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We all know about the popularity of Angular JS  among the JavaScript frameworks. In a very less time frame, it has become a favourite framework among front-end developers for creating feature-rich, simple yet attractive websites. With the new release of Angular 2 and former advantages of Angular 1, right now the sky is the limit.

However, have you ever thought,  why is it so popular? Why do front-end developers choose Angular JS when there are other options available? And what are the major advantages of Angular js?

Here are 10 major advantages of AngularJS for app development.

AngularJS frameworkAdvantages of AngularJS

  1. MVC Woes Over – If you are used to splitting your app into MVC components and then stitching them together with code your woes are over. With AngularJS you would split the components and the framework would take care of the rest. It serves as the pipeline that connects these components.

  2. Closer To MVVM Architecture – AngularJS doesn’t implement MVC in the original way but rather moves closer to the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture. This architecture thus lays a strong foundation for application design and development.

  3. Design Development Workflow – Developers can avoid HTML/CSS markup while designing the apps and add markup without breaking an application.  You don’t need to rearrange the codes rather move elements around the corresponding code.

  4.  Dependency Injection – The whole of AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem that eases the process of unit testing. With this you can ask for dependencies rather than go out hunting for them. To put this in simpler terms, when you aim to gain access to core AngularJS services you would be only required to add service as a parameter. AngularJS detects your need and offers you the services instantly.

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  5.  Less Coding – All the above advantages point towards another advantage of Angular js– less coding. Developers would jump hearing this and AngularJS reduces coding for each app substantially. Here the data models are simpler to write and require no getters/setters. You can easily manipulate the data using filters without modifying controllers.

  6. Context-Aware PubSub System – Most PubSub used for decoupling communication aren’t context sensitive. This makes them less smart and slows down the applications. AngularJS’s smart broadcast() sends message to all children controllers, while emit() sends message to all ancestors. Along with these the scopes also inherit the properties of their parent scopes. When the properties of a child scope is modified all the child scope that inherited from the parents are also modified.

  7. Two Way Dating Binding – It is a fascinating real-time concept that makes AngularJS very popular with developers. AngularJS provides projection of models to the application view and this allows the projection to be seamless and needs little effort from developers. There is no need of fresh cycles for the view and model which made them prone to bugs. Two_Way_Data_Binding- advantages of angular

  8. Testing Made Easy – In AngularJS, all the JavaScript code need to undergo a series of tests which makes testing almost a built-in function. With this tool you would be able to start from scratch and test every component of the apps without any trouble.

  9. Single Page Applications – These are becoming pretty popular these days thanks to their responsiveness. With AngularJS,  you can easily make Single Page Applications and move a lot of functionality to the web a model which is termed as distributed computing node.

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  10.  Added Flexibility – With the help of filters you would be able to achieve more flexibility in the app. The filters sort the data before it reaches the view. Along with this the filters perform a number of additional functions such as formatting decimal places or reversing the order of an array. Like directives they can work as standalone functions completely separate from your app.

There is no such thing called as the best framework. However, when we look at the advantages of Angular, it’s hard to resist yourself  not to use it. It’s made and maintained by Google.  Moreover, Angular JS serves as a robust framework for developing apps and offers users a very engaging experience. So, why not use Angular?

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Top 10 Advantages of Using AngularJS for App Development

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