Today, mobile devices have become a must-have for any successful company. With the advent of smartphones and tablets being used by customers on the go, businesses are faced with an ever-growing need to reach their customer base through these channels as well.

  • On average, around 30,000 new iOS apps are released in the Apple App Store each month.
  • In 2021, the App Store offered more than one million gaming apps. In contrast, as of that period of time, the store had 3.74 million non-gaming apps available.
  • Around 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps.

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Moreover, a mobile app is a perfect way to connect with your customers. It can be utilized for everything from producing information on products and services to building loyalty programs to engaging directly with prospects and customers. But what’s the best way to make sure you’re getting it right? The answer is customer-centric app design. You might be thinking – how do customer-centric mobile app help you boost business growth? To know this, read further…

What are Customer-Centric Mobile Apps?

A customer-centric mobile app is one that caters to your customers’ needs. It focuses on their goals and tries its best to make them happy by getting the job done for them. That’s what makes it different from other apps – including utility, productivity, games, etc.

Consequently, they are an integral part of any flourishing business. However, building these apps requires some know-how of the target audience, which is why you need experts for it.

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Which Main Features Should An Ideal Customer-Centric iOS Mobile Apps Hold To Profit Business?

Here are some main features of customer-centric iOS mobile apps which can help you to make your business grow:

Speed – It has become a must for any web or app to load quickly. People don’t like waiting, and if it takes an age, they will simply move on without giving a second thought. That’s why it should load quickly.

Personalization – The best customer-centric mobile apps are those that offer personalization to the users. They offer an option for customers to choose what they want and then give them just that with ease. This makes your app stand out from the rest of the crowd as well, which is great!

Interactivity & Feedback – Customers are more likely to respond when they are offered a chance for interaction. Moreover, the response is the key in customer-centric mobile apps – whether positive or negative.

Search option – The search option is also a great way for customers to find their way around your app. You should ensure that it’s placed at the right place so they can feel free to use it whenever required.

Push Notification – Just like the search option, you should also offer your customers push notifications so they can get in touch with you anytime.

Security – Data security is an important aspect of any iOS app development. Your customer-centric app should ensure that all information is kept safe and secure, which builds their trust in your business.

Engaging UI/UX – The last thing you need is a customer-centric mobile app that isn’t engaging. It should be easy to navigate and offer an interactive experience as well, which will make them come back for more!

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8+ Reasons iOS Customer-Centric Mobile Apps Help You Improve Business Growth

Now that you know what customer-centric mobile apps are, let’s look at how they can help your business grow.

1. Improve Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

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An iOS mobile app is a great way to interact with people. Hence, it can be used as an effective marketing tool for your brand or product. It lets you communicate and engage better with the customers by providing them something that they want – whether it’s information about new products, special offers or virtual samples of your service/product, etc.

2. Create a Unique Experience

By providing a personalized experience to your customers, you can make them happy and also expand your customer base. For instance, if you offer special discounts or coupons for first-time visitors only through an iOS mobile app – it will encourage them to download the app and use its features in the future as well. In this way, you can create a loyal customer base.

“Customer experience is one of the two core pillars of customer retention; the thing is, you can’t grow if your customers don’t stick around.” – Jes Kirkwood

3. Increase Brand Loyalty

By creating brand loyalty, you will see the maximum ROI on your business investment in an iOS mobile app. Your patrons are more likely to return if they get something of value from it – discounts, coupons, etc. They will also be satisfied, which is why their word-of-mouth will help you expand your business.

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4. Reduce Marketing Costs

Marketing costs can be high if the advertising is not targeted properly. However, with an iOS mobile app at hand – it becomes easy to reach out to a specific group of people who have already shown interest in your product or service. Thus, this helps you save money on marketing costs.

5. Build Better Relationships

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A well-designed mobile app can enable you to build better relationships with your customers by easily communicating and engaging with them in a personalized manner. You will get data about who they are, what their requirements are, and where they come from – all of which is valuable information for marketers.

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6. Generate More Leads

Lead generation through an iOS mobile app is easy. You can use it to gather information about your prospects and help them take the next step towards buying whatever you are offering – be it a product or service. Moreover, this customer-centric iOS app can also enable you to convert leads into sales with its personalized approach. This way, you can generate more leads quickly.

7. Provide Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of any business, and that’s why it should be given due importance. You need to provide support round-the-clock – whether through phone or email. A customer-centric iOS mobile app will enable your customers to contact your customer care team directly from the app itself – thus, saving you the trouble of manually handling these requests.

8. Enhance Profitability

Providing customer service is important for every business, but it’s not always good to handle everything by yourself. That will just eat up your profit margins and leave nothing behind! Hence, an iOS app that provides support through self-service options is always better. This way, you can provide support without actually having to handle the requests yourself – which will enable you to earn more profit in return.

“When you serve the customer better, they always return on your investment.” – Kara Parlin

9. Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

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Productivity is a key concern for businesses that want to give their customers the best experience possible. That’s why a customer-centric iOS app can be very helpful in this regard, as it helps your business employees work more efficiently and faster from anywhere on any device – whether they are at home or office. Hence, you can improve overall productivity and generate better results at the end of the day.

10. Increase Sales

After creating a great mobile app that is customer-centric, you’re ready to use it as your sales channel – be it for BtoC or BtoB businesses! You can easily promote the business through social media channels and email marketing campaigns by using this iOS app. This way, you can generate more sales and reach out to more customers – who can become your regular buyers if the app is designed properly.

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11. Increase Loyalty and Retention Rates

Retaining customers is important for businesses that want to remain profitable in the long run, and this can be done by delivering them a great customer experience through an iOS mobile app. You will get real-time information on what your customers are doing – which you can use later on to improve your business based on their feedback. This way, you can retain more customers – who will come back to buy from you again and again!


Are you looking for a way to increase your business growth? Customer-centric mobile apps can help. Mobile applications are changing the way we do business and making it easier than ever for customers to stay connected with our brand. If your company is considering an app, these 8+ reasons could be just what you’re looking for!

Well, if till now, you haven’t thought of developing a customer-centric iOS mobile app for your business, then hurry up and get connected with the best iOS app development company (ValueCoders) to hire iOS developers. By doing so, you will be able to improve your marketing efforts from anywhere at any time through the iOS mobile apps.


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