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The Cloud computing market is flooding with multiple Cloud providers. Still, Azure and Google Cloud are the two most popular platforms which enterprises can choose for data storage, network access, and more.

Some unknown facts!!

18% of enterprises reported spending $1.2 million on Google Cloud.

36% of companies spend $1.2 million on Azure.

The Question Is: Which Cloud Platform is best to pick in 2024?

Let’s have a look at the infographic “Google Cloud VS Microsoft Azure”.

Google Cloud VS Azure: Which Platform Is Best To Pick in 2024?


Apart from the above-described parameters for comparison, here are a few more that can help you in choosing the best one.

Computing Services:

Azure provides Azure Autoscale, Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and App Service, and Cloud Services. On the other hand, Google Cloud provides Instance templates, Compute Engine auto-scaler, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Compute Engine (GCE) services.

Database Services:

Azure provides SQL Database, Table Storage, and Azure Cosmos DB. On the other hand, Google Cloud provides Google Cloud Bigtable, Google Cloud Datastore, and Google Cloud SQL.

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Storage Services:

Microsoft Azure provides Blob Storage, Managed Disks, Azure File Storage, and Azure Archive Blob Storage. On the other hand, Cloud provides Google Cloud Storage Nearline, Google Compute Engine Persistent Disks, and ZFS/Avere.

Networking Services:

Azure provides Load Balancer, Azure DNS, Virtual Networks (VNets), and ExpressRoute services, while Google Cloud provides Google Cloud Interconnect, Virtual Private Cloud, Google Cloud Load Balancing, and Google Cloud DNS services.


So, we have seen the elaborated infographic of Google Cloud and Azure war. We have discussed all the related services provided by each of these platforms. Yet, it is tough to conclude which platform has won the race because both have their pros and cons in their respective areas. 

However, I would recommend choosing any of the above platforms as per your business requirements and budget matrix. Or, you can hire Cloud experts from a recognized company like ValueCoders as they provide 100% quality and cost-effective solutions to their clients.

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