We all know about COVID 19 very-well now. This pandemic has shaken the entire industry and also badly impacted the worldwide economy. This virus is so dangerous that it has affected millions of people worldwide, and still, the outbreak of coronavirus is difficult to handle.

But I think we can manipulate the outbreak of COVID 19 with the help of machine learning. ML can play a vital role in understanding and addressing the COVID-19 crisis

Machine learning (MI) is correlated with artificial intelligence (AI). It is a process of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It helps in identifying the patterns and making the correct decision.

Why is Machine Learning Important for the Current Situation?

Data is one of the crucial elements of the business. Data-oriented decisions resolve the issue, and it also helps businesses in achieving goals at the right time. So, if you will use Machine Learning during the current situation, then it will help in identifying the risk, Diagnosing patients, and even can help in developing the COVID 19 effective drug in a faster way.

How Machine Learning Development can act as a Barrier for COVID-19 and other Pandemic Diseases

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If I talk about the healthcare sector, then there are so many machine learning apps that help in diagnosing and predicting diseases. Few Applications of Machine Learning in the healthcare sector are:

  • Heart Disease Diagnosis
  • Predicting Diabetes
  • Prediction of Liver Disease
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Cancer Detection and Prediction
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Drug Discovery
  • Smart Electronic Health Recorder

ML is not only beneficial for the healthcare sector, but it also helps other industries in multiple ways. Let’s discuss how machine learning can help other industries.

  • Manufacturing Industry: Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Retail Industry: Upselling and cross-channel marketing
  • Travel and hospitality: Dynamic pricing
  • Financial services: Risk analytics and regulation
  • Energy: Energy demand and supply optimization


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Impact of CoronaVirus Pandemic On Machine Learning Development Market

COVID-19 has affected and disrupted every small, moderate, and big business, and it’s really difficult to predict how the crisis derived from the pandemic will evolve. If here I talk about Machine Learning market size then;

  • As per the Machine Learning Market Size Research, the global machine learning market size was estimated at USD 6.9 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 43.8% from 2019 to 2025.
  • Forbes stated that the global machine learning market is predicted to grow from $7.3B in 2020 to $30.6B in 2024, procuring a 43% CAGR.

Overcome the Spread of COVID-19 With Machine learning Apps

How Machine Learning Development can act as a Barrier for COVID-19 and other Pandemic Diseases

Source: Google (DataFlair)

Machine Learning (ML) apps can tackle COVID 19 by working and analyzing the various parameters, such as:

Identifying the Risk

By analyzing the data, ML can very easily predict the various risk factors. The risk factors that need to be identified are:

  • Infection Risk of COVID-19: In order to estimate the infection risk of COVID 19, it is necessary to include age, Pre-existing conditions, hygiene habits, Social habits, Number of human interactions, Frequency of interactions, Socio-economic factors. All these factors can be easily estimated with the help of machine learning apps.
  • Severity Risk of COVID-19: This helps in analyzing the patient severity level means by this, you will be able to examine whether patients need hospitalization or intensive care. ML can examine all data, and once after analyzing the same, it can estimate the Severity Risk of COVID-19.


Screening and Diagnosing Patients

When this new pandemic disease came into existence, it was hard to examine, screen, and diagnose the patients. Arranging testing facilities for the “n” number of people is a difficult task. But when it comes to employing ML to help diagnose COVID-19, promising research included the following areas:

  • Screening through face scan: In a hospital in Florida, there was one first ML equipment that responded to COVID-19. On entering the hospital, patients are proffered with an automatic face scan, which utilizes ML to recognize whether a person has a fever or not. Now, this equipment is mostly used all over the world. This also helps in extracting data.
  • Using wearable technology: ML is used in wearable technology to track the heart rate of the patient. Similarly, OURA’s research uses the tracking ring equipment that examines the sleep activity, body temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate to identify the pattern and recovery rate for COVID-19.”
  • Utilizing chatbot for screening:  Doctors do not have enough time to answer all questions of the patients, and that’s why nowadays, various countries are using a chatbot to save the patient’s response. 

