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The world’s most famous collaboration and document management system is SharePoint, used by 190 million people worldwide.    

For storing, managing, and organizing crucial business documents, Microsoft SharePoint can be the best choice. This tool makes your business doc secure and protected from deletion and overwriting.

SharePoint includes web-friendly features, robust security infrastructures, and handy product features. To know more about it, read further.

What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint is web-based document management & collaboration platform. The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is extremely flexible; it is primarily utilized to save documents and transfer information across businesses.   

With SharePoint, users can build an intranet or internal internet system which runs like other websites and subsites for specific departments or teams. Along with this centralized, secure space, users can share, access, and edit documents.

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Things You Can Do With Sharepoint

SharePoint includes a multipurpose set of technologies that are united with Office 365. With SharePoint, small to large corporations can avail benefits. If you want to build the best SharePoint apps, avail of SharePoint app development services from the best SharePoint development company.

SPFx main functions are:

  • Stores documents in a more dynamic form than a normal folder system.
  • Bring an organization together so that everyone gets significant data relevant to them.

SPFx main functions

Let’s move further and view the keys functionalities that you can perform using Sharepoint: 

With Sharepoint, Access Your File From Anywhere

In order to access your file from anywhere, you need to upload the file in your SharePoint document library and for doing so in SharePoint Online, click on the Upload option available on the command bar. If you are using Microsoft Edge, you can upload both files and folders. 

Open A Document In A Document Library

Open the documents you need to work with; it will open in the Online Office; if the application is installed on the computer, all you need to click on Edit Document > Edit in <application name>.

At The Same Time Work On The Same Document With Others

In the Office Online, open the document library and thereafter open the document on which you want to work. With this functionality on single documents, multiple users can do editing and other tasks.


Share Documents

With SharePoint, you can share any document in a very simple manner. To share the document, you need first to click ellipses (…) to open the menu and after that, simply click Share alternative.   

Share Sites

If you have site owner permissions, click the Site or SharePoint option, select the site you require sharing and then tap Share alternative.

Build a Team Site

If you’re utilizing Office 365, you can build a website from the SharePoint homepage as it automatically generates an Office 365 group. If you have an Office 365 group on People or Outlook, you automatically get a SharePoint Online team site.

Add A Library Or List To Your Team Site

In order to add a library or list to SharePoint Online, click + New from the site, and then choose List or Library from the menu.

To append a list or library for SharePoint Server versions, click Settings alternative, and then after that, click Add an app option.

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Search For Something

On SharePoint, you can search keywords into the Search box. To do so, you need to enter the keyword in the search box, and then after that, simply click the search icon. 

Content Management 

This feature of SharePoint helps you organize and manage content utilizing lists, libraries, records management, metadata, and retention policies.

Build An Intranet

Using SharePoint you build an intranet site online. The types of sites you can build with Sharepoint are team sites, communication sites, document center, enterprise wiki, and publishing portal.

Availing SharePoint application development service can help you develop leading SharePoint apps.     

Who Employs SharePoint?

SharePoint offers multiple functionalities and is used by a wide range of businesses (startups, SMEs, and larger enterprises) and organizations.

As per Microsoft, 250,000 plus companies use SharePoint, including over 85% of Fortune 500 companies who employ SharePoint Online as the portion of Office 365.

There are numerous giants utilizing SharePoint development services. Some famous company names, which are using the SharePoint framework are  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

Things You Need To Know About SharePoint

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Difference Between SharePoint Online And SharePoint Server

As per Gartner, SharePoint Server is accessible on-premises, and SharePoint Online is a cloud-based multi-tenant contribution related to Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. Both the products use common codebases but are different programmatically and functionally. 

The SharePoint server or SharePoint On-Premises platform is a locally-hosted platform that the user company has and runs itself. With SharePoint Server, users are liable for managing and maintaining everything privately, including active directory, file storage, and server architecture.

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, which users simply access as “a service” rather than owning architectures existing on their premises.

With SharePoint Online, users don’t have to think about servers, architecture, or resources. Additionally, it can be integrated with other Office products like Exchange, Word, and Excel more efficiently.

Some differences in functionality between the SharePoint on-prem or server and SharePoint online are:

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Server


Microsoft works intensively on the tools.

You are accountable for implementation.


SLA with 99.9% accessibility.

You are in charge of availability.


Installed & Managed by Microsoft.

Installed & handled by you.

External Users

Already present.

Infrastructure is needed on your side.


Microsoft assures redundancy and backup.

Have to create a backup.


SharePoint Admin Center & PowerShell.

Central Administration & PowerShell.


Microsoft seems after scaling.

Responsibility for identifying and amending issues

Well, if you want to build your dream app with SharePoint, then hire SharePoint developers from the top-level SharePoint development company.

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What are Sharepoint’s major alternatives?

The main competitors of SharePoint are: 

  • Google Drive 
  • Box for Business
  • Workzone
  • Quip
  • Alfresco
  • Dropbox for Business
  • Samepage
  • Citrix ShareFile
  • Hightail
  • Redbooth
  • Igloo

Ending Words:

SharePoint includes multiple functionalities; due to this reason, it is widely used by startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. On numerous browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, Microsoft SharePoint can be used.

If you want to make prolific use of SharePoint, then I will recommend you hire SharePoint developers from a reliable and top-notch SharePoint development company.

Things You Need To Know About SharePoint

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