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Business Intelligence and Big Data are the two key players in the world of data processing. Big Data and BI are two different processes that occupy unique roles in the market.

BI aims to collect, clean, and enrich structured or semi-structured data and then store it in different SQL databases. Data from various sources is stored in a data warehouse. Its goal is to support business decision-making with reports and dashboards.

To clear up your doubts once and for all, look at the given infographic:

Infographic Showing Big Data VS Business Intelligence War:business intelligence consultant, business intelligence consultants, business intelligence consulting, business intelligence consulting companies

Top 3 Open Source BI Tools:


BIRT was first launched in 2004 and is an open-source analytics platform that helps produce visually appealing reports.


Written entirely in Java, JasperReport is one of the most prominent and widely-used open-source reporting tools and can use data from any type of data source.


KNIME is an open-source business intelligence testing tool that integrates various data mining and machine learning components. The data can be enriched with the help of various business extensions that can be used here.

As its name suggests, Big Data refers to extremely large data sets that will be complex to manage with conventional databases. In Big Data, we often talk about the 3Vs theorized by Gartner, which are volume, speed, and variety.

The strong evolution of the masses of data, the speed at which your data travels, and the diversity of its sources will push us to use powerful tools to exploit all the data for better decision-making.

Top 3 Open Source Big Data Tools:


Created by Apache, Hadoop is an open-source software framework that facilitates the distributed processing of a multitude of data sets across hundreds of servers that operate accordingly. Many companies have been using Hadoop for a long time to sort and analyze big data.

Open Refine:

OpenRefine is an open-source data management and visualization tool that enables you to quickly clean data sets and transform them into a workable format. Even non-technical users can use this solution. OpenRefine also allows you to create links between data sets instantly.


Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable NoSQL database. You can monitor large data sets across multiple server clusters and in the cloud. Originally developed by Facebook to meet the need for a database powerful enough for the inbox search function.


The big data big picture won’t replace your existing BI system, but it does provide unique opportunities if you manage to combine the richness of both technologies. It will expand your data view, allowing you to analyze much more detailed and complete data.

Now, if you are also thinking of doing your next project using any of these technologies, you can contact ValueCoders for business intelligence integration or big data application development.

Big Data VS Business Intelligence: Must Watch Differences Between The Two Platforms [Infographic]

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