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Struggling with Tech Complexity?

As per the recent stats, approx. 250,000+ companies including 85% of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint technology today. The reason behind the great demand for Sharepoint CMS is that everyone wants to be in a connected environment for a secure information sharing especially post-pandemic which has given huge importance to remote working.

SharePoint facilitates hassle-free & secure sharing of information and knowledge in a connected virtual workplace. It is a great tool for enterprise innovation these days. Moreover, it is used to optimize on-premise infrastructure, enhance productivity and refine the user experience.

Have a look at the below infographic representing the top benefits of using SharePoint CMS for your business:

SharePoint CMS: Must-Have Business Solution | 2021

Benefits of SharePoint CMS

From the above infographic, we have become aware of various top benefits of using SharePoint CMS. We have seen that Microsoft’s SharePoint CMS is not limited to creating websites only, but it is a great tool for document and project management.

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Let’s check out its top advantages & disadvantages for businesses in 2021.


Highly Customizable: SharePoint CMS gives you a lot of options to sort things for your business website. After all, it is a platform, not a product. It has a lot of custom development and with a little technical knowledge, you can do wonders with it. 

Central Storage: SharePoint CMS can keep a bundle of files in a central location. Hence, it acts as a central storage system for your documents.

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Some other benefits are: 

  • Detailed Document Management
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Can build multi-pages websites 

Six major disadvantages to being aware of: 

  1. Expensive licensing and hosting
  2. Complex setup & maintenance
  3. Low search capabilities
  4. Slow to adapt
  5. Can turn into a mess if not managed precisely
  6. Requires proper training

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Besides some disadvantages, SharePoint CMS has won the hearts of millions and deployed in various giant tech companies.

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