How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR / VR) technologies are revolutionizing the way people buy products.    

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that could provide the answer to this tech world. Together with its sister technology, “Augmented Reality”, it has the potential to reshape the world of retail. Almost a third of customers believe to invest in these technologies. AS a result, it will ensure that they play a more important role in the current shopping experience.

In this way, e-commerce web development companies can offer superior customer experiences today. So, the concept of VR-AR with e-commerce is inevitable.                    

Surprisingly, 77.24% of buyers abandon their cars before completing a purchase. This indicates that retailers must do much more to convince customers to go ahead with their choice and buy items online.

According to Swag Soft, In 2021, the adoption of VR in eCommerce can expand the online shopping conversion rate by 17%. Additionally, as per the eCom Dash, 63% of online purchasers claim AR will enhance their shopping experience.

The Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR) market is expected to grow by $162.71 billion at a CAGR of around 46% during 2021-2025 people.

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

Moreover, in recent years, AR and VR have been getting a lot of attention from the media. Some of this is due to the hype that surrounds these technologies. But more importantly, it’s because they’re very promising technologies for enhancing the shopping experience. In this write-up, you will come to know how these emerging technologies are going to transform the way we shop in upcoming years.    

First, let’s start with knowing how does AR/VR work… 

How Does It Work?

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

Let’s suppose you are immersing yourself in a virtual, computer-generated universe where you can use all the five senses to interact exactly as you do in the real world. This is Virtual Reality.

On the other hand, if you imagine a universe where this computer-generated universe combined with the real world and thus becomes Augmented Reality. Although modern technology is not able to take advantage of touch, taste, and smell very well, it has been slowly dominating immersion in visual and auditory sensation.

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

Virtual Reality would provide a deep immersion experience in the form of a virtual shop for buyers. Augmented Reality would make the task of visualizing products much easier for buyers. In the long term, every e-commerce company will have to take these technologies seriously to maintain a competitive advantage in the hyper-competitive market.

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AR Shopping Transformation

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

A normal eCommerce website cannot provide the experience like AR integrated app offers. Augmented Reality app development can help you go through the product and see how it would look in your house, on yourself, or even view products from different angles. This way customers get a more real experience of products before actually buying them. 

Another great aspect is that some apps allow users to visualize what specific pieces will look like when combined with other furniture pieces they already have at home. Applying filters and changing colors can help understand how a product will look in different settings and environments. Hence, it is another benefit that AR brings to the table in comparison with traditional eCommerce websites.

Moreover, AR is continuously impacting the customer’s shopping experience. For example, consumers can use the Amazon app to try on makeup virtually or visit a Lowe’s home improvement store and see how certain furniture will look in their house before making a purchase. These types of applications have largely succeeded because they’re convenient for shoppers who want to avoid buying something that won’t look good in their homes.

On the other hand, AR is also disrupting traditional retail and e-commerce. It will allow consumers to experience products even before they buy them. One interesting example of this comes from IKEA who has introduced a catalog app. Here, you can place virtual furniture into your own room and see how it looks there.

This is just the beginning. Other retailers are exploring how they can use AR to enhance shopping experiences. For example, Walmart has already combined its app with Google Tango. It is a mobile device that uses Augmented Reality technology. So shoppers see more detailed information about certain products while in stores. These types of applications are especially interesting because it appears that brick-and-mortar retailers are more open to utilizing AR than e-commerce companies.

However, the point is that AR can be used in stores and online for different purposes. Whether it’s showcasing how products look at home or making product information even more accessible through an app. So while Virtual Reality has received far more attention lately, Augmented Reality technology will likely create a new shopping experience in upcoming years.

If you want to develop a leading AR-based application for your eCommerce store, Hire Augmented Reality developers India from the top-rated Augmented Reality company. By doing so, you will get tension-free from Augmented Reality development, as developers will form quality end products.

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

VR Shopping Transformation

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be used to simulate various scenarios. Otherwise, it would not exist or will make difficult for shoppers to access. For example, some companies have created virtual dressing rooms where you can see yourself wearing different outfits virtually before buying them. However, other Virtual Reality applications allow you to explore a virtual version of a store.

One of the fascinating aspects is that VR can be used for visualizing. It will show how products look from different angles. In fact, some companies have already created a catalog with 360-degree images of various objects. So, consumers don’t need to physically touch the product before buying it.

Just like AR, Virtual Reality technology has many benefits. And, the retailers are expected to start utilizing it in the near future. This will enable them to create better and more interactive experiences for customers. Hence, it becomes very important when you consider that online shopping has become extremely popular over the past few years.

VR technology can also be used by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. It is for those retailers who want their stores to stand out from competitors. For example, some companies have already started using Virtual Reality headsets. As a result, they offer them to shop effortlessly, so they can see how products look in different settings.

Another important aspect is that VR doesn’t necessarily need to be accessed through a headset or glasses. It can also be displayed on screens and monitors as well. For example, via video streaming services such as YouTube and Facebook 360 video.

However, the point is that Virtual Reality technology can be used to create better shopping experiences than ever before. Whether it’s by allowing customers to see how products look virtually or even experiencing a new store on their screen first-hand. It will likely impact both online and offline retailers in the upcoming years for this reason.

If you are focusing on Virtual Reality development, then hire Virtual Reality developers from an excellent Virtual Reality company. By doing so, you will be capable of creating impactful applications for your store.

Well, if you are thinking of Augmented Reality development and Virtual Reality development, then you must have a few questions like:

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What are the benefits of using AR applications?

AR apps are beneficial for businesses. It is because they help them increase business sales. For example, AR technology allows retailers to provide a more immersive experience. It gives shoppers the ability to view products from all angles. They can get information about them instantly- without having to leave home or even pick up the product.

It also provides customer service features like visual support. As a result, the customer can take a photo of a problem and get instant help to fix it. For example, if you have an issue with your product, you could send the company a picture through certain AR apps. They would be able to pinpoint where exactly something is going wrong. It will save them time in identifying the problem for potential customers that need their attention.

One of the most common advantages that companies enjoy when using AR is increasing their conversion rate. For example, some retailers have reported having up to 48% more conversions on products they feature in Augmented Reality than those they don’t.

How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

What are the benefits of using VR applications?

Today’s businesses have been looking for innovative ways to market their products and services. One of those options is Virtual Reality app development. Augmented Reality isn’t the only way that companies can use VR, though it is one of the most popular uses at this point in time. There are a number of other reasons why you might consider augmented or Virtual Reality over traditional mobile app development.

For example, VR allows you to put customers or users directly into your product experience. It will not have them view it on a screen as Augmented Reality does. This is great for giving potential customers the feeling to be actually inside your product world. They will feel like they are in an apartment building, hotel room, etc. Hence, it encourages them to purchase.

You can also create a more realistic customer experience with Virtual Reality. It is because you have the ability to make your product come alive in their world. It also provides valuable information about it without having them leave home or pick up any items.

Have a quick look at this video:


So we can see that AR-VR technologies have emerged to provide ease to the e-commerce sector and to give users a comfortable shopping experience. It is the third most popular solution with the highest evolution after desktop and mobile computers for online retail purchases.   

AR / VR has begun to be more open and standardized; companies in the e-commerce sector can do even better by taking advantage of these technologies; this will help you stand ahead in the competitive market. 

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How AR/VR Transforming Shopping Experience In Upcoming Years?

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