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Top 6 Typography Tips for your WordPress Website Design

With all the headlines, text in body copy and Italian to Bold blocks of text, we all would agree to the fact that typography is an integral part of design, moreover it plays vital and crucial role in a web design. Selecting the right size, font, color, alignment, layout and some other factors can lead to the creation of a terrific web design. Typography is generally related to the type used in a design but even after possessing such great importance in web design, it is somehow neglected often.

There are several active sites on the web that are very badly demonstrated and difficult to read. Hence, typography should be given much importance, specially for the sites that are heavy on the textual base like blogs should give foremost concern to readability and to the elegance of typography.

If you are working on a good-quality theme, typography will be of prime importance without any doubt. But to do this we have some useful tips to help you do some out of the box and terrific work with typography. Take a look at the Typography Tips for your WordPress Website Design

1. Maintain Simplicity: “Simplicity is the best policy” as the saying goes, your web design should be kept very simple. Integrating too many typefaces would make your design look messy and most of your target audience would not be able to read the content properly. The fundamental rule is basically to stick to two typefaces – one for the headings and the other for the body text. Until and unless you are an expert, sticking to two typefaces would be a better option, as using too many typefaces would increase the chances of clashes.

2. The best combination – Serif and Sans serif: Using Sans serif in the heading and Serif in the body text will undoubtedly suit perfectly in any kind of web design as it is by far the best combination. It can also be used vice-versa.

3. Simple Pull Quote: Pull quotes can give magazine-like appearance to the blog articles and can highlight any part of your text. This plugin enables the writers to quickly add pull quotes in their content.

4. WP code Highlight: Checking each and every code used in the WordPress posts and pages is an unpleasant task. WP Code Highlight enables the users to display properly all the formatted plus all the highlighted codes in their text.

5. Hyphenator: Getting hyphenation on a justified text can leave the page with odd gaps in the text. Hyphenator plugin consists of a Javascript hyphenation engine that properly wraps and breaks the line, which can then account for different displays.

6. WordPress typography plugin: WordPress typography plugin allow the users to twist and change the fonts on their site. It is compatible with Google Fonts, Cufon fonts and standard fonts. This plugin also allows the users to manage fonts according to their CSS selectors. Also, font replacement becomes very easy with around 300 fonts available, and customization in size, line height, font color selection, letter spacing and many other options.

We hope you would have grabbed enough knowledge with the above mentioned tips. These would help you in coming up with some amazing web designs with out of the box typography.

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