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Website Speed Optimization Techniques (Infographic)

Website Speed Optimization Techniques (Infographic)

We all want websites to load faster. The users of every website are looking for a faster, easier experience. Overall, the size of the sites are getting bigger and need to be made faster, so the users find it easier to navigate them and make purchases on them. Here are a few reasons that will drive you to opt for new website speed optimization techniques.

  1. Website speed is a part of the google search algorithm
  2. User experience is one of the key goals of a website and speed optimization is one of its most important aspects
  3. Slow loading pages suffer from low user engagement have lower chances of getting ranked on search engines.

Take a look at the infographic for a clear understanding of website speed optimization techniques:

website speed optimization techniques infographic
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Here are some more useful website speed optimization techniques that will work well for your business.

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network transfers the static files to servers that are close to the users. This helps in making the web pages load faster. A CDN is more suitable for larger websites, for speed and performance optimization. A CDN helps in faster delivery of content and web pages to the servers at user locations. More and more websites are using CDNs to improve the speed of their website.

Combine Images To CSS

A large number of Images on the webpage causes its speed to go down drastically. Combining all background images into one, using sprites can help in reducing the page load speed time. The appropriate image segment will be shown as a result of the CSS background-image and background-position properties.

website speed optimization techniques combine-css-before-after

Gzip Compression

Compression is an easy and useful way for website speed optimization and saving bandwidth. This is useful in improving the speed of the website. Compression of HTML and CSS files with gzip helps in saving fifty to seventy percent of the size of the file.

Website speed optimization techniques Gzip

Expires Headers

This website speed optimization technique helps to store website details on the computer for faster loading, the next time around. The expiration date in the header helps in determining the amount of time for which the file will remain in the computer. The expiration time can be set as desired.

Minify JavaScript and CSS

Minification helps in removing the unnecessary characters from code execution, thus significantly helping in website speed optimization. This helps in removing comments, block delimiters, new line characters and whitespace characters. These characters hinders the code execution process. Minification helps in reducing the amount of code that is transferred over the web.

website speed optimization techniques minify

Optimize Images

Having a large number of heavy images on the webpage can really reduce its speed on the site. Using image editors to optimize the images helps in improving the load speed time of the pages.

Enable HTTP Keep-Alive Headers

Keep alive allows the same TCP connection for HTTP conversation in place of a new one with each new request. It is a communication between the web server and the web browser. This communication helps to grab more than one file at a time.

Website speed optimization techniques for Page Caching

This is another useful method for website speed optimization. Cached pages are served up as static HTML versions of a page. This helps in reducing queries and improving the page load speed. Search engines like google store a backup version of the page ensure that the stored page gets served up, taking lesser time.

Optimize Plugins and Themes

Adding more and more plugins and themes to your site, which you are not using, can slow down the speed of the website. Remove all those plugins and themes, which are not in use anymore. Besides that, you also need to remove all the spam comments from your site dashboard and helps it load faster.

website speed optimization techniques delete

Remove Pop Up Ads

Too many popups on the page can reduce its load speed. Reducing the popups and ad banners on your web pages, is a useful way to improve the speed of the site.

Minimize Redirects

Many times some pages on the website become redundant but are still getting traffic. Redirects are used to transfer this traffic to more relevant pages. Although this is an important SEO practice, too many redirects reduce are a hindrance to website speed optimization and reduce the speed of the website. Basically, when a redirect is processed, time gets wasted in moving the user from one page to another. Redirects affect mobile users a lot more than desktop users and must be used selectively on any website.

website speed optimization techniques minimize

Server Response Time Optimization

If your website is getting a high amount of traffic, the server response time will automatically go down. You need to check database queries, routing and memory and ensure that everything is in order. This will help in improving the server response time.

Hence, these were some of the outstanding website speed optimization techniques for you. Looking to develop scalable websites with faster load speed times? Choose ValueCoders for expert agile teams for all kinds of web development projects.

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