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Advantages of Xamarin For Cross Platform Mobile Development

Advantages of Xamarin For Cross Platform Mobile Development

The usage of mobile applications is growing at a phenomenal rate globally. This calls for quick development of new and improved mobile applications. Developing mobile applications with web standards like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript is already quite popular. But at the same time, many prefer to build native applications which provide better features. On the other hand cross platform apps are on the peak. Among hybrid technologies, Xamarin provides a unique way to build  iOS and Android applications. In this blog we are going to discuss about the advantages of Xamarin and how it helps in cross-platform development. 

Advantages of Xamarin

Use of C#: Mobile application development is simplified by Xamarin with C# via visual studio.  C# is a modern version of programming language and makes the development process extremely simple.  C# also features type safety that helps in error free programming.

Based on .NET framework: One of the other advantages of Xamarin is C# is a mature language with strong safety-typing that prevents code from unexpected behavior. As C# is one of the .NET framework languages, it can be used with a number of useful .NET features such as Lambdas, LINQ, and Asynchronous programming (Asynk).

Code Sharing: Xamarin simplifies code sharing across platforms. This helps in cutting the development cycle short.

Native UI: One of the biggest advantages of Xamarin is it provides the benefits of native UI helping in retaining the features of native application development.

Common APIs: Xamarin enables binding of common APIs and UI controls for iOS, MAc and Android. With Xamarin, portable class libraries are used for cross platform Windows app development.

Component Store: The Xamarin component store is a really helpful resource to find useful stuff for developers – cross platform libraries, UI controls and third party web services. Xamarin also makes sharing of application across platforms really simple.

Complete Ecosystem: Xamarin comes in one package with a complete development toolset, including its own IDE (Xamarin Studio that is now replaced by Visual Studio), the platforms itself (Xamarin SDKs), testing (Xamarin Test Cloud), distribution and analytics (Hockeyapp and Xamarin.Insights) platforms. Thus, you don’t need to invest in additional tools or integrate the third-party apps to build, test and deploy your Xamarin apps

Easy Testing: Cross platform application testing requires a lot of extra time and effort.  The Xamarin test cloud enables testing of applications on the cloud, making the process simpler and shorter.

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UI Control: The applications built with Xamarin provide a better experience to users with standardized UI controls.  No additional plug-ins are required by developers, while enabling device processing.

Quick development:  Native apps are platform dependent & that is why developer needs to build separate code for each platform which indirectly increases the development time. Xamarin can share the similar code on different platforms as well, which reduces the time required for development.

PCL Libraries: Xamarin makes it easy for developers by making the code target simple, as it supports all the libraries. This makes development an effortless experience while executing complex functions.

Less Maintenance cost: As the code restricted to a certain platforms, the efforts needed to maintain the logic at all platforms increases. As there is no need to build a complete new code & again follow the same process of debugging, updating the logic, efforts to maintain the code are decreased followed by cost as well.

Xamarin Forms: Developers use Xamarin.Forms over Xamarin native when they need to design the views once & share the same views across all platforms. Whereas, while using Xamarin native, developer needs to learn all the native UI frameworks which eventually increases the development cycle.

Enterprise level project: Large, complex and scalable mobile application projects are now made possible with Xamarin.

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