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Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel : Which One To Choose?

Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel : Which One To Choose?

As a top server-side scripting language, PHP has been everybody’s favorite from last few years. PHP is not only an open source language but also offers an easy learning curve and host of useful frameworks. As there are many PHP frameworks, we have picked handful four of them and will discuss in this article. This brings us the topic ‘Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel – which one to choose?’

Codeigniter vs Yii

Codeigniter is a framework specially built for PHP developers. The framework provides a simple toolkit to create fully featured web applications. Codeigniter is a documented framework that helps in simplifying the process of development.

Here are some key advantages of using Codeigniter for PHP site development.

  1. Provides a rich set of libraries for common tasks
  2. The structure of the libraries is simple to understand and use
  3. Minimizes the amount of code needed for each task
  4. The framework is faster and more reliable than other frameworks
  5. It is a lightweight framework
  6. The framework help in easy removal of errors on the site
  7. Modular programs can be easily utilized using Codeigniter
  8. The platform is compatible across operating systems, servers and platforms
  9. Codeigniter developers are easily available and the project can be easily outsourced

Cake PHP vs Codeigniter

Cake PHP is a free and very useful development framework for PHP development. This too is a very popular development framework because of its features:

  1. It is a secure framework and helps in authenticating users with ease.
  2. The framework is easy to learn and helps in simplified development of applications
  3. The framework is useful for large sites and applications as it is an MVC driven framework
  4. The site location and configuration are all done by the framework automatically. One only has to connect the database.
  5. One of the key advantages of Cake PHP is that it provides ready to use templates. This makes the process of web application development faster.
  6. The framework is easy to manage and even a lesser experienced developer can work on it with ease.
  7. The framework provides custom testing features which make the testing task quick and simple for developers.

Hence, you have a few good reasons to hire Cake PHP developers for your next web development project.

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Yii vs Codeigniter

Yii too is a lightweight development framework with powerful caching. The helps in creating faster sites as it uses the lazy loading technique.

  1. Yii performs much better than other platforms as far as a number of requests it can take per second.
  2. The security features of Yii include Cross-site Scripting Prevention, Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention and Cookie Attack Prevention. The platform has an inbuilt authentication that helps in the enhanced security of the website.
  3. Yii is a framework that this compatible with third-party codes.
  4. One can use different kinds of widgets and extensions with this framework. The framework has an easy to use code structure and makes development easier and faster
  5. The framework has got useful caching features like Memcache, APC, XCache and DB based page and segment caching.

Therefore you can hire Yii developers too if you are looking for such features.

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Laravel vs Yii performance

Laravel is a PHP framework purely meant for developing MVC based applications. It is an open source PHP framework is known to be the finest of the PHP frameworks.  Here are some of the key advantages of developing with Laravel:

  1. Laravel helps with enforcing constraints between multiple database objects with the help of an advanced query builder mechanism.
  2. The framework has an auto-loading facility and does not need manual maintenance and inclusion paths.
  3. The framework helps in generating new tools with the help of a LOC container.
  4. The framework provides an easy version control system that helps with simplified management of migrations.
  5. The Laravel framework is fast and easy to setup and customize

These strong features give you enough reasons to hire Laravel developers for your next project.

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Here is a feature based comparison among Yii vs CakePHP vs Codeigniter vs Laravel

PHP Framework Comparison

Source: vschart:

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Here is a chart that compares the popularity of the various PHP frameworks:  


Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel

Source: Sitepoint

The bottom line of Codeigniter Vs CakePHP Vs Yii Vs Laravel war:

 While finalizing your decision, let us remind you that it is never about the number of features that a particular PHP framework provides. It’s about the overall functionality of the specific framework and how the functionalities can be utilized within your web development project.  Hence, choose one of the above-mentioned PHP  frameworks as per your project needs and save cost and time.

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