Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel : Which Framework would you choose in 2020?

As a top server-side scripting language, PHP has been a favorite from the last few years. It is not only an open-source language but also offers an easy learning curve and a host of useful frameworks. PHP frameworks make agile development possible which makes it easier to grow your application over time and scale.

Today, however, the most intriguing debates run around frameworks. The battles around structure and syntax have subsided. The now-prevalent dilemma lies in choosing a software development framework whose architecture suits you best.

Here’s one each for the four most prominent PHP frameworks you’ll find in the market currently.

Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel

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            This graph encompassed the popularity of PHP frameworks in terms of the number of votes registered.

            Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel

Here is a feature-based comparison among Yii vs CakePHP vs Codeigniter vs Laravel

PHP Framework Comparison

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The bottom line of Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel war:

Each framework has pros and cons and every web app developer has different coding styles and preferences. We hope you find a framework on our list that is valuable to you and your team.

While finalizing your decision, let us remind you that it is never about the number of features that a particular PHP framework provides. It’s about the overall functionality of the specific framework and how the functionalities can be utilized within your web development project.  Hence, choose one of the above-mentioned PHP  frameworks as per your project needs and save cost and time.

You can always consult us with your project requirements.

We, at ValueCoders, possess 15+ years of experience, 450+ developers and over 2000+ successfully completed projects, and are more than happy to help you out in choosing the right development framework for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which is better CakePHP or CodeIgniter?

Answer: CakePHP and CodeIgniter support the MVC architecture and are best suited for object-oriented programming. When it comes to robustness and strictness of conventions, CakePHP wins. CakePHP is compatible with both PHP 4 and 5. CakePHP supports access control lists whereas CodeIgniter does not.

Question 2: Which one is better CodeIgniter or Laravel?

Answer:  Laravel is a better option over CodeIgniter. Laravel has huge support and well-organized documentation. For lightweight version and API, there is lumen (PHP Micro-Framework By Laravel) which is light weighted and well structure as well.

Question 3: Which PHP framework is best for eCommerce?

Answer: Laravel is the best open-source PHP web framework for eCommerce.

Question 4: Which is the most popular PHP framework?

Answer:  Laravel. Without a doubt, the Laravel framework is the most popular for PHP developers.

Question 5: Is Laravel good for big projects?

Answer: Laravel owns those unique features and functions that make it an apt choice for the large-scale enterprise app development. In fact, when compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel development services are excellent and particularly qualifies for large-scale app development.

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