One of the famous examples of COVID 19 screening chatbot is the Aarogya Setu app. This application asks a few questions; after that, it records user response, and according to that, it deals with the situation. If in case the app records the response that is in favor of COVID 19 symptoms, then it allows you to contact the doctor. 

You can also make the modern ML apps that can help you to analyze the pattern of COVID 19. ML is a great technique that can be applied in an app, equipment, or other things.

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Developing Drugs Faster

It is not simple to develop the drug faster as it includes quality check, trial, testing, and various other phases. But among all drug development phases, you can cut down a few development stages with the help of ML, which will help in developing the drug in a faster way.

 ML can speed up the drug development process. When researchers were finding small molecule inhibitors of the Ebola virus, then they used Bayesian ML models that helped in recording the pattern of the virus. This finally accelerated the process by shorting down the testing phase. Means in COVID 19 drug development; testing phase time can be decreased by making use of Machine Learning. 

Finding Existing Drugs to Cure COVID-19

After developing the drug companies spend a lot of time and money in approving the new drug. Well, this makes sure that medicine that came into the market is safe and secure for patients.

This process protects us, but on considering COVID- 19 situations; this process looks like a waste of time, and during this time, we need a faster process to make things stable. Repurpose drugs are one of the best alternatives to save time.

In this case, ML can help us up too much extent, and this will include the following things:

  • Building knowledge graphs: We can utilize natural language processing in which ML is applied to read and understand a large number of scientific articles; this will help in creating the biomedical knowledge graphs.
  • Predicting Interactions: ML is already used by the researchers to predict the interaction between drugs and viral proteins. This process is difficult, but it can be made simple by using ML.


Role of Machine Learning In Brawling With Other Viral Pandemic diseases

If the doctor makes a record of handling the simpler case in a month or year, then other viral pandemics can be controlled fastly. It is hard for doctors to do so as they already have a lot of things to do. But this thing can be examined by using Machine Learning apps.

Let’s take an example; Influenza A affected a large population as it also has the potential to jump to human hosts. The researchers who were working on Influenza A isolated 67,940 protein sequences from a database. After isolating the sequences, they filtered the protein, and then, at last, they found 11 influenza proteins.

With the help of ML, researchers identified the proteins that have a tendency of jumping to human hosts. And once after analyzing these viral proteins, they focused on developing the drug that fights against those proteins.

In this way, ML made the researcher task easier. Similarly, machine learning apps can also record, examine, and predict other viral pandemics. But for doing so, you need to develop leading Making learning apps.

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How different industries are leveraging benefits from Machine Learning Development worldwide during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Machine learning development is extensively used to build mobile apps for diverse industries that we use today; some of them are mentioned below.

  • Entertainment Industry: Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify
  • Search Engines: Google and Baidu
  • Social media: Facebook and Twitter
  • Voice assistants: Siri and Alexa
  • E-commerce: Amazon, Myntra

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The use of these products, apps, and software is increased during COVID 19 pandemic. We all know that most people preferring staying at home and even most of the enterprise has given work from home facility to the employees somewhere; this is the reason for increasing the usage of such things. In this way, machine learning is benefiting industries.

How Machine Learning Development can act as a Barrier for COVID-19 and other Pandemic Diseases


As per Dresener 2019 Data Science and Machine Learning Market Study Report, the R&D, Marketing, and Sales showed a high interest in AI and machine learning.


Wrapping Up

This write-up explains how Machine Learning Development acts as a Barrier for COVID-19 and other Pandemic Diseases. In this modern era, people generally adopt advanced techniques to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Machine Learning is one of the highly used techniques. During this pandemic, it has been adopted by numerous small, moderate, and large enterprises.

If you are also planning to build one of the leading machine learning apps, you can Hire Machine learning app developers.

But for doing so, choose a recognized machine learning application development company India; this will help you get top-notch Machine Learning Development solutions.

How Machine Learning Development Can Act As A Barrier For COVID-19 and Other Pandemic Diseases

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