Contact Form 7 for Two-Way Communication

Effective communication is the key aspect of marketing and it is very important to keep in contact with your prospects. Contact 7 form plugin is used to support this function, so that you can communicate with your subscribers. It’s quite simple and flexible plugin that lets you customize your mails and forms according to your will. It supports various features like CAPTCHA, AKISMET spam blocker, AJAX submission, etc.

To Sum Up

As We all know that creating a website is quite time-consuming and tedious task. Making sure that your WordPress website is well-equipped with all the important plugins will surely give an undue advantage to your website. So, if you want to elevate your website’ productivity and stand out in the crowd, try the above plugins.

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