Java is one of the most sought-after technologies around the world among both developers and businesses. As an objected-programming language, this technology has spellbound the IT community with its impeccable performance.     

This year Java has completed its 25 years, and it is time to rethink its reign in the software development space. Java has thrived tremendously in the last 25 years, which has made it one of the most popular software development technology.  In 2020, it was one of the top programming languages with 19.1% usage.

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While several new technologies are entering the space of application development, so many questions have arisen in its space that are exactly pointing to its survival. 

In this article, we will look at the aspect of Java in the last 25 years. 

Java Evolution 

Java – an object-oriented programming language developed by James Gosling in the early 1990s. The team started this project to develop a language for digital devices such as receivers, televisions, etc. Originally, it was considered that C ++ was used in the project, but the idea was rejected for several reasons (for example, C ++ requires more memory).

Gosling sought to change and expand C ++ but soon gave it up to do another phase called Green. The project was named “Greentalk” by James Gosling and his team. Its file extension was .gt, and later it became known as “OAK.” 

Why Oak?

Gosling used the name Oak in honor of an oak that left his office. Besides, Oak is a solidarity image and has been chosen as the national tree of many countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Romania, etc. Still, then they had to rename it as ‘Java’ because it was already a registered trademark of Oak Technologies. 

Later, Gosling and his team had a brainstorming session, and after the session, they came up with various names like Java, DNA, SILK, RUBY, etc.

The name Java has been determined after much discussion because it is so unique. The name Java comes from a type of espresso, Java. Gosling came up with that name idea while having coffee near his office.

Java has been built according to principles like robust, portable, platform-independent, high performance, multi-threaded, etc.

In 1992 Java turned out very useful for developing software for portable and handheld devices such as pagers, mobile phones, etc. By the end of 1992, Java became very popular on the Internet for creating graphics applications and games. 

From then till now, Java thrived as a major programming language for standalone application development and programming language for web application development with JSP and servlet. In short, you can opt for Java Development services to develop a secured and robust application. 

To get more insight into its prominence, let’s take a glance at its usage in the software development landscape.  

Java In Last 25 Years : A Staggering Look Into Past & Future


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Usage Of Java For Application Development

Java is being used in various complex application development and integration of modern technologies. From algorithm development to desktop solutions, this technology has a great number of usage, including: 

1. Mobile apps

Java is the official programming language for mobile application development. As a highly robust and compatible programming language with Android studio and Kotlin, Java enjoys its dominance in the space of mobile application development. You must be thinking why it is the official Android programming language. It can run in a virtual environment named Java Virtual Machine.

Altogether, it also has Android DVK (Dalvik Virtual Machine) that executes class files. Moreover, its compatibility with the Android Application Package also makes it greatly useful. With its object-oriented programming principles, it offers impeccable security and simplicity with Android. 

2. GUI desktop application

Use of Java in all types of application development is appreciated, whether it is about developing GUIs or robust backend systems. It mainly provides Swing, JavaFX, and Windowing Toolkit (AWT). Altogether, It also enables access to a variety of pre-assembled components such as menu and buttons. At the same time, Swing allows the set of GUI of tools with advanced elements like scroll panels, tabbed boards, trees, and more. 

3. Web-based applications

Java has another most popular use: web applications. Its support for extensive web applications coveted through JSP, Struts, and Servlets. Java web application development technology stream enables you to create web applications as per your requirement for different purposes specific to industry or business. 

4. Enterprise applications

Java is one of the most loved and well-known programming languages for enterprise application development. Moreover, Java EE ( Java Enterprise Edition) is also a very well-known framework with a runtime environment for creating scripts, APIs, and Web services and network applications. JavaEE is known as the backbone of java application development for a variety of industry apps, especially banking where Java dominates development from UI to back end. 

Java In Last 25 Years : A Staggering Look Into Past & Future

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5. Scientific Applications

Software developers consider Java as the primary tool of choice for scientific coding calculations and mathematical operations. The codes written for scientific and mathematical purposes with Java pose extreme safety and fast like lightning. Moreover, it supports greater portability and provides low maintenance. Another most popular application of Java, such as MATLAB, uses Java to interact between the user interface and as part of the platform.

6. Gaming apps

Java’s open-source 3D engine and jMonkeyEngine provide unbreakable performance for designing and developing 3D games. Despite the occasional latency issues, this technology combination provides notable performance.

7. Big data technologies

Primitive big data technologies like Hadoop have turned out a reality due to the prominence of Java in this space. Altogether, another popular programming language Scala is thriving greatly in this space. This is all just because of Java. In the sector of big data, Java is playing an important role. 

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8.  Applications For Businesses

Java EE platform is dedicated to creating large-scale, reliable, secured, and multi-tier applications. Specific to solve organizations’ problems, Java enables the creation of robust and complex features with high-grade security and scalability. Java EE reduces the complexity of developing an enterprise application by offering model APIs and runtime environment and focus on functionality. To secure an application for your business, you can hire Java developers deft in enterprise solution development. 

9. Distributed applications: 

Another most admired use of Java you can see in distributed application development with so many standard requirements. Java provides Java Intelligent Networking Infrastructure (Jini) that enables, register, and find distributed services per your specification. Jini is an integral part of JavaSpaces that support distribution, migration, the persistence of objects within a network system. As the distributed application has dynamic nature which Java can operate well. Jini is an option provided by Java for distributed application development.

10 Cloud-based application 

Cloud computing systems include the immediate delivery of IT resources when asked over the Internet. This mechanism works on pay-per-use rates and enables a cost-effective IT infrastructure. For such systems, Java enables the creation of an application that you can use as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. 

Apart from these, Java can enable various different types of applications and enable the integration of various modern tech concepts such as AI/ML integration, Blockchain development, Wearable applications, and more. 

You can outsource Java development from the top-rated Java web development company; this will help you built impactful web applications.

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How Java Will Maintain Its Position In Future? 

Java is a highly competitive technology of the current time with the most extensive developer base. It will take years to replace it for any other programming language, as replacing the biggest developer community means creating a larger developer community. 

Moreover, its usages are increasing every day. From mars rover to enterprise application, it is penetrating the most complex spaces of the IT industry and showing that it is hard to replace. Altogether, the box of programming language doesn’t hold any other reliable, tested, and robust technology that can replace Java. And! everyday advancements in java technology make it impossible to replace.

Java In Last 25 Years : A Staggering Look Into Past & Future

For Java, it is not hard to maintain its presence, but for sure, this technology will have to evolve continuously. Java SE 15.0. 1 is the latest version of the Java SE Platform with a wide range of features for ease of coding, application compatibility, and security. 

The updates to Java and new versions are being released periodically that enable various new features to developers. Moreover, its expansion in software development for scientific, mathematics, big data analytics, and aerospace will also boost its significance. 

In short, this technology doesn’t need to have made some extra efforts to maintain its position. The ongoing flourishment will enable the technology to hold its grounds firmly.

Wrapping Up

The reign of Java won’t end for years, as this technology is upgrading continually. Moreover, it is being used extensively in software application development. The name, fame, and robustness Java has gained in the last 25 years will not end soon, and it will grow significantly in the space of software development. 

As a bespoke software development technology, Java is an apple of eyes among software outsourcing company for bringing various complex digital products and projects into reality. If you also want to develop an application, you can hire java developers with deftness in bringing ideas into reality. 

Besides, it would be best if you remembered that Java is the official language for Android application development, which bears the most enormous user-base. Thus, creating mobile apps for Android will require Java forever. As a phenomenal programming language, Java will continue for years surely.

Java In Last 25 Years : A Staggering Look Into Past & Future

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