A Project Management System

It's is a complete project management system for businesses with professional services. The solution is based on components that address the entire life cycle of any professional services project, from the first proposal through the final project deliverables and invoices. This advanced Project Management solution is entirely Web-based, but still so comprehensive that it allows everyone involved in a project to clearly understand their specific role and how it fits into the big picture.

Technology Used:
  • Asp.net webform
  • Classic ASP.net visual studio (2.0-4.5)
  • DevOps tools
  • Jquery
  • N tier architecture
  • Version Control (gitlab)
  • WCF

Key Challenges

  • The major challenge was to track hours spent over the project, phase, task level, and to distinguish between billable & Non-billable hours

Our Solutions

  • The solution was to integrate time tracking with the project management module to enable real-time updating of project status and results against key deliverables.

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