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Presently, 58% of B2B and 42% of B2C businesses are having a chatbot on their website to boost their customer service. Unarguably, a chatbot is a significant tool for businesses to interact with their existing and potential customers.

As it enables companies to establish a swift communication channel, it is cherished by both consumers and businesses. 40% of millennials leverage the bot on an everyday basis. The hype of chatbot is ever-increasing due to the access of a variety of chatbots for websites, available both free and premium features. 

The following representation shows how rapidly chatbots are being accepted among businesses and consumers.


Are you wondering how to integrate a chatbot into the website? Well! It’s easy; all you need to find a chatbot service that you want to use within your application, and you can subscribe to it in simple steps. However, choosing the best free chatbot for the website is critical as your consumers expect a personalized experience. 

Thus, in this article, we will glean insights about the best ai chatbot software for websites that can provide your consumers intuitive, seamless, and human-like conversation experience. So, stay hooked with me here.

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Top 12 Chatbot For Website To Leverage In 2022  


ArtiBot is a bonus chatbot for a business website: it helps in generating leads through automated chatting. And! It thrives as a major chatbot platform among businesses due to its comprehensive set of highly useful features for companies.

Moreover, this chatbot works 24/7 and contributes to an enhanced customer experience. For a more personalized chatbot, you can hire chatbot developers and get it designed the way you want.

Features: Generate Leads, Accept Payment, Book & Schedule Appointments, Connect With Google Calendar. 

Why Choose? 

  • Available 27/7 
  • Answering questions Of consumers 
  • Provide questions with multiple choice
  • Enable use of field validation 

Price: Free to use with free templates. Though option Pro plan available with a number of extra features at $19/month. 

2. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey

It is a popular and admired chatbot for websites that allows you to develop a bot through OmniChat technology. You can use this chatbot within web chat, SMS text messages, and even within Messenger. Per Entrepreneurs, it is the best ai chatbot for customer services with a 50%-80% open rate in the first hour. 

Its click-through rate on Facebook messages is 20%. It is coveted for saving the time and money that you spend in creating bots for different platforms. It is a one-stop solution that can be installed on multiple platforms. Moreover, it enables your customer service team to respond quickly to consumers’ queries. 

Features: Facebook Ads, Web Chat Tools, Messaging Automation, Contact growth tool, OmniChat, etc.

chatbot development

Why Choose?

  • A single inbox for all integration 
  • Monitor and respond from different channels.
  • Integration with third-party software 

Price: It’s available at $14.25/month, which can be annually for the number of leads. Besides, the Free version is also available with some features and unlimited leads. 

3. Acobot


Have you heard about Acobot? Well! You can find it mentioned many times if you ask experts. It is an easy-to-use & best free ai chatbot for an eCommerce website and focuses on engaging, converting, and retaining customers. It helps the visitor to the online shop and guides them in a human-friendly way to the sales funnel.  

It works to convert the visitor into lead generation through behavior-based personalized messages. Moreover, it works to bring back your customer through engagement and remarketing. Thus, this software is very famous among businesses. Nevertheless, for a customized ai chatbot solution, hire python developers who are experts in AI/ML integration.

Features: Uses discounts and coupons to collect leads, Work to reduces cart abandonment, Adept at cross-selling and upselling, Works autonomously

Why choose?

  • It analyzes stores and gets started itself. 
  • Enhances over time and trigger more interaction
  • Assisted shopping experience 
  • Loyalty program & Lead Generation 

Price: It is available for a free trial for up to 15 days. Its charges are taking place on 0.6% of total sales. Though, it is good that there are no monthly charges. 

4. Tidio


Tidio is a platform providing live chat assistance. It is powered by chatbots and enables you to communicate with clients on different platforms, including web, mobile, Facebook, and more. 

You can answer all inquiries of users via an easy dashboard and a mobile app at any time from anywhere. Besides, you can leverage automation to answer customer questions available with a design funnel for lead generation. 

Features: Chat Automation, AutomateTedious Processes, real-time customer support, multiple channels, and more. 

Why Choose? 

  • Chatbot template for creating own scenarios 
  • Work on keywords and customer behavior 
  • Easy to integrate a chatbot into the website 
  • Enable email marketing 
  • A help desk software 

Price: A Free plan is available without chatbots, and a pro plan is available for $18 per month. 

5. Engati


It is a multi-channel bot platform, the best fit for CS, HR, marketing, and sales. This platform is a boon for online stores and medium businesses and has been claimed as one of the best free chatbots for the website. Only 10 minutes are required to activate this chatbot, and you can develop this for 12 different channels such as Skype, Twitter, Viber, and Kik. 

Engati is a powerful tool that can help you handle customer service, sales, and marketing with ease. Moreover, you can also deal with HR tasks with ease. Its distributed usage allows you to look after messages coming from different sources. You must use it to build a chatbot for the website.

Features: Engage via automation, engage via Agents, Simplified bot training, Organize customer conversations, and more. 

Why Choose? 

  • Mange online store and medium businesses
  • Extended Legacy support
  • Leverage higher capacity 
  • Massive template collection 
  • Video tutorials

Price: Free/$21 for premium features. Also, a Free version available. 

Moreover, if you want to develop an AI chatbot oriented to your business processes, you can hire AI developers deft in creating business-specific bots. 

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6. Drift


Drift is a great combination of live chat and an automated bot to build a chatbot for websites. This tool is integrated with the well-known CRMs, and email marketing services. 

Using this bot, you can proactively engage with customers in conversations to boost the sales of your products and services. The major purpose of designing this solution is to leverage conversations for conversions and enables you to create sales-boosting scenarios. 

