Top Node.js Practices For The Startups

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Node.js has gained a huge popularity in less time. It is good to program effectively without any glitches, programmers need structure in their programming and allow them to understand and maintain easily. It facilitates the programmers with such structure and makes their tasks more organized especially for best startups.

A notable feature of Node.js is that it contains a built-in library to allow applications to act as a web server without software such as Apache HTTP Server or IIS. Today, many web development companies have moved to a uniform web language with Node.js that leading the way.

Given the growing ubiquity of JavaScript and the Node.js platform, you’ll want to stay updated on the latest optimizations and best practices. This is especially true if you are one of the best startups trying to innovate in the fast-paced digital landscape of today.

In this blog, we will take a look at the 8 performance tips of Node.js that should be run under the hood to make the most of your applications.

1) Practice JavaScript first

It is important to practice your Javascript skills first before making any Node.js strategy for your startup. However, if you don’t have enough time for a full immersion of JavaScript, then there are some of the benchmarks which you must learn before starting your Node.js development project. Some of these required learnings are given below:

  • -> Asynchronous programming
  • -> Data types
  • -> Scope
  • -> Function arguments
  • -> Callbacks
  • -> Function & objects in JavaScript

2) Run things parallel with async.js

Top Node.js Practices For The Startups

The application you developed for your best startups may require multiple internal calls to several APIs in order to fetch data. There is a way to address this which is to require different middleware for each function.

However, JavaScript contains an asynchronous component meaning that it does not stop the execution of calls to subsequent functions while it is finished.

To optimize Node.js it is better to take advantage of the parallel features through a call called async.js. This is a nodejs module that helps you better manage your asynchronous JavaScript.

Below, it is shown how different functions run in parallel using async.js:

function runInParallel(){






], function(err, results) {


3) Use asynchronous APIs

Node.js is designed as single-threaded meaning that there are many synchronous components which can block the entire application. Although you can avoid these synchronous methods in your own code, it is still possible to inadvertently use an external library that has a blocking call.

This will seriously reduce performance of your best stratups. So, the best way to avoid this is to always use asynchronous APIs in your code, especially in critical performance sections. Also, keep this in mind while choosing the third-party modules which ensure that an external library does not revert to synchronous calls.

4) Use gzip

Top Node.js Practices For The Startups

Gzip is a software application and is used for file compression and decompression. There are many servers and clients present today which support gzip.

When a browser compatible with gzip requests a resource, then the server can compress the respective response before sending it to the browser, which can ultimately reduce the delay and latency.

Always be sure to use gzip when responding to customers and also make requests to remote servers, as it can really improve the overall performance of your application for your best startups.

5) Small and light code

Mobile is the future as well as the present. In this age of mobile, a mobile app’s performance is a critical thing. Hence, it becomes really very important for Node.js code base to be compact as much to reduce any latency and to speed up the things for web development companies.

However, there are many ways to optimize the application performance for your best startups. One way is to minify and concatenate multiple JS files into one.

For an instance, if your developed applications carry JavaScript files then the browser will make respective separate HTTP requests in order to fetch them. In order to avoid the overall waiting and block time, there is an alternative approach to minify and concatenate these files into a streamlined one.

6) Include client-side rendering

Top Node.js Practices For The Startups

Thankfully, we are blessed with a powerful client-side MVC framework like BackboneJS, AngularJS etc. Using these frameworks, it becomes easier for developers to create dynamic as well as one-page apps. These frameworks expose APIs that send JSON responses directly to its client instead of through the server.

If you allow Node.js to display the server side, this returns an HTML page for each request. The use of client-side rendering in your Node.js environment can reduce latency and save bandwidth for your best startups.

7) Node.js is not for rendering static assets

When it comes to the performance of the app for your best startups, then a critical suggestion for its performance would be to render the static assets, such as CSS and images, on a standard web server.

By organizing such to serve your static content, you will significantly reduce the overall load on your instance of Node.js and increase the performance in the process.

8) Monitoring Node.js application

If we talk about applications for your best startups, then these are considered as the soul of every online business today and, of course, you do not want to leave them to chance.

By keeping an eye on your applications means choosing a provider with a proven track record of providing companies with concise, fast and reliable information about their infrastructure.

Monitis is one such name in this industry which offers an all-in-one cloud monitoring tool that covers all of your IT systems: web applications, websites, servers, networks, and more, in one central location. When it comes to monitoring Node.js, Monitis is at the top of its game. Monitis allows developers to monitor the health status and performance of your Node.JS.

With the supervision of Node.js, you can determine in seconds the cause of performance issues and receive alerts about problems before they affect your customers and your best startups too.


So we have seen some top Node.js practices for the best startups if you are going to start your business in the web development domain. Node.js is one of the most popular web development frameworks to start with.

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