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Interesting eCommerce Facts To Help Your Business [Infographic]

Interesting eCommerce Facts To Help Your Business [Infographic]

eCommerce is growing rapidly and this has been of tremendous benefit to businesses starting up. It is important to understand the trends in the industry to get ahead of the competition and get a bigger share of the business.

According to research, customer service is one the key aspects of any eCommerce business and what buyers are looking for, is prompt service.

A live chat feature is another motivation for a customer to buy from a particular site. I live chat helps the user in finding what they are looking for and enhances the overall experience on the site.

Retaining existing customers must be the top priority for business owners.

The checkout and sales process must be as simple and short for improved conversions.

Here is an infographic to highlight some awesome eCommerce facts to take your business to the next level.

Awesome e-commerce-facts to help your business

Moreover, if you are into eCommerce business social platforms has a big impact on you. Social commerce is gaining importance over the years. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are playing a major role in that. Let us see another infographic which focuses on socialcommerce-



So we have seen various interesting information  on eCommerce now. That means you know there is a huge opportunity in today’s and upcoming market and if you are a startup then it is worth grabbing.

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