A Panel To Empower Social Media Creators

Built a platform to empower social media creators to view and engage with their activities on YouTube and Instagram. Another platform highlight was its ability to let potential candidates apply for advertised jobs.

Technology Used:
  • Angular
  • Node JS

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Project Synopsis

The objective of this project is to empower social media creators with Dakarie Web Panel by giving them access to detailed performance information and data on their published content. 

This web app allows users to view and engage with their activity on digital platforms like YouTube or Instagram and reflects on the performance of the content they created for those channels. The web panel will comprise three user types, content creators, advertisers, and admins. For each user type, their privileges will be different.

Once signed up, content creators can work via Instagram or YouTube and connect with advertisers to create the content. After the content creation, the advertiser will receive requests for that job and content. Those interested in being content creators will create a job request, which Advertisers will review. 

The three types of content Creators we aim for are:-

1) A user who posts videos for public viewing (and has created enough video views/comments/likes).

2) A company that posts advertisements on YouTube/Instagram ads.

3) An administrator who runs Dakarie as a business.


Project Requirement

To use the web application, content creators will need to connect their accounts with Instagram & YouTube. This will allow them to monitor metrics and access their profiles across platforms.

They’ll also be able to apply for advertised jobs (if they meet the qualifications). Advertisers can also post new positions and review job applications from potential candidates. One of the features is called Statistical Data, which allows content creators to see how well individual videos perform.

Content creators can view data about each video or post they’ve made using this platform, including total impressions, views, shares, etc., helping them understand what resonates best on social media.

Users may even find themselves wanting one connection over another – whether that means Facebook or LinkedIn – but it’s important to remember there are many ways people connect online, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if it doesn’t fit your needs 100%.

Type of Users

Content creator

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solutions
The content creators can create the content and complete the job at any time. ValueCoders integrated Youtube & Instagram with the Dakarie platform so that Creators can upload their content on Youtube/Instagram and will be synced with the platform and advertiser can view that.
Developing a flexible platform to view the statistics of the contents. ValueCoders offered a way to sync YouTube, & Instagram with Dakarie platform so that users could view the statistical data.
Verification of the profiles registered on the platform. This challenge was resolved by incorporating the email verification process with the platform to ensure the verification of all registered profiles.
To develop an intuitive & scalable web panel that is fault-tolerant and offers a seamless experience to the customers. To understand the objectives and ensure that the overall design & platform were aligned, ValueCoders conducted several stakeholder interviews to understand the mobile application’s needs.
One of the challenges was providing client service remotely by guiding individuals about managing the strict processes designed to support the conventional processes. ValueCoders created a web panel that supports multiple facets of content creation.

The comprehensive content management system facilitates the entire content lifecycle. The software can help process customer information, create new content, and more.

Solution Implementation

      It is a platform connecting marketers and content creators. Artists can create an account through YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, which will then synchronize every post they upload on these platforms with the others. It allows artists to apply for jobs advertised by advertisers trying to find new talent for their company.Content creators advertisers will follow the link to enter the website.
      Content creators
    • Sign up: To sign up for an account, the user must enter his email address, access code, and password. Once he has entered all of this information, he can click on accept terms to create his account.
    • Content creators will be able to view their dashboard and statistical data.
    • Creators can sync their accounts through either Instagram or Youtube.
    • By synchronising, creators can view all their posts & followers, along with the statistical data.
    • Content creators will also be able to view the list of job postings. He will be able to apply to any particular job. Also will be able to get the notification regarding their applied jobs.
    • Content creator will also be able to manage his billing information.


  • Sign Up- As part of the sign-up process, advertisers can fill out basic information like Full Name, Company Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. They also need to accept the terms and conditions before they’re signed up.
  • After signup, Advertisers will have the option to create a new job.
  • Advertisers can create new jobs by adding details to them.
  • Advertisers will also be able to view the published jobs and will be able to view the list of content creators who have applied to that particular job.
  • Advertisers will also be able to get the notification regarding new applied jobs and will be able to accept/decline the job request.
  • Advertisers will also be able to manage their wallets, and will be able to add funds into his wallet.

It does not require a content creator to visit the advertiser to complete the job personally. He can be able to share his work by sharing over YouTube or Instagram.

The Architectural Design Document is a technical document intended to describe the specifications required for achieving our goals. It ensures that we meet all the business and engineering needs before approving design solutions.




A Panel To Empower Social Media Creators
A Panel To Empower Social Media Creators
A Panel To Empower Social Media Creators
A Panel To Empower Social Media Creators
A Panel To Empower Social Media Creators

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