Moreover, you can integrate tools like Zendesk, Help Scout, and more. It’s a suitable chatbot for websites of large businesses.

Features: Live Chat, Unify sales and marketing data, Conversational AI, Email marketing and response, and more. 

Why Choose? 

  • Contextualized recommendations
  • Book sales meetings 24/7
  • Personalized chat experience

Price: It starts from $400/month billed annually. However, it allows up to 5 users.

chatbpt development

7. Botsify

If you want to engage with your social media target audience, then indeed, Botsify is the most useful chatbot for the website. It is changing the customer service experience via live chatbots and allows you to increase consumer retention and satisfaction.  

It allows automated customer service tasks and reduces the burden. Moreover, it enables you to create a free account and chatbot for the website for 14 days.


Features: Generate More Leads via Conversational Forms, Switch to Chatbot from Human Support, Multiple languages support, Integrate chatbot with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, and website.

Why Choose? 

  • Faster response rate
  • Better customer retention
  • More qualified leads
  • Access to multiple chatbots

Price: It comes with two options: self-serviced bot at $50/month and Fully managed service at $300 per month. 

#8. Flow XO 

Flow Xo

Flow XO is one of the most effective toolsets for businesses that want to interact with their customers efficiently, effectively through intelligent service. It works as a wonderful way of communication between your business and customers by avoiding extensive chat emails, phone calls, and other means. 

To build chatbot Flow XO, you don’t need to have any coding skills. You can create this chatbot on different platforms, including websites, apps, and Facebook Messenger. It is admired as the best free chatbot for websites due to automated customer service, enhanced customer satisfaction, and live chat features. 

Features: Pre-filet leads, Answer simple questions, Provide virtual welcome mat, Light-hearted entertainment, and more.

Why Choose? 

  • To make HTTP requests.
  • Handle huge workflow
  • Set and get attributes
  • Initiate on new workflow

Price: It is available free, but paid plans start from $19/month. In contrast, its standard plan is available on $29/month with five bots.

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9. ManyChat 


ManyChat is a very popular chatbot builder for Facebook messenger. While 1.3 billion people are available on Facebook messenger, this chatbot allows you to reach them in an innovative way with powerful retargeting options on the platform. 

It enables you to make more sales, reduce cart abandonment, get more leads via Facebook. You can build this chatbot via a simple drag and drop interface for your Facebook page and automate customer service in an interactive conversation mode. Besides, it allows you to set keywords and set responses for those keywords.

It also allows you to integrate with third-party tools like Google Sheet, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Shopify, and more.

Features: Automate & combine Facebook Messenger, SMS bot, Tailored content for customer relationship, Personalized experience, and more. 

Why Choose? 

  • Build a Bot in Minutes
  • Integrate with third-party tools
  • Enhanced engagement with customers
  • Get More Leads

Price: It has a Free plan with quick-start templates, 2 drip sequences. Moreover, you can use a premium plan with unlimited drip sequences, plus split testing, and more.

10. Quriobot


Quriobot is one of the simplest chatbots available with the free plan. For startups and small companies with a tight budget. Like every other chatbot software, it has a simple drag and drops UI that you can easily use to build your chatbot for websites and many other platforms. 

Moreover, it adjusts according to the website’s color theme and even enables you to integrate custom CSS. Quriobot is integrated with help desk software like LiveAgent that provides support desk, live chatting, and more. 

Even though, if you want to have a personalized solution then consult with a software product development firm.

Features: A variety of templates, Drag and Drop Designing, Multi-user accounts, Setup for external chats such as FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack, and more  

Why Choose?

  • A flawless conversation
  • Advanced Conditioning 
  • Never jump to conclusions.

Price: It has an astounding Free plant for up to 500 chats per month. For more features and chats, you can get a premium starting from $9/month.

chatbot development


It is one of the easiest chatbots to create for a website with seamless implementation. It enhances customer service tremendously and improves satisfaction by better conversions. Moreover, it also helps in lead generation and setting up meetings. 

It is easy to build a chatbot for the website with a variety of templates and features. 

Features: Help in lead generation, setting up meetings, drag and drop chatbot builder, access to multiple templates, and more. 

Why Choose? 

  • Simple to build a chatbot from scratch 
  • Improved leads and customer experience 

Price: Option for Free usage and account, and premium plan starts from $24/month. 

12. ChatFuel


You would have already heard about ChatFuel as it is popular for Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook chatbot integration. If you are thinking about using this chatbot, you don’t need to learn to code. A number of companies are using this tool, and brands include are: Adidas, LEGO, T-Mobile, TechCrunch, and more. 

You can easily leverage this tool to increase sales and qualify leads. Moreover, you can also use it to answer FAQs and save a great time in one-to-one customer service. 

Feature: Lead magnet, Automated FAQs, Easy documentation, and more

Why Choose? 

  • Multiplatform Chatbot 
  • Enhanced leads & sales 
  • Simple documentation

Price: Its premium starts from $15/month, and also, you can use Free Chatbot for up to 50 users. 

Wrapping Up 

The enumerated chatbots listed above are the best as per my knowledge and research; you can pick and implement any of these chatbots for your website to improve your sales and customer services. 

Moreover, you can also integrate with third-party plugins to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. AI technology is the driving force in this space, thus hire a dedicated development team to integrate a more personalized experience in your bot. 

Remember that AI chatbot can boost your sales up to 50% so, it is critical to invest in offering a personalized experience to your target audience and existing customers. 

Top 12 Chatbots For Website To Boost Customer Experience And Sales In 2022

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