A Perfect Loan Repayment Platform

One of India’s most reputed AePS and DMT platforms approached ValueCoders to create a solution for loan repayments for individual or business clients. The project was to develop LeadR and Retailer apps. LeadR app was designed to onboard distributors digitally, add clauses to terms and conditions, and make users accept them. The retailer app provided cash-based loan repayment for the user at the nearest company’s store. This is to reduce the cost of transaction settlement. This will also help the company earn increased revenue by having an overall increase in gross transaction value.

Technology Used:
  • Android Mobile
  • JAVA
  • Kotlin
  • XML

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Project Synopsis

The objective is to give users access to a LeadR App and Retailer app.

LeadR is a one-stop shop application for a wide range of stakeholders: Novopay Sales (FOS), Novopay Distributors, and Novopay Super Distributors. The app features include task management, onboarding of new retailers/ distributors/ super distributors, monitoring on-boarded retailers, wallet load functionality, and a holistic view of retailers – Retailer 360-degree view.

Retailer App: The company offers financial solutions for your retail shop through this app. Visitors can join and earn commissions up to 50000 INR.

Project Requirements


LeadR App: To digitize and confirm the acceptance of terms and conditions/distributor agreement.
Retailer App: CMS integration with HDB Finance


Problem statement

LeadR App:
1. For the digital onboarding of distributors, the mandatory requirement is that the clauses be added to our terms and conditions, which the user must accept.
2. The time and date of acceptance must be stored and shared with the partner when asked to do so.

Retailer App:
HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that caters to the growing needs of an aspirational India, serving both Individual & Business Clients. HDB Financial Services offers personal loans, business loans, gold loans, loans against property, consumer loans & many other financial products. HDB Finance is looking for another means of loan repayment for the customer.

This is where our client comes in, providing cash-based loan repayment at the nearest Novopay outlet. Enabling HDB Finance as a CMS partner will help Novopay retailers to burn their cashout wallet balance, which will thus reduce the cost of transaction settlement. This will also help our client earn increased revenue by increasing the gross transaction value.

Type Of Users

End Users

Project Flow

The flow of Distributor Agreement:

1. When the distributor logs into the leader app,

a. Terms and conditions accepted

i. Navigate to the home page

b. Terms and conditions not accepted
i. Navigates to the terms and conditions static page with a checkbox that states

2. I have read and agree to the Novopay terms and conditions

1. Buttons
a. Proceed
i. If checkbox is checked
Navigate to the home screen

ii. If the checkbox is not checked
Stay on the static page

2. Red snackbar message- ‘Please accept terms and conditions to proceed’

b. Cross or back button
i. Stay on the static page
ii. Red snackbar message- ‘Please accept terms and conditions to proceed’

3. When the distributor accepts the terms and conditions, details regarding the same have to be captured in the database.

Important details to be present are: Date, Time, distributor name and mobile number, version of the accepted terms and conditions, link to the accepted terms and conditions

4. What happens if the distributor kills the app or refreshes the page without accepting the terms and conditions?

a. He will be navigated back to the static page

Click the Link to view the screens: Distributor Agreement Feature

Flow of HDB Finance Cash Services:
1. On the home screen on click of Cash services, all the available CMS billers are displayed
2. Retailer searches for HDB Finance among the CMS billers and enters the fields required for conducting the transaction
a. Loan Number (only numerical values)
i. Error Messages
1. Please enter a valid Loan Number

b. Depositor Mobile Number
c. Depositor Name
d. Depositor Relation (drop down)

The Payment Details page is displayed when the retailer enters the depositor’s mobile number and the loan account number and clicks on proceed.

The retailer will punch in the amount the customer wants to pay and click on proceed and a “confirm deposit” screen will appear.
When the retailer clicks on the submit button, a 6-digit OTP will be sent to the customer’s mobile number, which he/she has to validate on the OTP pop-up screen.

5. Post OTP validation, it provides an option to choose the wallet from which the retailer wants to transact, depending on the amount available in the wallet.

6. Post wallet selection, the retailer will be asked to enter the MPIN.

7. Once the MPIN is validated, the wallet is debited with the corresponding total payable amount, and the Payment post API is called.

The final screen will have the following details:

a. Success screen (in the order mentioned for CMS)
b. Failed Screen
c. Invalid MPIN
d. Insufficient Balance

Key challenges

Key Challenges Solutions
To gain domain knowledge of the banking industry and its transaction process We researched the process and did self-learning to resolve the issue
Clever Tap integration Integrated Clever tap successfully by self-learning


A Perfect Loan Repayment Platform
A Perfect Loan Repayment Platform

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