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In the present competitive marketplace, mobile app development has become a major choice among businesses. However, choosing the right app development platform can only help them ensure success.
Since there are various platforms, it is hard to decide which one can be better for your project. Moreover, the selected platform must have all required features and must come in budget & time frame.

Xamarin App Development

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By keeping all of these aspects in mind, Xamarin is placed on the top of several app development platforms with over 7 million apps developed on it.

Per Statista, Xamarin is a globally used framework and one of the top five cross-platform app development frameworks.

What Is Xamarin? 

Xamarin is a Mono-based open-source framework that allows developers to write C# code and XAML markup. You can use it to make native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone using .NET and the C# programming language.

Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. It provides software developers with the Xamarin Platform, including Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Forms as well as Xamarin Test Cloud for testing apps on real devices.

Altogether, it provides Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, Xcode, and Android SDK Tools to aid with development. In short, Xamarin for cross-platform app development is a great choice that lets you use XAML markup language or .NET languages to create native apps.

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Moreover, it is often preferred by software developers who are proficient in the C# programming language and have high-level knowledge of XAML technologies.

This platform has a single codebase, which allows Xamarin Developers to maintain a singular codebase with a single set of business logic. Moreover, Xamarin allows developers to choose from coding in C#, XAML markup language, or both.

Altogether, it uses Xcode for iOS applications and Android SDK tools for developing Android apps.

Xamarin is most commonly known as a cross-platform development tool that lets you create Android and iOS apps.

Xamarin for single code

 However, it has a variety of specialties that make it different from other platforms.

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Let’s take a glance at them. 

  • Xamarin enables developers to share 100% of the code they write across all target platforms without any modifications or customizations.
  •  It uses C# as the programming language, which makes it easy for developers with different backgrounds such as Java and Objective-C to learn.
  • It comes with its own IDE, which provides direct support for Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • This platform also integrates well with other popular tools such as Jenkins, HockeyApp, and Azure.
  •  Xamarin is backed by Microsoft, which has been investing heavily in the platform over the past few years.
  • Altogether, it offers a wide range of features for enterprise-level app development.
  • Xamarin apps tend to be more reliable and perform better than apps developed using other cross-platform tools.
  • It is one of the most widely-known cross-platform development tools, with over a million developers using it worldwide.
  • The world has a thriving community of Xamarin app developers with lots of online resources available for developers of all levels.

Indeed, Xamarin is a great choice for developing cross-platform mobile apps due to its performance, features, and support from Microsoft. If you’re looking to develop a cross-platform app, Xamarin should definitely be at the top of your list!

However, you must be wondering why you should choose Xamarin to create your business app. And! If the above aspects are not enough to make your decision. Let’s take a glance at the top reasons to choose Xamarin for your Cross-Platform App Development project.

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1. Swift Application Development

Xamarin tool is a powerful & fast-developing program that allows you to create customized apps for your business. Built using C# language and Visual Studio, it has cross-platform compatibility, which helps speed up development time significantly.

While with other tools out there, such as Android Kits or Unity 3D plugin, you would have to compromise with the quality! Therefore, businesses prefer this platform to create cross-platform apps.

Thus, you must Hire Xamarin Developers to create your cross-platform business application.

2. Seamless Cross-Platform Application Development

Xamarin is a reliable and easy-to-use app development platform that takes less time than other platforms. Not just, does it allow you to develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, but also many more systems through Mono support.

Thus, no matter what kind of device or operating system your users are using, they will be able to get access.

In brief, the Xamarin app development process is less time-consuming than other options. You can do cross-platform app development with a single code that works on multiple mobile platforms.

 Therefore, it takes much less effort to create your product or service. Moreover, developing apps on Xamarin is relatively simple compared to other platforms because it uses C# and the .NET framework. It makes apps a trustworthy environment for all mobile devices!

So, if you want to curve the hassles of application development, you must pick Xamarin for cross-platform app development. 

3. Code Re-usability

Xamarin is a unique and exciting cross-platform framework that lets you share business logic between mobile platforms. This means less time spent on maintaining existing code, as well as the ability to make changes more easily in future projects.

why choose xamarin

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And! You don’t need to develop an application twice! Besides, with Visual Studio’s built-in support for iOS/Android development (and many other tools), developing apps has never been simple or safer than it would be otherwise.

We know that one of Xamarin’s greatest strengths is its Write Once, Run Everywhere (WORE) app model. This means you can share projects between operating systems, and developers have more control over their UX!

The idea here is if someone has written all this cool code for us, we should be able to use it as many times without worrying about getting unexpected runtime errors.

Thus, Xamarin for cross-platform app development is the best pick. Furthermore, you must hire Xamarin developers that understand your need to fulfill your purpose.

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4. Safe & Secure

Authenticity is key when it comes to securing your app. This means you can rely on end-to-end encryption and authentication services like Azure Key Vault or Active Directory for cross-platform 


Altogether, it doesn’t require costly misconfigurations or vulnerabilities in the process. Therefore, I recommend using code signing capabilities within Visual Studio.

So, you can ensure authenticity across all devices; if signed by Microsoft, then we know what’s good!!

In short, cross-platform development isn’t always easy, but tools like these make the process much simpler by bridging gaps between libraries used for different platforms.

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5. On-Time, On Budget

Xamarin offers a unique and attractive benefit for Xamarin developers who want to speed up their software projects while decreasing costs. Besides, developers no longer need to worry about cross-platform support, as it’s built right into the language at its core: C#!

It means that mobile apps can be developed faster than ever before because of familiarity with source codes across different platforms. It saves both time and money when creating new work from scratch instead of using existing libraries or frameworks.

6. Easy Maintenance

Currently, Xamarin is the perfect solution for companies that want to avoid spending too much time or money on developing custom apps. This program offers highly customizable, professional software at an affordable price, with all updates provided in perpetuity!

For every business looking into Xamarin, there are two major reasons why they should choose this option. Firstly because it’s easy, secondly you won’t have any worries about your investment going missing since everything gets updated automatically every time anything changes within our app.

The lack of a community is what has prevented more people from trying out Xamarin. However, it has great customer support with detailed documentation and training facilities.

All of this makes it easier for new users to use the platform. But! Xamarin doesn’t offer any incentives or promotions if you sign up through them instead of another provider like Microsoft Studios (which gives access not just to their own products).

7. Native UI Toolkit Support

Xamarin is a peculiar mobile app development platform that provides you with complete access to native APIs and tools for all three major platforms: Android, iOS (iPad), & Windows.

This means your application will provide a high-quality experience no matter what device consumers are using!

8. Support

Xamarin’s cross-platform mobile app development platform offers developers a way to build high-quality apps for Android and iOS, with their favorite tools in C# or Visual Basic.

With real-time multiplayer support as well as cloud storage options available out of the box, you can be sure that your OpenSocial game will work great no matter where it goes!

In short, it is critical to say that you must pick Xamarin for cross-platform app development.

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Wrapping Up

The market for cross-platform application development is growing at a rapid pace, and Xamarin is leading the pack.

Xamarin offers many advantages over other cross-platform development frameworks, making it the best choice for businesses looking to develop cross-platform applications in 2022.

Cross-platform application development with Xamarin is seamless and efficient, saving time and money while ensuring top-quality results. With such an amazing set of features, it is no wonder that many businesses are switching to Xamarin for their mobile app development needs.

If you are looking forward to leveraging the power of this incredible platform, you must hire Xamarin app developers. At ValueCoders, we ensure to help businesses with the best solution by implementing modern technology stacks. For more, reach us. 

7+ Reasons Why Is Xamarin A Best Pick For Cross-platform App Development

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